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  1. For some reason i didnt See the Post earlier. But i think the season idea is great!
  2. Is there a Chance that more PvP will be covered on YouTube?
  3. I would also Like a Change to the free Decks. A Lot of good PvP cards have no value right now
  4. I always thought that abilities should give 100 percent power back.
  5. Oh, I see. I thought I wrote this in "suggestions". Can I move my topic to another place?
  6. Hey! I hope this was not asked before in the forum. Will there ever be a feature to pause or save the game (singleplayer, for example)? Or am I just too dumb to find these features? I am not in game right now, but I think there is no save button when you press ESC and the game also keeps running. Thank you
  7. Ah interesting. Yeah, I am sure there are more important things for the devs right now
  8. Thank you for your input! Yes, I have no clue about how this could be possible haha
  9. What would you think about an AI that could play 'pvp' with you? I mean an AI that plays pvp maps using cards, monuments like a player would? Would that be possible / wanted / interesting?
  10. Hm okay. Yes I didn't mean you would upgrade the free card. I don't have much knowledge about pvp. I didn't know that a full deck with upgrade 2 is that useless like you said. But okay
  11. What about making these free cards upgrade 2? This way everyone would have a very good deck and could compete, but the free cards would not be "perfect", so it is "worth" to earn your own cards and upgrade them. Tomes were this way, right?
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