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  1. Kubik


    did you bid on any auctions @MadeInGermany?
  2. Kubik

    1 - New Account No Cards

  3. Kubik

    Disconnecting half of the group/crash

    there was server crash at 10:50 UTC, was it at that time? (problem was most probably few minutes before it)
  4. Kubik

    Disconnecting half of the group/crash

    can you retest please
  5. Kubik

    Multiplayer matchmaking problem

    does they disappear after few seconds?
  6. Kubik

    specific actions that always lead to a crash

    @Ladadoos could this be a corrupted file? I am not sure if there is something loaded mid match
  7. By quick googling we use things that are not supported on Windows Vista. So ask Hawk directly, but based on how unpopular and old Vista was I think his answer will be same as for Linux/Mac, or maybe worse.
  8. did you check your mail?
  9. Kubik

    Multiplayer matchmaking problem

    This should be fixed, plese confirm.
  10. Kubik

    No mail after buying a card on the auction house

    does it happen again for anyone?
  11. Kubik

    1 - Can't control or spawn new cards

    @Grillkohle was you able to reproduce it (without Alt+Tabing)?
  12. Kubik

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Does anyone still have this problem?
  13. I think this can be fixed, can somebody retest please

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