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  1. Kubik

    Where to get Promo cards?

    you can open boosters and each time you do there is 0,5% chance to find a promo (average 1 in 200 boosters) you can check the auction house or trade channels and pay for it, if you think you have enough
  2. by any chance do you know how much gold you get?
  3. Kubik

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    @FirstWave install DX9 6. Check whether you have DirectX 9 ... http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  4. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    I think you forgot about concept of multiple boosters, that would definitely screw your calculations, because you would either create booster that would be significantly more valuable, or you would need to have also same amount of cards of each type and colour in each "pool" for each booster type. I do not think you can do that with 16 cards in smallest "pool" But also good luck convincing MrXLink that changing rarity distribution is good idea. (But last time he said he will maybe discuss it with Ultrakool some time later)
  5. Kubik

    Bluescreen "page file in nonpaged area"

    I do not want to say EA did not screw this too (they screw a lot), but you are the only one reporting it, which strongly indicates it is something on your side. The game run multiple hours on my PC just fine. Even when the FPS bug happen the VRAM usage was fine. The game also run on Intel's Painting devices with 60 FPS
  6. Kubik

    Bluescreen "page file in nonpaged area"

    My GPU also have 11 GB of VRAM and I never noticed any leaks there. When the game was released the high end GPUs have 1 GB VRAM and you say it can fill 11 GB Can you check that the game is the only thing that uses your VRAM?
  7. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    so what would happen with shaman and other uncommons that cost over 100 now?
  8. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    Wrong, I already said that, but MrXLink do not want to hear about it you get per 1 UR on average 5,13 R, 10,51 U, and 24,36 C but possible cards are in ratio per (68) 1 UR there is (137) 2,01 R, (147) 2,16 U, (171) 2,51 C so there is massive oversupply of commons @LikeThat the way you proposed only make expensive cards more expensive, because the rarity would increase amd cheaper cards cheaper, because their rarity would decrease. so after some iterations there will be even more commons, few uncommons, even less rares, and ultra rares will be cards that most people want, but they just can not affort them. Try to make reasonable prediction based on your proposal, and you will see if you get different ressults than I.
  9. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    I do not think your solution will work at all, it will have quite oposit effect no mater what cards you apply it to.
  10. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    so uncommons that now cost over 500 would be changed to ultra rares and cost even more, because teir supply would be over 6 times smaller commons that cost over 10 would become uncommons and again their price would rise siginificantly, because the supply would be almost 4 times smaller. And players that get these cards before the rarity change would be happy, because almost no one would have get them after the change and their price would skyrocket even more. and in next iteration Shaman would be candidate for promo
  11. Kubik

    Connection Lost when rPVE 6 won

    that is another bug he said in 1 match no one disconnected if someone disconnect and units do not get killed, the game do not like server's description of victory and disconnect. I was not able to reproduce that, for me server correctly killed all the units, so how to reproduce it is unknown.
  12. Kubik

    Experiencing "Lags"

    to your second question EA somehow managed to ignore all setings, even the driver one saying to limit FPS (to 60 in most cases) and render frames as fast as you PC can handle. Only known solution is to restart the game when this happen. If you will check you GPU usage it will be at 100% or close to, and one CPU core will be at 100% usage. For me with 1080 Ti the GPU usage jump only to ~80% because my 32 core CPU can not keep up with single core performance, and 1/32 is not much so for me it take much longer before I notice it, unless I watching GPU usage chart. No one was able to identify when this weird behaivior trigger
  13. Kubik

    App for market

    how would you imagine that working? and do you really think many people would be interested in it?
  14. Kubik

    King's Ridge - New story-like-map

    no pleasee not copy EA's bugs
  15. Kubik

    RNG from card packs?

    you want to say you get same 8 cards in every booster? you already get 190 different cards from the boosters that include for example: Rogan Kayle PROMO, Enlightenment, Forest's Vim, Wrathgazer, Volcano, Nox Carrier, Grinder, Brannoc, Jorne, Corsair, Mine, Dryad, Lost Shade, Skyfire Drake, Sunstriders, Swamp Drake, Nomad, Giant Wyrm, Eruption, Regrowth

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