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  1. as title just stop. talking about the stonekin players you made all the cards expensive and useless also WTF is that minefield in pvp ,seriously? a super OP card play and win near the enemy base and game over all army eliminated. yes i am upset,BYE.
  2. i dont believe it should be any delay ,going t2 from start is a tactic with its pros and cons.
  3. pve and pvp are 2 diferent expiriences i agree, but both part of a game based on card collection .i never said in my suggestion to cut access to pvp free decks,i said they will have them up to the point they will be able to make their own and continue play based on the concept of the game.
  4. The suggestion is cause of players which play only PVP and nothing else ,they use free pvp and just playing pvp ,with free pvp they use only the 10% of the game they dont need to buy boosters they dont need to go to the market ,about rank i dont think you need more than 2 days to get the pve rank to enable you upgrade the cards.The only pvp player must use also the other parts of the game boosters/market so our economy grow faster,free pvp 120 decks is not helping .
  5. nobody will need to "farm" ,they will play pvp only ,you get bfp from pvp quest ,you get from the daily and you get boosters as well ,and all those pvp players we are talking are not newbie players they will make their deck within a month tops,mods will decide if it will be 5-10 or 15 weeks but i don't see a point a player to have the free pvp deck for ever ,its just a boost for the pvp only player,the point of the idea is yes give the benefit to pvp player start the game with free upgraded card but in the end they join the rest community ,market is part of this game like it or not .
  6. you are pointing thing i never said :never said anything about farming gold neither that the game is less enjoyble. i make a simple suggestion pvp player will play the game with the freepvp deck up to the point to be able and make their own deck is that a bad thing?
  7. nobody will loose from a "weak" deck people who just start the game will rent the 120 level decks for XX days to give them the chance build their own 120level deck. about multi-accounting : i want to create smurf accounts and hit top10 in pvp so easy now with the freepvp decks ,only think i need is few email accounts.
  8. i don't want free decks neither taking stuff away,just making a suggestion pvp will take their gold and be able to buy the cards they want like the rest of us ,also this will help the market for the whole community.
  9. Hello created new topic to add a suggestion on free pvp decks ,you create them to help players who dont want to play pve i understand that . i suggest after a number of uses of free pvp deck ,for example 10 ,since they get enough gold for their upgrades its time to make their deck and no longer be able use free pvp again or some time (another 10 weeks) The way i see it now the pvp players have a huge advantage they register the account and boom all cards are there or at least the 90% is there no need to bother buy cards or upgrade them. While the pve player not only start w
  10. hi,you have many towers i would remove 2 of them and add 2 t4 units
  11. another no ,maybe lost souls are a bit more powerfull but nature and frost t1 have huge disandvantages against other colors. its very very risky to "balance" cards in this game ,better keep it as it was few years ago than make it worse.
  12. I agree that new players need good deck to play pvp and thats a good idea ,but we are all new players ! Everywhere i go i see the advertisement "MULTIACCOUNT WILL GET YOU BANNED" ,well that free deck is one of the best reasons to create multiple accounts,i just have to create a new forum account and now i can play pvp with 120 level deck.
  13. do be honest this was a "tactic" in some single player maps that require lot of power or you messed up and lost all army instead of end the game you could be afk from 10 minutes continue with your work and continue the game later.
  14. Hello as title says i understand you want to autokick players away in a map to prevent the 45minute gift ,but what about remove the autokick after the 45 daily quest. why ? family ,CHILDREN,CHILDREN,CHILDREN. special in big solo maps i prefer start the map ,reach a "safe" point,ALT+TAB game continue my work,etc and come back later continue the game. i dont want to gain any quests from this just be able to finish a map even with a big delay.
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