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  1. well no, it is not only the login credential, but everything, what cards you have, what maps you played, what actions you trying to do during match, .... everything, login credential are just the most obvious example. There is no EA's server to respond to these packets either, and there never was EA's server that would answer to things we added, like quests, achievements, cosmetics, booster history, ... So there is no other way to do this. But we have been doing it like this since the begining, so no idea, why AVs started to trigger so much more now.
  2. πŸ€”was it ever in within your "risk appetite"? I would also be interested, what exactly so many AVs started to dislike now, but they will not answer such questions unfortunatelly.
  3. @Vrizz You want just `color=(nature,fire)`, because it is refering to card color, not token color. Your filter is searching for card with 3 colors which there are none. There is no filter for specific tokens, because that would require new keywords for half orbs, which would mean quite long filters 😞 and there is limit of only 250 characters, and the visible part is even smaller 😞
  4. I think we understood each other on most parts, I think that logic would be easy to do for more than half of the cards, but even with some thinking about it and handling edge cases it would not be enough to do all automatically, and there would be at least 100s left to do manually, but more likely over 1000, either way, it would be quite some work.
  5. Why not? The icon is put there manually on every card, so writing a simple program, that replaces them should not take long for most cases. The issue I see would be what to do with the other cases, because you can easily end up with a list of 1000+ cards that did not match replacing conditions.
  6. yes, but the text in middle of that row...
  7. Yes I know, but I was talking about the row with the "Upload map" button, I actually never noticed that text before, because I was not trying to upload official maps, but it is there all the time.
  8. Well technically the generated map will be generated locally, and it is kind of an official map, so it makes sense, that you can not upload it. You can use filter Map Type: "Community". Then pressing "Continue" will download the map, if you do not have it already. With Map Type: "Local" you will see maps you have locally, either in maps folder or as part of the game itself. @UltDragon / @Metagross31 can the message be changed for official maps to something like "this is an official map", and for maps user does not have to something else? Or maybe better remeve the upload button and text for maps that can not be uploaded, it is weird to see that error message on all maps.
  9. That seems like you have a map locally, that you are trying to upload to the server. πŸ˜•
  10. you can create map (by copying an existing map) and changing the timer yourself
  11. oh you just misunderstood me I think. What you call "global persistant buff" are at least 2 "abilities". ("ability" the game's terminology for any non instant effect, to simplify the definition, and "spell" is an instant one time effect) 1. ability is relatively simple make another ability apply to all players 2. ability will do the actual thing, but to do actual thing, which might be complicated chain of abilities... so for a card with 4 upgrade levels (0, 1, 2, 3) such thing is at least 8 new abilities, that will need to be maintained. (Not saying it is impossible, just pointing out the ammount of work) And as I said before there is no way for ability to behave differently based on map, and I do not think, that we should even try to add such thing, because it would only lead to a confusion, why card does not work on map X like on map Y.
  12. I do not see a reason, why it wouldn't be possible to add second ability to buildings, which would do similar thing, the tricky part I see is stacking of those two abilities. For the point b) there is no usable difference between those maps. And for point c) you can select buildings using hotkey, just asign them to a group, but that will take a group slot from you.
  13. and introduce bilions of out of nowhere in an instant? No thanks. As was stated in previous discusions about this topic even 10000 to 1 would not be good enough, so people you want to target it on would not be able to afford it, and other people would be swimming in instantly.
  14. That depends on your definition of a trojan I guess. Main functionality of the proxy is steeling the login credential, and sending them to our instead of EA's servers (which was shut down a long time ago).
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