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  1. nofearek9

    Shadow Mage spam + Green Nether Warp counterplay?

    weak the card no,they need to make it work correct ,you should not have start and end point the same spot of that spell,it should have a minumum distance.
  2. nofearek9

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    thought your problem was that you cant add 12 players in a map.
  3. nofearek9

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    can you split the 12p maps in 3x 4p maps ?
  4. nofearek9

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    mortal tower phase tower nether warp glitch
  5. had this problem today ,even in 1 map game ,game was freezing/lag...
  6. nofearek9

    Selling boosters in AH - Suggestion

    if its possible ,good idea.
  7. removing maps wont fix the problem with unbalanced cards,you want to remove Wazhai cause of phase tower spamming,fix phase towers dont remove the map. as said in lot of other topics ,phase tower and mortor tower need fix and not the maps.
  8. nofearek9


    google translation : when I launch the game client it tells me the connection to the game server failed why?
  9. if you want an acurate benchmark for your system use 3dmark timespy,BF is very very old for those vgas/cpus. i could play BF maxed out with my evga 460GTX and i7 950
  10. those xeons overclock nice. 9700k+2080ti is miles ahead my setup in all games in 4k resolution with this setup i am reaching bottleneck with battlefield v ultra high (cpus go up to 98%) so in future game dont know how well will perfom.
  11. had few hardware upgrades and now running 2560x1920 motherboard : Asus Rampage III gene cpu : Intel Xeon 5660 @ 4.5Ghz (on air) ram : 48 GB 6x8 DDR3 xms3 Corsair vga : EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC GAMING 8GB hdd:Samsung 256GB 950 pro nvme SSD
  12. nofearek9

    Open Stress Test Information

    What you mean loot count and table? the gold ?upgrades of cards?
  13. nofearek9


    i dont ask,just saying we might get it ,not usefull at all.dont care if i dont have it.
  14. nofearek9


    so we might get the egg for the easter.:)
  15. nofearek9

    Boring for beginners

    a solution could be ,give us from the begining a big amount of gold ,for example 50.000 but not enough for 120 deck ,player should play a bit the whole game and not be lazy or as said above enable tome decks,tome pvp

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