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  1. Can we change it so the reserves achivement is a bit more doable? Sure its optional but its ridiculously disappointing needed to stop playing after 10 hours because im only at 45 reserves and i need sleep. I wouldve made it but i had to clean and take a shower and eat. Absolutely insane but most of all disappointing since i was so close- That being said, other than that flawless release and absolutely love it, just this thing has bugged me way more than it should have. Especially how stressful it really becomes. At 49 i had 45 after next map.
  2. The only grind that is too much grind are the reserves achievements
  3. I agree, i was kicked after i was at the end of a brutal single player map and needed to do something. Had my defences up but 5min passed, sucks
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