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  1. You know that these files are not an actual XML, so knowing structure of real XMLs is helpful, but not necessary. And LUA is mostly defined by interface provided by the game, so knowing plain LUA is again just helpful, but I think anything more than function, calling a function, and creating string from numbers, is not really necessary. And if someone know any programing language all that can be figured out in minutes
  2. logs please, ideally switch to upgrades, wait for it to unfreeze and send logs without closing the game, so I do not need to search it in the file
  3. Are you aware that this would mean we will need to maintain twice as much cards? (currently what players think of 1 card with 3 upgrades are 4 cards that do not need to have anything in common I mean literally U0 can be red building, U1 shadow spell, U2 nature squad of 6, and U3 frost squad of 2 battleships requiring only 1 frost orb. That was an crazy example, but only things keeping upgrades same is effort of balance developers doing the changes. So having PvE and PvP version of the card would mean much more effort for them) How would players test these cards outside of PvP? (Forge i
  4. no one have time to look up up tutorial how to help you, you need to reconfigure or disable one drive https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/594960603874066432/988184723429916672
  5. can you elaborate on that a bit more? I did not understand what is the issue, or how delays would help.
  6. would be nice to have source code, so we could make fixes like these...
  7. no problem, just not sure if it helped enough
  8. you can use inventory filters "class:female" and "class:male", but I think there is no way for players to figure it out for NPC enemies (even if same-ish card exist as playable does not mean EA make it consistent and set this class same)
  9. I do not think 4 characters would help at this size
  10. I wonder if you can create a shorter example, rushing trough 20 minutes of replay and then missing out is quite easy also would be great to have it on some test map where nothing else is happening.
  11. does any file exist in folder "//mac/home/documents/battleforge/randommap/generatedmap"? Does the file from the error message exist. Did you make your file system case sensitive? Can you send me a log file I guess it should be "//mac/home/documents/battleforge/diag/_log_proxy_latest.log" after it crashes, or there is last 30 of them if you know when did it happen
  12. @Carofex but you could already do that since last year and you probably want "copies > 1" instead if you want to read more: https://forum.skylords.eu/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11412
  13. you can either try to change the resolution, but based on you saying you do not know what to do with that information, you can can just delete the config file and new one with everything default including the resolution will be created
  14. did you look at this topic?
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