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  1. Not that it would be related, but I see a lot of errors in the log "bad locale name", what language do you have selected?
  2. 4 years ago? I guess you started with all cards then, because that is how it worked back then. If you want that experience again just go to test server you will get all cards, including recently released promos there.
  3. We do not have source code for the game, for the current version, or any previous one. All changes we did are kind of extensions to the latest version of the game, and we can relatively easily remove all these extensions, but for that server would need to be written again (or we could use our old version of the server with all the bugs that was there). We could also try to selectively remove "extensions" we did to keep the server as same as possible to the current version, which would only shift the work elsewhere. We also can relatively easily remove all balancing changes, and
  4. Can you try "StartBattleForgeDev.bat" in the game folder please?
  5. yes it is merged since yesterday, but was implemented for about 4 weeks. If you would want to test it, check out:
  6. ok you can try the preview on https://jakub.bandola.cz/wa/deck_info/index.html as the time of writing there are 2 options: everything is still subject to change character "A" followed by base64 (url safe version) encoded sequence of card IDs (16 bits each) (A for versioning purposes, in case we found better way to represent it we might use B for second version, while still accepting codes in version A) for example: "AWgFiAVkBBAXpAgEGBQYkAnkFgQYzAyoCHQLcBBgCWAEmBaAExQT-BA==" json array for example: "[1004, 1001021, 1029, 3001030, 2001031, 2001032, 2001033, 2001034, 2001035, 2
  7. well if deck have 20 cards empty spaces are not relevant because there are none, but if there is empty space in the middle losing it breaks keybindings, because as you know first card is F1 (by default) and and pressing F1 twice will select 10th card, but if there was empty space in between, and not there will be not, it will select different card, because they all will be packed to the left. Not a big deal (in my opinion), but something to keep in mind, I hope that most decks are full and will not have this issue
  8. I am not going to copy the text from the image to check which one it was It is still not merged, so everything is subject to change! Right now: Already outdated: Export is base64 encoded: 1 Byte for version, and up to 20 card IDs (without upgrades) as 16 bit numbers (little endian) Import have 2 options: the base64 encoded from above json array of ids that can have upgrades "[1004, 1001021, 1029, 3001030, 2001031, 2001032, 2001033, 2001034, 2001035, 2001117, 2001119, 2001120, 3001121, 3001122, 1123, 1124, 3001126, 2001128, 1001129, 1131]"
  9. I am not sure when it was added, could easily be 2 years ago.
  10. What you mean "push an error if you are missing a card"? When exporting a deck you can not be missing a card because you have it in the deck. And when importing it will just show you the deck from fake player "{import deck}", where you have the option to copy it as when any other player would show you the deck, which is an existing functionality so you can check how that behaves when you are missing a card, I think you will get a warning message and it will leave an empty space.
  11. Import: Export: @Eirias thinks this would be good enough. What others think? To me it seems weird you need to accept show deck after typing command, but it have the advantage of not needing even a single new button.
  12. do you want to help with that?
  13. for some people it will easily take 100 times longer, and while it technically does not kill the game waiting 2 seconds for something that should be instant is bad, but waiting minutes is unacceptable (when PC is withing specs).
  14. It is bit laggy 2-3 seconds on every click on my PC, but no issues outside of this screen. (With 10001 decks it took almost 3 minutes to load that window for the first time, and clicking there ~10 seconds, creating removing decks would be again 3 minutes) I do not like the idea of having it in a config, because that would disallow many people from using it, because they would not even know it, and from the rest I am sure someone would manage to break the config in some way. Also designers have a plan to have it as purchasable to allow players to spend / which would temporarily r
  15. No not even a single line of code from EA. You can enable Fog Of War on community maps, but it is for whole map, not just 10s around spawn. Stratego does not seem similar to chess in any other way, than having board with squares. Fog Of War is quite a big balancing issue in many games, because you can lose units without having a chance to know what happen, because something outside of field of view will kill them. Point is that having Fog Of War would make totally different game.
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