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  1. the problem with this new mine is that you can plant it ,under the enemy , it should not be that way
  2. from the start of the new era of this game some stonekin cardsnature frost i found them more expensive,stone tempest is from the last patch,maybe i dont remember correct and its only that .
  3. yes stonekin was expensive but now they added more cost to some cards.bandits from underwhelming are now super strong cause that mine ,kuwahara is wright ,it can wipe all your units within seconds , that card could be t3
  4. let me disagree with that ,from a small conversation i saw today ingame ,about the pvp balance and especially about the new mine card.lot of user dont feel the same as you,but the problem as said ,is what they said ingame nobody from the mods hear it. Also because someone is top player doesn't mean he is good in balancing ,dont mix apples with oranges.
  5. i believe the problem is that most users are not taking part in the balancing decision,personal i just have few hours per week just to play the game.so the balance is so "off" ,agree stonekin touches are not what i was expected and feel as well make it kinda of weak ,for the ultra-boosted-mine i have nothing more to say ,this card is op.
  6. pause and save or pause and idle without being kicked out of the game and loosing rewards.
  7. nofearek9

    2 VS 2

    in EA servers i remember rarely having such issue,anyway if that bug will be fixed will be nice to have it back.
  8. nofearek9

    2 VS 2

    in the past you could join 2v2 ranked without having teamate ,now you cant ,this should be fixed.
  9. Hello In the past i remember i could join 2v2 ranked without having a team and the game could found me a random teamate i liked this feature and with that way i found all my BF friends.
  10. YaBro0 nice idea the random decks! also have to agree that this is a card collection game.
  11. some cards need 15.000 for upgrade its much better to find it on the specific map.
  12. dont see a reason to ingore someone cause he is not speaking english ingame chat.
  13. yes it lost ,the % of pvp players using it.small but still make diference.
  14. I think this is an "honest" suggestion pvp vs pve ,i dont see a problem from a pvp player be able to build his own deck after few weeks. I agree marketplace loose a lot cause of the free pvp decks.
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