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  1. I think understand your points of view. The sad thing is, there are still lots of young german people, even lots of teenagers and adults, that dont seem to understand english well enough to be able to make conversations with it. I think i will just try to make them (the german playerbase) aware of the problem and will have to see whats comes of it. Maybe they can understand it better if someone explained it in their language. But i still think that a chat filter, to filter for language would be usefull.
  2. Today i got told that i should refrain from speaking german (my mother tongue) in the in-game chat becouse some players would put me on their ignore list. That would make many key assets of the game (asking questions, trading, in-game lobby chat for coordinations, etc.) with said players impossible. I have to be honest, altough i find that topic interesting (and kinda understandable), i find that suggestion very harmfull for the all in all playability and community of this game. I myself preffer to speak english ingame becouse the english speaking playerbase is simply bigger in size.
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