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  1. nofearek9

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    ohhh ,more high ranked pvp player to deal with
  2. nofearek9

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    4 kids! you are fast ! wish you the best. we always find time for the things we love + we need a break.
  3. nofearek9

    The Server

    and the bad of doing it is because ? ..... as said in the latest comment you make forum is full of knowledge there is no such thing of dying posts/topics ,even i find an interesting topic 10-20 years old i will post. i missed the rule "if the topic is too old dont post."
  4. nofearek9

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    welcome back FarRock ,forget the server ,prepare for some videos on youtube.
  5. nofearek9

    The Server

    theblackone is with us !!! just noticed that,saw a guy only i thought it was fake .Tell EA to make a VHD copy of their BF server ,so we make easier the life of our devs. for those who forgot:
  6. nofearek9

    Starter Deck

    bring back the original starter deck.a proven deck compined with those cards can win all maps on expert!
  7. nofearek9


    what graphics card you have ? have you downloaded the drivers from the vendor or you are using the one windows installs ? also try : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
  8. nofearek9

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    they have limit the open slots to 300 for the stress test,they will increase them soon or later when we go to normal game.
  9. nofearek9

    Login Queue

    those full upgraded decks like yours will be reset the day server open for all ,so no need to worry that you left dehind.
  10. nofearek9

    Loot List / card upgrades (2018)

    this topic has the list writen ,the other topic has a link for an excel file.i prefer old school when the list was on the forums.
  11. nofearek9

    Loot List / card upgrades (2018)

