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  1. Im not sure if it is good for Battleforge to become popular, lets say more and more people start playing it and everyone is talking about it. Then EA might take the game away from you and officially re-release it just to make some money. I know EA allowed you to work on this project, but they can revoke that permission anytime, and we all know how greedy they are.
  2. Well as long as you dont shut down the test server im happy ^^
  3. More like 1500-2000 euros, because i wanted all promo cards :)
  4. To me the grinding part of this game is the worst part and im not the only one who doesnt enjoy it. I dont see why players shouldnt have to option to get all cards fully upgraded right away, as long as they cant be traded. Or another option would be to add some PvE decks to those lvl 120 PvP decks, or at least let players use those cards in PvE mode. Right now im playing on the test server but unfortunately me and my friend are the only people who play on this server.
  5. Depends on how youre playing, i usually play rPvE9 4 player matches only with 2 or 3 players sometimes with certain rules, for example no Support Buildings or no Batariel. And for rPvE 10 you also need a very good deck.
  6. Well im not a PvP player, most of the time i just play rPvE. In order to get good cards for rPvE id have to grind for a very long time and play game modes i dont enjoy.
  7. Hi I dont know how other people feel about this but to me the game right now is very boring and frustrating. I have to play game modes i dont even want to play just to get BFP and boosters, and since i usually dont have much time to play it will probably take me ages to get some good fully upgraded decks. Im sure there are players who love grinding but for me the game is just no fun right now. I think it would be a good idea to let people choose if they want to grind or if they want all cards fully upgraded right away. Those fully upgraded cards should be non tradable
  8. No, i never join or create motm matches.
  9. Hi Im wondering if the difficulty of 4 player lvl 9 rPvE maps has been changed, because since about 1-2 weeks 90% of the time im getting either bandits or stonekin/bandits maps. I have played about 30 games this week and only 1 of them has been Lost Souls. Has rPvE 9 been made easier or am i just being unlucky ?
  10. Your incapability to understand sarcasm is offending me.
  11. As far as i know most Magma Hurlers are fine with being called Kiwis. But Stonekin Aggressors, who are closely related to Magma Hurlers absolutely dont want to be called Kiwis.
  12. Im sure there are New Zealanders who dont like to be called Kiwis. Maybe those who dont like the Kiwi fruit.
  13. BigTits is offensive towards women. BigDick is offensive towards men. And LongFur is offensive towards Maine Coon cats. And KIWI is offensive towards New Zealanders. HERP DERP
  14. Ok so this is the last post im gonna write in this thread. I absolutely believe that People should be who they want to be and i tolerate everyone who tolerates me. I know that that this whole gender thing is a very sensitive subject matter, i was just trying to explain my point of view and not offend anyone. Anyway i wish you all the best.
  15. Science is not subjective, but the definition of Gender is. In many countries and on many legal documents Gender and Sex is the same. And most countries dont even legally recognize more than 2 Genders. Edit: I just noticed that some Mod or Dev removed some comments, id really like to know why. Instead of censoring People you could just tell them why you think they are wrong...
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