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  1. Sure on easy LS maps it will work just as well as it works on bandit maps but on hard LS maps its different. When Lost Spellbreakers disenchant your Ironclads they lose their shields and whats even worse is that they also remove Inc MOs anti debuff and then Lost Dragons disable Ironclads attack. Then you have to retreat and high HP becomes very important. Are Lost Spellbreakers even supposed to be able to remove Inc MOs anti debuff abillity or is this a bug? I mean its an anti debuff abillity so it should prevent Spellbreakers from debuffing units. Im not 100% sure but i think Inc MOs
  2. Yes i did test it and on easier maps the higher attack is definitly a nice thing even tho its not really needed at least in my opinion. But on LS maps id rather have higher HP. Thats why i think its a good idea to give people the option to choose between higher attack and higher HP.
  3. On hard maps like Lost Souls Ironclads high HP can definitly be an advantage especially when nobody builds Shrine of War and you only have Shrine of Martyrs and get void energy back much slower. Sometimes Ironclads high HP really saved me and when you get attacked by 2 camps at once with tons of Lost Dragons and Archfiends you really need as much HP as possible.
  4. The stats of blue affinity should stay as they are not the red one that would actually make sense because usually fire is aggressive and frost is devensive. In my opinion changing the Winterfall abillity of both affinities is actually a good idea because right now its pretty bad. Or like i suggested you could give both Ironclads an abillity that allows them to switch between aggressive and defensive mode. It could be like this: HP 5750 and attack 3400 and you can choose if you want him to deal 25% more damage or take 25% less damage.
  5. No affinities are not intended to be mild variations in fact many cards do have very different abilities. The red Bloodhorn for example has an anti debuff abillity while the purple ones ability makes it deal 100% more damage. Or Gladiatrix green does have the Swift abillity while the other Gladiatrix completely lacks that ablility which makes it basiacally useless for PvP. The cards i just mentioned and many others have differences that are much more severe than just having higher HP instead of a higher attack.
  6. Ironclad should definitly not be changed. Ironclad has always been one of my favourite cards, back in the EA days i played the majority of rPvE games with Ironclad and i never felt like his attack was too weak. His single target damage is absolutely sufficient especially with Homesoil. Sure sometimes he is a bit slow but he is a frost card if you want something faster simply make a Batariel deck. Recently ive been playing a lot of games with my Ironclad/Winterwitch deck and i have never had a problem with his low attack. His high HP on the other hand has saved me a couple o
  7. I got the same problem on one of my PCs on the other ones its working fine. I didnt install any new software or change the settings. A friend of mine also has that problem since about 2 weeks, so i guess its a pretty common problem.
  8. Ironclads low damage has never been a problem for me, the worst enemies Ironclad can encounter are Lost Souls and Ironclad has absolutely no problems dealing with Lost Dragons(as long as there is Inc MO) Archfiends and Bosses because of his XL damage. I have never used Ironclad with Winter Witch but i have used him extensively in Frost/Nature and Elightenment decks and i always liked his low attack and high HP and i never felt like his attack was too weak. I remember last week i was playing rPvE 9 Lost Souls with my Ironclad deck and for a couple of seconds my Ironclads were ver
  9. Discord doesnt work for me it says i have to verify my account by Phone. But i have no mobile phone, only an old cable Phone from the 80s and that doesnt work for discord verification. Why is there no section in the forum to discuss balancing ?
  10. What is the reason for this change ? I always liked Ironclad because of his high HP and low attack, thats what made him special in my opinion. I think this is a very bad change, it would be much better if you would increase his cost to 300 and increase his HP to 7500. This change makes him a below average card, Grimvine for example has much better stats even Nightshade Plant. In my opinion this change would really ruin Ironclad.
  11. So there are 4 different Ironclads now 2 with 6750 health and 2 with 5750 health but higher attack. is it supposed to be like that and will it be implemented in the Main Server ?
  12. Instead of making this card useless you could have been a little creative and give it an abillity that makes it good and original in PvE but not OP in PvP. Or you could have simply changed it so that its trample damage only affects L and XL units. Pretty sad if you ask me...
  13. Hmm i just looked it up on the wiki and it is listed as a balance change that affects both affinities. www.skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches#Patch_.23400022
  14. Actually i just found out they already nerfed Northern Keep ! The damage was nerfed not the abillity but still why nerf it ? This is very concerning...
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