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  1. Its not the first time something like this is happening... https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/8700-social-justice-in-bf/
  2. I really hope you are right but the events of the past 10 years have shown how quicky the fight for social justice can turn into the absolute opposite. Also i find it absolutely outrageous that Majora accused the old devs of sexism nothing about this game is sexist in any way. Sexist people would never create a game with many strong female characters and a card named Girl Power.
  3. Majora also said which is absolutely not true since there are way more men showing a lot of skin than women. And why is Girl Power offensive towards women? I think it could be considered offensive towards anti feminists(which i am not).
  4. How are they affected in a different way than we are? If i would say that i find all of the half naked male units in Battleforge offensive do you think they should be changed? Why is there a half naked male T4 unit in this game but no female one? Seems like men in Battleforge are more objectified than women! I am offended!
  5. But why can the people who feel offended not relax?
  6. I am also not a friend of the male/female machanic and Girl Power and Twilight Hag are both almost useless cards that should be changed but not for the sake of social justice and wokeness. I am concerned about the direction this project is heading in. Wokeness can be very destructive. Battleforge is not sexist and it has never been. Majora claimed that and that even tho Battleforge is full of half naked men that is just part of the style of Battleforge. Comments like this make me very concerned. Just focus on making this game better and more fun but stay out of (ide
  7. Hi So the Skylords Reborn team believes that Battleforge is sexist towards women(Twilight Hag, Girl Power) and has decided to make some changes to Battleforge for the sake of Social Justice and id like to know what you people think of this. Lets discuss this in a civilised manner please. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/8638-patch-400031-18-december-2021/ Majora wrote: I wrote:
  8. Wrong. I already said that a stripper pole is not the best icon its just better than the curent one but changing it just for the sake of social justice is just wrong in my opinion. Lets discuss this in another thread. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/8700-social-justice-in-bf/&tab=comments#comment-97139
  9. Sorry but what kind of woke and radical feminist bullshit is this ??? I would even consider Battleforge to be a pretty progressive game considering it has many strong female characters. Battleforge is also full of half naked men like Dreadnought, Giant Slayer, Shaman, Executor and MANY others. Sure a stripper pole is not the best icon for her abillity but its definitly more appropriate than just a disco ball considering she creates the illusion that she is the most beautiful creature in the world and makes all male units stare at her. Today the whole entertainment industry
  10. Nice but we still dont know why Twilight Hags icon was changed.
  11. Dont use any music just the audio from the game.
  12. The video is good but it would be 100 times better without music.
  13. Actually easy Lost Souls maps should be made harder in my opinion because some are just as easy as bandits.
  14. Yes this is true and its the reason i stopped using Ironclad, a card that i actually really like, first Spellbreakers remove Inc MOs anti debuff effect and shields and then Lost Dragons disable Ironclads ranged attack. This can be countered by quickly freezing/oinking Spellbreakers but only if there are no Banestones. Inc MOs anti debuff effect should protect units from getting disenchanted by Spellbreakers in my opinion.
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