    SINGLE PLAYER MAPS ------------------ ENCOUNTERS WITH TWILIGHT (Std. Only) Nightshade Plant (Nature) (Std. Only) Rogan Kayle (Std. Only) Sunken Temple (Shadow) (Std. Only) Swiftclaw Amazon (Frost) Breeding Grounds Emberstrike Equilibrium (Frost) Eruption Fire Sphere Forsaken Frost Bite (Shadow) Giant Wyrm Kobold Trick Lost Reaver (Fire) Master Archers Mumbo Jumbo (Fire) Mutating Maniac (Nature) Nightcrawler Ravage Shaman Stone Shell (Shadow) Stone Warrior (Nature) Sunstriders Twilight Brute (Nature) Twilight Curse (Fire) Twilight Minions (Nature) Windweavers SIEGE OF HOPE (Std. Only) Architect's Call (Frost) (Std. Only) Ice Crystal (Std. Only) Ice Shield Tower (Std. Only) Shrine of War (Std. Only) Skyelf Templar Area Ice Shield Banner of Glory Cannon Tower Fire Bomb Fire Stalker Glaciation (Fire) Glacier Shell Gravity Surge (Frost) Imperials Lost Converter (Frost) Lyrish Knight Magma Hurler Northern Keep (Frost) Northguards Spirit Hunters (Shadow) Stone Tempest (Shadow) Surge of Light Treefiend (Nature) Tremor Twilight Brute (Fire) Unholy Power Warden's Sigil (Nature) DEFENDING HOPE (Std. Only) Construction Hut (Std. Only) Frost Mage (Std. Only) Home Soil (Std. Only) Second Chance (Shadow) (Std. Only) Skyelf Commander Amii Ritual (Frost) Armored Tower Blaster Cannon (Shadow) Core Dredge (Fire) Defenders Fallen Skyelf Frontier Keep (Fire) Frost Crystal Ice Guardian Kobold Laboratory Lost Vigil (Nature) Northland Drake (Frost) Northstar (Nature) Skeleton Warriors Skyfire Drake Spearmen Strikers Treespirit (Nature) Unity (Frost) Warden's Sigil (Frost) White Rangers THE SOULTREE (Std. Only) Earth Crystal (Std. Only) Fathom Lord (Std. Only) Kobold Inc. (Frost) (Std. Only) Parasite (Std. Only) Winter Witch Abyssal Warder (Frost) Colossus Creeping Paralysis Deepcoil Worm Dryad (Nature) Forest's Vim (Nature) Frontier Keep (Frost) Ghostspears Girl Power (Nature) Incubator (Fire) Life Weaving Noxious Cloud Promise of Life (Nature) Revenant's Blessing (Fire) Revenge Second Chance (Nature) Sun Reaver (Nature) Twilight Creeper (Fire) Twilight Warfare (Fire) Viridya Wallbreaker THE TREASURE FLEET (Std. Only) Dreadcharger (Std. Only) Flame Crystal (Std. Only) Living Tower (Std. Only) Skycatcher (Frost) (Std. Only) Stormsinger (Nature) Burrow Ritual (Fire) Death Ray Deathglider (Nature) Envenom (Fire) Fleshbender (Shadow) Infected Tower (Frost) Juice Tank Lost Converter (Shadow) Lost Dragon (Shadow) Lost Launcher (Fire) Necroblaster (Shadow) Nox Carrier (Shadow) Root Nexus (Nature) Scavenger Slaver (Fire) Sunderer Twilight Bombard (Fire) Vileblood (Fire) Willzapper (Fire) Witchclaws (Fire) BEHIND ENEMY LINES* Abomination (Frost) Batariel (Fire) Dreadcharger Firesworn (Fire) Healing Gardens Ice Shield Tower Lost Evocation (Frost) Lost Grigori (Shadow) Lost Spirit Ship (Nature) Mark of the Keeper Motivate Mutating Maniac (Fire) Nether Warp (Nature) Nightshade Plant (Nature) Parasite Swarm Razorleaf Skycatcher (Nature) Swiftclaw Sylvan Gate (Frost) Thornbark Thunder Wagon (Shadow) MO (Std. Only) Firesworn (Fire) (Std. Only) Oracle Mask (Fire) (Std. Only) Overlord Bandit Lancer (Nature) Bandit Launcher (Fire) Banditos (Frost) Curse of Oink Gunner (Shadow) Healing Well Knight of Chaos (Frost) Lost Dancer (Fire) Lost Wanderer (Nature) Mauler Mo Nomad (Nature) Rioter's Retreat (Nature) Shadow Phoenix Skydefender (Shadow) Termite Hill Tower of Flames Virtuoso Waystation (Fire) OCEAN (Std. Only) Forest Elder (Nature) (Std. Only) Lost Grigori (Shadow) (Std. Only) Wrathgazer Backlash Bandit Sorceress (Fire) Commandos (Frost) Corsair (Shadow) Fire Dragon Furnace of Flesh Global Warming (Fire) Lava Field Moloch Portal Nexus Pyromaniac (Frost) Rioter's Retreat (Frost) Scorched Earth (Shadow) Spikeroot Spitfire Stone of Torment Tortugun (Fire) Volcano (Nature) Warlock (Fire) Windhunter (Nature) ORACLE (Std. Only) Firesworn (Frost) (Std. Only) Lifestream (Std. Only) Motivate Bandit Lancer (Shadow) Bandit Stalker (Shadow) Cultist Master Envenom (Shadow) Fountain of Rebirth Girl Power (Frost) Infernal Machine (Shadow) Lost Launcher (Frost) Lost Priest (Fire) Magma Fiend Moon Oracle Mask (Nature) Primeval Watcher Sylvan Gate (Fire) The Incredible Mo Unity (Nature) Warlock (Frost) 2 PLAYER