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  1. "easily fixable." maybe, but that would be card change. MrXLink was quite clear about this that for some unspecified time after release there still be no changes, untill everyone will get chance to experience the unchanged game after release.
  2. if the values get changed it also change them on card description. And MrXLink said no card changes before release so everyone can play the same old game after release without any changes.
  3. Kubik

    Control Problems

    As far as I know there is no additional work in progress on servers, only thing that is waited for is the new BFP system, but I am no longer part of team, so I do not have up to date information anymore.
  4. Kubik

    Control Problems

    the game was finished in 2013. what you mean by "the game is not finished yet"?
  5. Kubik

    some numbers on the current ecconomy

    where you get that 14.5% chance for promo? 199/200 is chance to not get promo in a booster 0,995, if you 0,995*0,995*0,995*...0,995 29 times you will get chance to not get promo in any booster 86,47077%, so chance to get at least one promo in 29 boosters is 13,52923% Last time I checked most boosters was not worth it, but even 10 expesive cards (based on their sold prices in AH) while acounting for their chance in boosters make opening boosters worth it, while counting every other card to be worth 3 But I do not have access to current AH data, so the cards are maybe much cheaper now. (and I also do not know if the promo chance as changed)
  6. Kubik

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    Unless something changed quite recently these maps count for the daily BFP gain, so I have no idea what are you talking about. The defense maps was also available before EA shut the game down, so they are nothing new. If you was using editor for almost all games what makes BF the exception to it? Last time I checked team did not want to add any new "official" maps before release.
  7. Kubik

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    if you think creating maps is easy why you did not create lot of these maps yourself already?
  8. I mean technically not a big change.
  9. of course it is impossible to implement, because it assumes every player must have at least 20 cards of single color in T1. other than that there is no reason why it would be a big change
  10. Kubik

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    Why you think dev decided that?
  11. Kubik

    Suggestions List

    @Legendary_Apocalypse I am interested from what you compute these times. But if you think it is that easy, why you not add a patch file to your post with the changes implemented, you have access to same "BattleForge.exe" as everyone else. What you get the source code now? If I would know you get the source code I would just make myself look offline for the few weeks before leaving
  12. Kubik

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    that would mean that there would be players that can not find an oponent at all because there would be no one good enough
  13. if it will be released with MrXLink's system in the form I last seen it, I do not want my name anywhere near that. I did not throw out anything, except 2 years of unsuccessfu cooperation with MrXLink.

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