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  1. Hmm thats interesting i didnt even know Battleforge works on Linux im pretty busy right now but ill try that as soon as i can find the time.
  2. Yes the freeze length is random on all PCs. I have tried disabling antivirus i have even tried another antivirus software. They are all different installs.
  3. I dont have any non common applications on any PC. PC1: Ryzen 9 5900X, RTX 3080 TI, Windows 11, 2 TB SSD(70% empty) PC2: i7-13700, RTX 4080, Windows 11, 2TB SSD(90% empty) PC3: i5 8400, RTX 2080, Windows 10, 250GB SSD(20% empty) 500GB HDD(10% empty) PC4: Ryzen 3 2200G, GTX 980 TI, Windows 10, 250GB SSD(40% empty) 1TB HDD(80% empty) PC5: i5 4760, R9 270X, Windows 10, 2TB HDD(90% empty) These are the PCs i regularely use i can list the others too but i havent used them for a while. All PCs are up to date(OS and all drivers) and Battleforge is always on the SSD.
  4. All of my 8 PCs have completely different hardware and i get freezes on all of them so i dont think swapping out hardware parts would make much sense.
  5. I have already tried everything apart from booting in safe mode on all of my PCs. That bug exists since the old EA days and back then i aso tried to fix it i asked on the forums and tried to solve it myself but without success. Ill try booting in safe mode but im sure that wont solve the problem.
  6. I can only reproduce that bug when watching the replay if i havent restarted the game but that probably wont help. If it cant be fixed just remove or redesign this card.
  7. This issue is still not fixed i just dont want to play with people that use Shatter Ice anymore. If it cant be fixed just remove this damn card. Here is a replay of a match i just played i had 3 30sec-2min freezes. freeze at 10.20 12.42 14.40.pmv
  8. Here is a replay of me fighting Urzach with Emberstrikes+Unity no additional spells used. About a year ago Urzach always killed multiple Emberstrikes with one shot thats why i added Abomination to my deck. In this replay Urzach managed to get my Emberstrikes down to very low health but when they are closely bunched together they take significantly less damage. UrzachAt18.40.pmv
  9. Would be nice to get a response from a developer because i have talked to some people in game and they didnt notice a difference and while im not 100% sure about Umbabwe i remember about a year ago when i was using Emberstrikes alot i always had problems with Urzach because he killed my Emberstrikes with one shot even with Unity.
  10. I have noticed another thing Urzach used to be able to one shot kill Emberstrikes+Unity with his abillity but now they only lose 1/3 of their HP. Something fishy is going on here.
  11. I have noticed that Umbabwe's fireball abillity has become much weaker(less fireballs and slower firing speed). Here is a replay at 8:40 minutes you can see it. 8.40.pmv
  12. Matter Mastery G doesnt work on Twiligt Willzappers anymore. pls fix thx
  13. Nope its not fixed i can still open chests with my Mana Wings but i wouldnt mind if it would never get fixed.
  14. There is definitly something wrong with rPvE 9 Lost Souls maps i almost exclusively play rPvE 9 and all Lost Souls maps i have played since the last patch had way too easy T2s particularly the inner positions. Since members of the Skylords Reborn staff said that they did not make any changes to Lost Souls apart from the ones already mentioned i suspect this is a bug or a programming mistake.
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