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  1. Ok first of all which difficulty level are you talking about? Most people who just want to farm gold and BFP play Advanced++ and on that level Lost Souls can be pretty tough for inexperienced players but most of the time they will still win. I cant remember ever playing with a group that restarted a match just because they encountered Lost Souls. Yes sometimes a player loses his T1 if he gets attacked by multiple Spellbreakers for example but that rarely happens. Also the Incredible MO is always worth a deck slot its not just a card for Lost Souls maps. Now lets talk about Expert and Expert+ those levels are for very experienced players who are looking for a challenge especially on Expert+ most players there are definitly looking for a challenge and are not just farming gold and BFP sure sometimes players join who are obviously not ready for that difficulty but it is the hosts job to kick them. PvE in general has already gotten much easier than it was during EA times because the Skylords team has buffed alot of cards and factions as a whole. Pure fire for example was completely useless for harder rPvE maps back in the day. You could only cast Bloodthirst on a single unit for example. The only real solution in my opinion would be to give players the option the choose which enemy factions they want to play against but i have been told that that is not possible. Maybe someone has a better idea but making rPvE even easier would be a big mistake in my opinion.
  2. Which rPvE level are you refering to? On Adavanced++(formerly known as lvl 9) some people struggle with Lost Souls but they rarely get demolished. On Expert Lost Souls are just right in my opinion they are challenging and sometimes require teammates supporting eachother but they can be beaten relatively easily even with a random group as long as they are not completely clueless. On Expert+ on the other hand Lost Souls can be VERY hard especially when you have Lost Vigils at T2 you need very experienced players to win but its the hardest difficulty and it should be that way in my opinion. What bothers me the most about rPvE is the inconsistency of the difficulty of each faction in my opinion each difficulty level should have its own "sub difficulties" for example: Difficulty1: Bandits and Stonekin Bandits Difficulty2: Nature, Twilight, Fire and easy Lost Souls maps Difficulty3: hard Lost Souls maps New and inexperienced players who just quickly want to farm BFP and Gold probably would be happy if rPvE would become easier but it would defilitly hurt the long term fun. As soon as a player has all the cards and upgrades he wants the only thing that will keep him playing are challenging maps. For me nothing is worse than those easy bandit maps where you dont need a strategy or support your teammates you just spawn some units and cast some spells and you will win. Usually when i play with friends we just skip those maps.
  3. Well i have no idea how Battleforge is programmed but the choice would be left to the host not each individual player but what you wrote probably means that this is technically not possible. Yeah but it would be hard to find players because it sometimes even takes very long to find players for regular Expert and Expert+. Another option would be to give us multiple Maps of the Month one for each faction.
  4. The host would select which factions the group is going to play against just like selecting Map of the Month. When you watch map of the month replays the game doesnt crash. I dont see why not people could still play the regular way i think giving people more options is only going to make Battleforge more interesting.
  5. A simple solution to this could be the option to choose which factions you want to play against. I bevieve that would make everyone happy. People who like it easy could then disable difficult factions and people like me could play against Fire and Lost Souls all day long. How hard would it be to implement that?
  6. I completely agree with you lvl 9 and 9.5 bandit and stonekin maps are just a joke. People who quickly want to farm BFP and Gold probably like those maps but long term fun is literally zero. You dont need a strategy you just spawn some random units and cast some spells and you win. If they dont change bandits/stonekin they should just give us the option to skip those maps before the match starts.
  7. Ok just to be clear we are not talking about units that come from spawners we are talking about units that are already on the map.
  8. Im not accusing anyone of anything im just wondering how you can make a change like this by accident and why it hasnt been fixed yet we reported this almost 6 months ago. Before you release new updates you should fix the old ones first.
  9. I kind of agree with both of you while i definitly miss the T2 camps with 3 Manabeasts 2 Spellbreakers and shielding Lost Wanderers the new T2s expecially on the side positions can be pretty challenging when there are constantly new Crawlers spawning. But what really interests me is how this happened because members of the Skylords Reborn team claim that no changes apart from those mentioned in the patch notes were made. So is this just a bug or a programming mistake or a shadow nerf? If its a shodow nerf id like to know why you are doing this behind our backs. I really hope the difficult T2 camps will return one day.
  10. Stronghold is great now but Stone Launcher is still pretty weak it should have at least high range or maybe only cost 50 energy but in its curent state its still not worth a deck slot.
  11. Hmm thats interesting i didnt even know Battleforge works on Linux im pretty busy right now but ill try that as soon as i can find the time.
  12. Yes the freeze length is random on all PCs. I have tried disabling antivirus i have even tried another antivirus software. They are all different installs.
  13. I dont have any non common applications on any PC. PC1: Ryzen 9 5900X, RTX 3080 TI, Windows 11, 2 TB SSD(70% empty) PC2: i7-13700, RTX 4080, Windows 11, 2TB SSD(90% empty) PC3: i5 8400, RTX 2080, Windows 10, 250GB SSD(20% empty) 500GB HDD(10% empty) PC4: Ryzen 3 2200G, GTX 980 TI, Windows 10, 250GB SSD(40% empty) 1TB HDD(80% empty) PC5: i5 4760, R9 270X, Windows 10, 2TB HDD(90% empty) These are the PCs i regularely use i can list the others too but i havent used them for a while. All PCs are up to date(OS and all drivers) and Battleforge is always on the SSD. I use Avira free antivirus on all PCs. The freezes always last 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  14. All of my 8 PCs have completely different hardware and i get freezes on all of them so i dont think swapping out hardware parts would make much sense.
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