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  1. Fimion

    My Name

    Your incapability to understand sarcasm is offending me.
  2. Fimion

    My Name

    As far as i know most Magma Hurlers are fine with being called Kiwis. But Stonekin Aggressors, who are closely related to Magma Hurlers absolutely dont want to be called Kiwis.
  3. Fimion

    My Name

    Im sure there are New Zealanders who dont like to be called Kiwis. Maybe those who dont like the Kiwi fruit.
  4. Fimion

    My Name

    BigTits is offensive towards women. BigDick is offensive towards men. And LongFur is offensive towards Maine Coon cats. And KIWI is offensive towards New Zealanders. HERP DERP
  5. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Ok so this is the last post im gonna write in this thread. I absolutely believe that People should be who they want to be and i tolerate everyone who tolerates me. I know that that this whole gender thing is a very sensitive subject matter, i was just trying to explain my point of view and not offend anyone. Anyway i wish you all the best.
  6. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Science is not subjective, but the definition of Gender is. In many countries and on many legal documents Gender and Sex is the same. And most countries dont even legally recognize more than 2 Genders. Edit: I just noticed that some Mod or Dev removed some comments, id really like to know why. Instead of censoring People you could just tell them why you think they are wrong...
  7. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I never said that science doesnt exist, i just said that my definition of Gender differs from yours. Anyway this is getting pointless so im just gonna stop posting now, good night.
  8. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    It is a biological fact that you are either born with a penis or a vagina, yes i know there are anomalies like Ruby said, but thats a different Story. In my opinion there is no difference between Sexes and Genders. What you call Genders is what i call Gender Identities. For me Transphobia means hating People who consider themselves Transgender, not disagreeing with them.
  9. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Wrong, most things we believe are completely subjective. There is no right or wrong. According to MY definition of genders, there are only 2, and biologists who say that there are more than 2 genders have a completely different definition of genders. To me someone who is born with a penis is male, and someone who is Born with a vagina is female, and thats it there is nothing you can do to change your gender, at least in my opinion.
  10. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Well ive discussed this subject matter so many times on the Internet and personally, ive grown tired of it. Sure there is scientific "proof" that there are more than 2 genders, but there is also scientific "proof" that there are only 2. It all comes down to how you define Genders. And you said "but you are saying that I'm lying about my transness". This is not true, by my definition, you are not trans, but by your definition you are.
  11. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Thats exactly what bothers me about people like you. I have never insulted you or treated you with disrespect, i just said that i disagree with you. Many people these days think like this: "If you dont agree with me you are Homo/Transphobic, Sexist or Racist". You think that there are more than 2 Genders, and i think there are only 2, and thats ok. I dont have a Problem with that. You are not a victim and we arent oppressing you, we just disagree with you. If someone would say stuff like "Transgender People are Subhumans", i would be the first one to defend you.
  12. Fimion

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    It is a biological Fact that there are only 2 Genders. Sure there are People who neither FEEL male nor female, but that doesnt mean they actually are.
  13. I have the same Problem, it happens in almost every match, either i get frozen or a teammate.
  14. Fimion

    unfortunate but reality

    Wait a second, toxic/elitist behaviour is a reason to ban someone ? Dont get me wrong, I dont like those people either, but banning or punishing them just because they are unfriendly is way over the top.
  15. Fimion

    too much grinding ?

    Well im not lying, maybe you have more luck with Boosters but most of the time i just get crappy Cards that arent worth much.

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