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  1. First problem there are no single player matches. Even thou you as a player do not see a difference, all matches have server counterpart. Just pausing the game is technically possible and easy, BUT right now the would be given for that paused time too, so rewards system would need to be changed. And for that discussion I really do not remember, because it was over two years ago, but if I would guess it was not a priority, because it have more consequences that affect game balance, than is is a technical issue. @Skylo You should discuss that with design people in the team.
  2. In EA's time people can just buy any card they want (assuming they have enough money), here are all money transactions forbidden. And for the argument of only accumulating cards, how many years will need average player to accumulate all the cards?
  3. well I changing the generator to do this is not a big change, but limiting amount of maps from 65535 to ~100 and as I said you do not generate same maps as the game for the same seed, ecause you have different inputs, so it would either mean using same inputs as you in the game's generator (assuming these generators are actually 100% compatible) which would be additional work.. So you can share the maps you generate as community maps, but thats it, I do not think they will ever be used as official maps. (But is is just my opinion, you need to ask devs about that)
  4. from that description I have no idea what are you doing, so I do not know what can be the problem. by default random maps generate with same name, so generating next one overwrite the previous one, maybe that is related to your issue? And what is your end goal @Buddelmuddelwith "sorting" the maps by the way?
  5. if I will count 30s to generate and check map, and only diff 10, 4p, single terrain type and single styte, with no other variables, it can not be done under 22 days without any breaks.
  6. Open Map Editor, File->New Random Map Game Type: Skrimish Players: 1/2/4 Terrain Type: you can actually chose all combinations Map Style: again you can pick Seed: 1-65535 (or more) Difficulty: 1-10 ... where did I say 170000? It must have been some weird typo, or more like answer to some subset of all maps. Players 3 oprions, difficulty 10 options, seed 65535 variants 3*10*65535 = 1 966 050 Terrain type is chosen based on the
  7. how many messages did you need to delete to get view like this? I did not seen that 120-150 so there must have been messages between it to not fit on single screen. and that message was reaction to someone saying it was droping, because 2632 is increase, thats why that message end with a question mark.
  8. Zyna recently said that the peak is about 200 and 2632 in 2 weeks window which is significant increase over 170 peak and 1600 before the change. No official numbers for play time, thou, but based on the fact that players need to play much longer to get same amount it is expected.
  9. But amount of players increased, and time spend per player probably too
  10. You are not loosing much by waiting, just one booster for now.
  11. with this rate you are one of the people that can at least get 1 booster per day, you should be happy about that
  12. so if you already have card you would like to buy for someone you would need to remove the upgrades from it to be able to send it, and then find out they are no longer in action and you need to ask the person you send them to to send them back because you can not buy new one?
  13. There already are people that have all cards fully upgraded with maximum charges, and still have lot of cards too man times, they have no use for these cards.
  14. so it is official API and we are supposed to report bugs on it?
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