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  1. Kubik

    Connect failed!

    based on that log you did not get connection failed error, because server responded.
  2. Kubik

    AH "extend auction" - button

    you mean for auctions with bids, or only auctions without any bid?
  3. Kubik

    How to make PvP more attractive (Discussion)

    As I said Aviator is working on new updater, that should support having 2 versions of the game (one for main server, and another for test server) based on his feedback he is progressing slowly. After that I think we can start making changes on test server. Activity counting is fully under our control, so changes are possible, you must ask MrXLink, he is "Game Lead", and "Design Lead".
  4. Kubik

    How to make PvP more attractive (Discussion)

    3000 PvP players :O we did not have that much players online at same time ever. We are allowed to make promotions, but Hawk decided no promotions or support for tournaments until release (I think he is not that strict on this one any more).
  5. I did small change to test server, so after player is kicked, all remaining players get short message with match ID(map specific number) of kicked player, so you can test it there.
  6. I have game windowed most of time. But if this affect it, it would mean BF have some crazy reaction to disconnect that crashes launcher
  7. lower resolution, windowed, or full screen?
  8. Kubik

    Connection Lost when rPVE 6 won

    if I "disconnect Ethernet cable", or "turn off Wi-Fi on notebook", or "kill the launcher with task manager" server correctly generates the surrender packet why not for everyone?????
  9. Kubik

    How to make PvP more attractive (Discussion)

    As I already said: adding/removing "official" maps to/from the ranked pool is literally 1 number, and 1 comma in the code. random maps have one (not publicly disclosed) disadvantage for us, but if team decide to add them it is same as above. (Fiki is working on solution to get rid of that disadvantage) random maps was not removed from ranked pool, I need to write that pool from scratch, and I did not know EA have them in ranked pool so because of the disadvantage I did not add them. adding community maps would be much more complicated, especially because EA's file checking is broken, because each player can have different map just with same name. Zyna, and Ladadoos should be already working on converting community map to "official" map, and after that it would be same as above. Changing units/cards on test server is not a problem, changing it ONLY on test server is, because of how EA made the game (this one actually is not blame to them). Aviator is working on new updater, that will allow us to overcome this issue. (But MrXLink said no changes before release)
  10. Ask MrXlink I was told to not disclose parts of internal discussion
  11. Kubik

    I need assistance

    servers are up, why people keep asking that? We are definitely above 99% uptime during the last year.
  12. Kubik

    Discord - Our new voice server !

    Discord did some upgrade it probably invalidated all old links https://discord.gg/36ZAHTn
  13. no, his "unfinished" values look crazy, even thou he said he did not make them in last 30 minutes, but he was claiming he was working on them for weeks. will this post get deleted, because I do not believed him
  14. theoretically, but he refused my proposed values, so now we are waiting for his

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