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  1. Nice to see that he's part of your team now!
  2. I think with the playerbase we have atm, the fastest way to improve pvp quality and playability is to indeed focus those who actively play on arranged time frames. And that I think is the other key to succesfully get more people to play pvp. Currently there's only a gold-bonus for playing certain deck-types, which isn't the most efficient way to farm gold at all.. With things like Bad Harvest expert in 2-3 Minutes, pvp could hardly contest when it comes to gold. These happy hours, with an extra boost might be the motivation some ppl need to seriously try out pvp. Maybe even more acchi
  3. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    Just send around 150 ingame mails to ppl on 1v1 board again some ppl wanna try to play this saturday! lets see
  4. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    Last Saturday, there was already a handful of teams and some consecutive 2v2 ranked games were possible! Also I received some messages from more teams who want to be online coming saturday. Gonno write some more ingame mails though.
  5. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    Nice! Maybe today already? A mate and I would be up for some 2v2 in like 10 minutes In any case next Saturday.
  6. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    yea that might bring some change too!
  7. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    Yes. Already trying to maintain communication with some other teams. Good point with them ingame mails!
  8. Jaymy

    2 VS 2

    Hello peoples, since official release an issue emerges, more clearly every week. 2v2 appears to be almost unplayable. Not because of any issues with the game itself... No, its just not enough teams, searching for matchups at the same time. If you're lucky, there are 1-2 other Teams, which results in maybe 3-5 games. But that's it basically, like I said, if you're lucky. Since 2v2 is my favourite gamemode, maybe even the reason why I play Skylords Reborn at all, I'm quite frustrated about this issue. So, I have a proposal! All people who like to play 2v2 ranked come t
  9. I agree that the lvl120 Decks should be removed. I'm completely hesitant to even try them because it would lead to a decrease in perceived value of my personal playing time. I guess they made sense as a "release instrument" to make high quality pvp possible in the beginning but in the long term I think these decks have a negative influence on the "natural develeopment" of market place and ranked games.
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