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  1. I really like Root Network cards and started playing them again. But there's an issue: When I try to connect some buildings/units with Root Nexus (or any other Root Network building), I try to place them as far apart as possible, to not waste space/energy/charges. The problem with that is that you can't see the connection range while Root Network buildings are still under construction or while you're placing them. This means that you either have to wait until they're done, to see whether your network is gonna work, use other cards with the same range to "measure" the max distance, or just guesstimate. Other buildings like "Breeding Grounds" show their effect-range when you're placing them and it would be awesome if the same could be done for Root Network buildings.
  2. NAME: Transforming a unit into a Mutating Maniac does not cost any energy DESCRIPTION: Transforming any unit with the Twilight Transformation ability into a Mutating Maniac does not cost any energy. And it doesn't just not use up the energy, it also doesn't check whether you have enough energy to use the ability to transform into a Mutating Maniac. It is a valid transformation target, even while at almost 0 energy. REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens 100% of the time. I didn't check with all units, but most of them (even non-Twilight units, by giving them the Transformation ability using Deathglider's Ability) and only transformed them into Mutating Maniacs with Fire Affinity, as i don't own the other one atm. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is quite an old bug, that I reported way back on the official BattleForge forums. Seems like it never got fixed. log.txt
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