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  1. you mean the freeze lengt is random no matter on which PC it is? Or that some PCs it is 30s and other PCs 2 minutes? Did you tried with disabled antivirus?
  2. Native build? Do you happen to know someone welthy enough to buy BattleForge from EA, and just gift it to us?
  3. 🤔 8 PCs? That is much bigger sample than most. And for most people they can not reproduce the issue on second PC (laptop). Do you have some "non common" application on all of those PCs? Can you list these 8 PC, with: CPU, GPU, OS with version, System disk (SSD/HDD, empty space %), Disk on which game is (if different), antivirus(es), how long is the "freeze" in the replay above (freeze at 10.20 12.42 14.40.pmv).
  4. Which HW changes did you tried, while the issue persisted?
  5. The issue is somehow specific to some aspect of your PC. To resolve it, you can try changing as many aspect as you can and feel comfortable (and have time for). Examples are: changing all options in game changing all options in the GPU driver trying booting in safe mode (to disable as many other applications as possible) trying another operating system try changing harware parts (if you have such option) If you manage to resolve the issue, please come back with which exact change solved it, it might help us to figure out what exactly is causing the
  6. I just watched the replay and did not any freeze (not even fraction of a second). How we should fix it, if there is no way to reproduce it? I found no pattern in the "affected" people, so I really do not have even a hint what can be the issue.
  7. Everyone start with all cards fully upgraded on the test server, all maps unlocked, so I have no idea where that post name comes from.
  8. Deploying such fix breaks replays, which is one of reasons, why it was not yet deployed, so you can not test the fix yet.
  9. It is fixed for over a month, but deployment process is not that fast 😛 you need to wait for it.
  10. But I have an prototype of an API for an AI bots over a year ago. So only think that is missing is someone creating an smart enough bot, and you @Majora approving addition of such bot.
  11. Would you be interested in writing AI for them?
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