MAPS ------------- CRUSADE (Std. Only) Abomination (Frost) (Std. Only) Healing Gardens (Std. Only) Nether Warp (Nature) (Std. Only) Razorleaf Amazon (Nature) Amii Ritual (Nature) Burrow Ritual (Nature) Deep One (Nature) Drones Equilibrium (Nature) Grimvine Lifestealer Lost Disruptor (Nature) Magma Spore Makeshift Tower Mumbo Jumbo (Shadow) Phalanx Primal Defender Regrowth Rifle Cultists Root Nexus (Frost) Swamp Drake Tunnel Undead Army Werebeasts Willzapper (Shadow) SUNBRIDGE (Std. Only) Energy Parasite (Std. Only) Kobold Engineer (Std. Only) Nightshade Plant (Shadow) (Std. Only) Skycatcher (Nature) (Std. Only) Thornbark Altar of Chaos Boom Brothers Deathglider (Frost) Disenchant (Shadow) Dying Breed (Nature) Grove Spirit Hatecaster (Nature) Howling Shrine (Nature) Infect Mindweaver Nightguard (Shadow) Plague Ray of Light Rocket Tower Scythe Fiends Stranglehold (Shadow) Sunken Temple (Nature) Treefiend (Shadow) Twilight Warfare (Shadow) War Eagle Wrecker NIGHTMARE SHARD (Std. Only) Cluster Explosion (Fire) (Std. Only) Dark Crystal (Std. Only) Mutating Maniac (Fire) (Std. Only) Skyelf Sage Architect's Call (Shadow) Befallen's Curse (Fire) Burrower Coldsnap Corpse Explosion Ensnaring Roots Fleshbender (Fire) Hatecaster (Shadow) Ice Age (Frost) Incubator (Shadow) Juggernaut Lost Shade (Shadow) Mana Wing Mountain Rowdy (Shadow) Necrofury Rageclaws Shadow Insect Stone Shards (Fire) Time Vortex (Shadow) Twilight Curse (Shadow) Twilight Hag (Fire) Vileblood (Nature) NIGHTMARE'S END (Std. Only) Curse Well (Std. Only) Frenetic Assault (Shadow) (Std. Only) Shadow Worm (Std. Only) Shatter Ice (Std. Only) Twilight Hag (Nature) Abomination (Shadow) Batariel (Shadow) Church of Negation Disenchant (Nature) Dying Breed (Nature) Forest Elder (Shadow) Grim Bahir (Nature) Icefang Raptor (Frost) Infected Tower (Fire) Knight of Chaos (Shadow) Lost Banestone (Nature) Lost Horror (Nature) Maelstrom Nightguard (Nature) Protector's Seal (Lost Souls) Shadow Mage Soul Splicer (Fire) Thunderstorm Twilight Bombard (Frost) Twilight Pestilence (Nature) Wintertide (Fire) THE INSANE GOD* Aura of Corruption Bloodthirst Energy Parasite Enlightenment Fathom Lord Frenetic Assault (Shadow) Grim Bahir (Fire) Ironclad (Fire) Lifestream Living Tower Lost Priest (Shadow) Lost Warlord (Fire) Mind Control Nightshade Plant (Shadow) Overlord Parasite Skycatcher (Frost) Spore Launcher Sunken Temple (Shadow) Twilight Creeper (Shadow) Twilight Hag (Nature) Wrathgazer SLAVE MASTER (Std. Only) Bloodthirst (Std. Only) Lost Priest (Shadow) (Std. Only) Mind Control (Std. Only) Wheel of Gifts Aura of Pain Bandit Launcher (Shadow) Bandit Spearmen (Frost) Blaster Cannon (Fire) Bloodhorn (Shadow) Dying Breed (Shadow) Eliminator (Frost) Enforcer Executor Gladiatrix (Shadow) Hurricane Nox Trooper Sandstorm (Shadow) Satanael (Shadow) Scorched Earth (Fire) Slaver (Shadow) Soulhunter (Shadow) Suppression Treespirit (Shadow) Voodoo Shack Warrior's Death (Fire) Wrathblades CONVOY (Std. Only) Bandit Sorceress (Frost) (Std. Only) Lost Warlord (Fire) (Std. Only) Spore Launcher (Std. Only) Ward of the North Amii Monument Bandit Stalker (Nature) Cluster Explosion (Shadow) Construct Deepfang (Fire) Deepgorge (Frost) Gemeye (Shadow) Gunner (Fire) Hammerfall (Nature) Lightblade (Fire) Lost Dancer (Shadow) Matter Mastery (Shadow) Nasty Surprise QueekQueek Skydefender (Nature) Stone Tempest (Nature) Stone Warrior (Frost) Stormsinger (Fire) Unstable Demon Voidstorm 4 PLAYER MAPS ------------- BAD HARVEST (Std. Only) Aura of Corruption (Std. Only) Dreadnaught (Std. Only) Icefang Raptor (Fire) (Std. Only) Resource Booster (Std. Only) Twilight Creeper (Shadow) Ashbone Pyro Befallen's Curse (Shadow) Darkelf Assassins Deep One (Shadow) Defense Tower Earthkeeper (Frost) Embalmer's Shrine Frenetic Assault (Nature) Frost Bite (Fire) Glaciation (Frost) Harvester Morklay Trap Mutating Frenzy Necroblaster (Nature) Northern Keep (Fire) Nox Carrier (Frost) Offering (Nature) Ripper Shield Building Shrine of Memory Stone Launcher (Frost) Tempest Witchclaws (Shadow) THE DWARVEN RIDDLE* Bandit Sorceress (Frost) Construction Hut Curse Well Dark Crystal Earth Crystal Evocator's Woe (Shadow) Firesworn (Frost) Flame Crystal Glyph of Frost Howling Shrine (Shadow) Ice Crystal Icefang Raptor (Fire) Kobold Inc. (Frost) Matter Mastery (Nature) Mountaineer Oracle Mask (Fire) Phase Tower Resource Booster Rogan Kayle Shadow Worm Timeshifter Spirit Ward of the North Winter Witch THE GUNS OF LYR* Architect's Call (Frost) Avatar of Frost Cluster Explosion (Fire) Dreadnaught Forest Elder (Nature) Frost Mage Frost Shard Home Soil Inferno Ironclad (Frost) Kobold Engineer Lost Vigil (Shadow) Second Chance (Shadow) Shatter Ice Shrine of War Skyelf Commander Skyelf Sage Skyelf Templar Soulshatter Stormsinger (Nature) Stronghold Thunder Wagon (Fire) Volcano (Fire) Wheel of Gifts Worldbreaker Gun KING OF THE GIANTS (Std. Only) Avatar of Frost (Std. Only) Inferno (Std. Only) Phase Tower (Std. Only) Volcano (Fire) Aggressor (Frost) Battleship Crystal Fiend (Nature) Deepgorge (Fire) Earthen Gift (Fire) Earthkeeper (Fire) Forest's Vim (Shadow) Gemeye (Nature) Giant Slayer Hammerfall (Frost) Ice Barrier Infernal Machine (Fire) Jorne Lost Wanderer (Frost) Northland Drake (Fire) Razorshard (Nature) Shrine of Martyrs Silverwind Lancers Spirit Hunters (Nature) Stone Hurler (Shadow) Stone Shards (Frost) Timeless One Twilight Minions (Fire) Unholy Hero THE TITANS (Std. Only) Glyph of Frost (Std. Only) Howling Shrine (Shadow) (Std. Only) Mark of the Keeper (Std. Only) Stronghold) Abyssal Warder (Fire) Aggressor (Nature) Amok (Fire) Blood Healing Brannoc Deepfang (Nature) Dryad (Frost) Ethereal Storm (Frost) Firedancer Global Warming (Frost) Grinder (Shadow) Lost Shade (Frost) Mountain Rowdy (Frost) Northstar (Frost) Offering (Frost) Promise of Life (Frost) Pyromaniac (Fire) Rageflame (Frost) Retreating Circle Stone Launcher (Shadow) Twilight Pestilence (Frost) Vulcan Wildfire BLIGHT (Std. Only) Ironclad (Frost) (Std. Only) Mountaineer (Std. Only) Parasite Swarm Amok (Shadow) Artillery (Shadow) Bandit Spearmen (Fire) Banditos (Nature) Commandos (Shadow) Corsair (Nature) Fire Worm Gladiatrix (Nature) Infernal Chain (Nature) Lightblade (Fire) Lost Disruptor (Shadow) Lost Evocation (Fire) Mortar Tower Nomad (Fire) Rallying Banner Sandstorm (Fire) Shrine of Greed Snapjaws (Fire) Stranglehold (Nature) Sun Reaver (Fire) Thugs Waystation (Shadow) Windhunter (Shadow) RAVEN'S END (Std. Only) Ironclad (Fire) (Std. Only) Lost Evocation (Frost) (Std. Only) Matter Mastery (Nature) (Std. Only) Thunder Wagon (Fire) Altar of Nihil Artillery (Fire) Bloodhorn (Fire) Comet Catcher Crystal Fiend (Frost) Earthen Gift (Shadow) Eliminator (Fire) Gravity Surge (Shadow) Green Peace (Fire) Grinder (Fire) Lost Grigori (Fire) Mine Nether Warp (Frost) Rageflame (Fire) Ravenheart Razorshard (Fire) Satanael (Fire) Soul Splicer (Nature) Soulhunter (Frost) Stone Hurler (Fire) Stone Shell (Nature) Tortugun (Frost) Warrior's Death (Frost) EMPIRE (Std. Only) Batariel (Fire) (Std. Only) Enlightenment (Std. Only) Thunder Wagon (Shadow) (Std. Only) Timeshifter Spirit (Std. Only) Worldbreaker Gun Amii Phantom Core Dredge (Frost) Curse Orb Earthshaker Ethereal Storm (Fire) Evocator's Woe (Nature) Frost Sorceress Green Peace (Frost) Ice Age (Nature) Ice Tornado Infernal Chain (Frost) Kobold Inc. (Shadow) Lost Banestone (Frost) Lost Dragon (Nature) Lost Horror (Fire) Lost Reaver (Shadow) Lost Spirit Ship (Fire) Lost Warlord (Frost) Protector's Seal (Twilight) Revenant's Blessing (Nature) Snapjaws (Shadow) Time Vortex (Frost) Void Maw Wintertide (Frost) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMsqJ1IMx8hied3W1ZRtQ5YbpgD2_kBezviNSmSovjM/edit#gid=1527833434
  12. nofearek9

    Loot List / card upgrades

    for the updated loot list check : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMsqJ1IMx8hied3W1ZRtQ5YbpgD2_kBezviNSmSovjM/edit#gid=1527833434
  13. nofearek9

    BF offline

    necro what is this ? information has expiration ? especially now that server is alive
  14. nofearek9

    BF offline

    first goal is to have the online version ,it would be nice to have an offline version if it was something EASY for the devs,but seems its not.
  15. nofearek9

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    try run UAC.exe ,make sure you have all files,your antivirus disabled and run all files as admin.

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