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  1. Well, I hope that it gets resolved soon, thank you for your efforts. If there is anything that we can help with like logs and stuff please tell us. I'll be more than happy to help.
  2. I have no idea myself, I thought it might help you because it always uses 32% GPU or more but when experiencing extreme stuttering the GPU usage wouldn't even go up to 1%. I'm not knowledgeable how the game works so I'm no the one to judge if this means anything or not. yes I run in on Linux but used to be very smooth. It's on a laptop with dedicated graphics card (GTX 1050)
  3. Some info that might help the investigation of this issue: I just left the game running in forge for about 3 hours and luckily had this overlay active. this is the FPS and GPU usage: the FPS of course fluctuates therefore the stutter but the GPU usage was all the way down to zero and didn't change even if I summoned unites and did stuff in forge. In a fresh run I have stable 75 FPS and GPU usage of about 32%.
  4. 100ms is my real delay to game server when I run `ping server.skylords.eu`. I said mediocre because my internet is provided through ADSL connection which is very susceptible to noise and interference. But even with this connection I had no problem before the patch. Can we provide any kind of information for you to help the investigation?
  5. Just wanna add that I'm also experiencing the same issue not just since this mornings update but since the recent patch. And seems to worsen over time you spend sticking around and playing. On fresh run of the game everything is quite smooth for a while before it become extremely laggy over time.
  6. I'm not that knowledgeable about how the game works, but my guess is that it depend on your connection quality since it's about updating stuff about other players. For example me with 100ms distance to servers and a mediocre connection quality have lots of issues since the recent patch in lobbies and forge.
  7. This update looks awesome. Supper hype.
  8. Zeroo

    Shrine of War

    I don't think there is anything wrong with something being simple and powerful. It's the fasted and simplest tool for speed running 4 player maps. If you don't like it or you want variety just don't play it! There is no reason to take away such good tool for PvE. Additionally it has literally no use in PvP unless in supper huge 3v3 maps which can't be the balancing team's concern right now. I don't see any reasonable point in nerfing this card.
  9. Energy parasite go suck, delicious.
  10. Well the orb you wanna go for is not gonna work out well, when you get Lost Souls map. combining Battleship and Construct makes the deck possible to play in any situation. ( consider that even with Battleship you still heavily relay on Frenetic assault in Lost Souls maps and recharging the card with offering is needed.) Battleship is fine against flying units and it helps finishing off low units and not wasting powerful Construct shots for them. however other than Lost Souls map you don't really need more than 4 Battleships in your army I thinks it's a necessary card for the deck theme-wise and quality of life wise for helping to finish off flying units you might not kill with your spells in one attempt. the thing about this deck is that you need to stack up a big army so having a partner with Breeding Grounds can help a lot but waiting to spawn more than 4-5 units is not recommended since the other thing about this deck is that you should almost never stop moving unless some situations you should always be moving so you get to use the power of the cards you play witch is attacking while moving. I mostly play the deck rPvE 9 since it's pretty fun and feels different and variety is always nice. and it's really powerful. most of the times you can clear more than one third of the map alone (I mean squad killed record at post game statistics) the only thing that you can call a problem with this deck is flying Bosses. I'm interested if someone can give me tips on how to make it better. you can replace one of the Frenetics with Dreadcharger since you lack swift units in this deck and it's useful for Nether warping and you already have Offering to recharge your Frenetic. also it's useful in tr2 clearing. if the first camp is not huge Dreadcharger+Motivate can sometimes be cheaper or at least faster.
  11. Granted , But you have to pay it for taxes. I wish i had a Macbook pro. :rolleyes:
  12. Granted , your home will move to sea fast . I wish i could speak all languages .
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