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  1. Kubik

    1 - New Account No Cards

  2. when it was? If it was "shortly" after 13.10. 9:34 UTC or 13.10. 5:41 UTC then it was server crash
  3. Documents\BattleForge\config.xml
  4. Kubik

    3 - Can't buy non-common card upgrades

    should be fixed, please confirm
  5. Kubik

    3 - Avatar visual bug

    bug should be fixed for some time already and we decided to change price of changing avatar to 10 BFP so you can test it
  6. Kubik

    Gold missing after reconnection

    maybe fixed please confirm
  7. maybe fixed please confirm
  8. Should be fixed, please confirm
  9. Kubik

    3/2 - memory leak

    I normally do not care about "leaking" memory that I need soon after program start, till the end, because OS take care of that memory once the process is closed. So if you close the process all memory leaks are "gone" OS must take care of it. So from the fact you must restarted the game multiple times, there is no way how it could cause your memory issues. I have only 64 GB of RAM and 16 GB of it is RAM disk, and Windows do crap random memory usage, so until we speak about multiple gigabytes I think it is impossible to say, without profiler, that single program causing it.
  10. important question is how much bigger/smaller you want the UI, compared to 1920*1080 the game offer now?
  11. Kubik

    1 - Forced Server Crash?

    when one of forge servers crash we decided to not crash the client instantly, to allow you finish mission if you are in mission, you need only borderline (EA's requests) and game server, playing cards, unit commands, etc., world server (the most crashing one) handles many things among them friend list, but when the server is crashed, battleforge can not get answer and crash too. So my advice is do not open friend list, and do not use chat in games. The chat crash only few times per day, but world crash sometimes even 3 times in 5 minutes Once crashing will be resolved, we will let you know with announcement
  12. Kubik

    3/2 - memory leak

    how many times you start the updater in these "few weeks" @Zwill?
  13. Kubik

    1 - New Account No Cards

  14. Kubik

    1 - New Account No Cards

  15. Kubik

    3 - Cannot delete an empty deck

    should be fixed, please confirm

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