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  1. I have the same Problem, it happens in almost every match, either i get frozen or a teammate.
  2. Fimion

    unfortunate but reality

    Wait a second, toxic/elitist behaviour is a reason to ban someone ? Dont get me wrong, I dont like those people either, but banning or punishing them just because they are unfriendly is way over the top.
  3. Fimion

    too much grinding ?

    Well im not lying, maybe you have more luck with Boosters but most of the time i just get crappy Cards that arent worth much.
  4. Fimion

    too much grinding ?

    Yeah there is definitly too much grinding in my opinion. I dont have much time to play, only 30-40 min a day, and so far a only have 2000 bfp and a rPvE stonekin deck simply because its relatively cheap and effective. Id really like to play PvP again with a pure fire deck but thats not possible becasue it would take me YEARS to get a fully upgraded deck. For a fully upgraded fire PvP deck id need 2 Ultra rare cards(Firedancer,Disenchant) and 7 rare cards(Firesworn,Sunderer,Scythe Fiends,Gladiatrix,Windfire,Giant Slayer,Jugggernaut). And of course i Need those Cards 4 times each because of charge upgrades. And since i dont have the time to trade for hours a day, there is no way for me to get those cards in a reasonable amount of time. In the old days i had all Cards and i used a different deck for rPvE almost every game. Now every match is basically the same, i have to use my Stonekin deck over and over again,thats really getting boring and frustrating. I might buy some Cards to make a ShadowNature rPvE deck but then it would take me even longer to get a Fire PvP deck... And another thing, Fiki you are way too aggressive and mean to People who dont agree with you, remember we are not your enemies. We just want Battleforge to be fun and popular, we really appreciate what you and the other devs are doing.
  5. Fimion

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    If BattleForge gets boring for you just because you have all cards then its not the right game for you anyway. There are so many things that you can do, like doing speedruns with many different decks or playing 4 Player RPvE maps with just 2 players and of course PvP. BattleForge never gets boring if you have all cards because the things you can do are basically endless. Slow progress and forcing people to grind is what makes this game boring in my opinion.
  6. Fimion

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    If we would gain Bfp even slower than we do right now then PvP would basically be dead. If you want a good competitive fire PvP deck for example you need alot of rare and ultra rare cards. For PvE on the other hand ist not that important to have rares and ultra rares, even with a very basic deck you can beat most PvE maps. But if you want to play PvP you have to grind and play PvE for weeks or even months just to get ONE decent deck. Of course you can just start playing PvP with the starter cards, but then you would lose over and over again to people with upgraded decks even if youre a better Player. Sure at the beginning all players will have bad decks but later on you cant just jump right into PvP, you are basically forced to Play PvE for a long time. What i always liked about BattleForge is the diversity, there are so many possible deck combinations and strategies. Ruining the diversity just to prevent or rather slow down the Inflation and force people to grind is a horrible idea, expecially if you want to get new players into playing BattleForge.
  7. Fimion

    Stress Test going well

    I dont see anything wrong or offensive with that post, FarRock just shared his personal experience with the stress test. People really need to chill and stop being so overly protective and sensitive, this is really creating a toxic atmosphere. A guy called Tazermarks made a thread about this a while ago https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4181-save-our-community/
  8. Fimion

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    yolo swag
  9. Fimion

    Games you play while waiting

    Hearthstone, Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Team Fortress 2
  10. Fimion

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

  11. Fimion

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    i have a question about those 2 free Boosters: What about Multi Accounting? People can just make alot of accounts and send the Cards to their main account and get all Cards in no time.
  12. Fimion

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Magma Hurler but i have no idea why ^^
  13. Fimion

    Bring back permanent Tomes

    I dont know what the experience is right now since im not a CBT, im just sharing my thoughts cause i want BF to become popular. In order to become popular BF must be appealing to new players and casuals.
  14. Fimion

    Bring back permanent Tomes

    "Casual Players wont be overrun by fully upgraded decks in the first months." Yeah but what about Players who start playing BF later, lets say in 1 year. Those People will get eaten up alive in PvP, and then they only have 2 Options, grinding or quitting. So if we want to get completely new players and casuals into BF, we got to change something. Lets take me for example: Im a casual Hearthstone player i play about 15-30 min a day, and i buy card packs every now and then. I am absolutely not interested in grinding or doing daily quests(i havent completed one in like 2 weeks). If the only way to get new cards would be by grinding and doing quests i would never play it.
  15. Fimion

    Bring back permanent Tomes

    The big difference between Hearthstone and BattleForge is that in Hearthstone you can buy Cards with real Money but in BattleForge wont be able to do that. What i meant is that if the only way to get new Cards in Hearthstone would be by grinding for a long time, then it would most certainly be dead. If you want a good pure fire deck PvP deck you need 2 Ultra rare cards(Firedancer,Disenchant) and 7 rare cards(Firesworn,Sunderer,Scythe Fiends,Gladiatrix,Windfire,Giant Slayer,Jugggernaut). And you need those cards FOUR times,so if you cant acquire those cards in a resonable amount of time then im pretty sure many Players would get frustrated and leave.

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