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  1. its not that bad not,but its no only minefield.
  2. no you cant,you dont have the time , ,today and yesterday lost 2 games cause of that mine ,totally no way to win such defend.+1 vote that card is OP.stone tempest was a crucial card for stonekin pvp ,which lucks power and now its more expensive.maybe in pve we see good changes but pvp is diferent story OP one color and NERF another is not balance.we all now pvp has problems and balancing is one of them.thats why we see so many players on pvp everyday ;)
  3. 2 examples of pvp cards price wildfire and shadow mage,those cards are most pvp cards check the prices,in the past even on beta stage those cards price was much much more ,now you can have them free for pvp ,for pve you dont need them,so users dont buy them.
  4. you want to help "new" players in pvp ok ,there was another topic few weeks ago suggesting keep free deck only for XX weeks. my suggestion : you can have all free pvp decks each color for just 1 week.so after 16 weeks you run out of decks. if you want to play 2 hours pvp on weekend only ,play unranked ,rank games should be like it was in the original game. free pvp is an ok solution .i am using it as well, but it should not be forever.
  5. it would be interesting to find out how many users are behind those PVErank 0 accounts and how many multiaccount users we have.......
  6. here we go again : so many user want a change on free pvp deck or even BETTER complete remove them,but admins with their 5-6 pvp friends will ignore AGAIN the suggestion. How about a vote on the topic to see what people prefer ? PS excuses from pvp players : i dont have time to "grind" .is no more valid after playing the game from almost the start ,nowyoiu is super easy to have a fully upgraded deck ,even if its fire or shadow ,its so easy that i am afraid people will bored with the game very soon,but thats another topic for discussion.
  7. not only bad for the economy and also for the game ,if we get all the cards within less than 3 months game will start becoming boring.
  8. good news,its a great game and its 100% free.
  9. i dont get why people demand to have a fully upgraded deck in a game like battelforge ,play the game and dont ask for special treatment . pvp has low activity today cause server just started, we are all rusty after all those years ,so we play some pve and eventually will see the increase in pvp as it was in old times.
  10. you need to play pve to learn how to read cards ,what each card does and then start pvp ,nobody without knowing just the basics will start pvp the first day in battelforge stop using this excuse is a joke.all new player have to go throw pve first. as said for me personal free pvp was good but not for the game. taking the words of dallarian: Losing because of weak deck does not encourage players to play the gamemode. Waiting time is largest problem regarding PvP mode, therefore necessary actions were taken to make the mode playable . Also, time limitations would badly influence T
  11. free pvp deck is helping a lot ,increasing fast the EGO of some "PRO" players,pvp is dead cause some players played day and night in the beta pvp and now with the release you make it easier for them and everybody afraid to play against them. 10 weeks is a lot. game should start as it was in the past . in order to play pvp first you need to learn the basics, playing pve is the best way,stop using the lie that free pvp deck will help new comers,free pvp decks are helping good pvp players not wasting time ,nothing else. i am using free pvp deck cause its the easy solution not
  12. nope its not, try to fight a couple firedancers behind the wall with stonekin.
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