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  1. Kubik

    Server Unstable

    do you get any error code?
  2. I am sorry, but we trying to test things important for server stability, so I will not fix this instantly
  3. Kubik

    Upgrade advice

    wait "new scenarios" definitively yes, this is really easy someone here not us create it, we just verify it do not have any obvious exploits and put it on the map. Ok it will be bit harder than that, but not much. and there are people on this forum that working on new maps.
  4. Kubik

    Boring for beginners

    No exact numbers right now, just example! Imagine 20 quests instead of 2 with same gains per quest, would these quests make sense to you?
  5. Kubik


    you are the second one to ask for an egg. Is the egg any useful?
  6. Kubik

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    one detail to solve what if player disconnect "sometime" during the match?
  7. Kubik

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    not sure if there is enough space for it can you draw how would you imagine it, plese?
  8. Kubik

    Solo/duo/trio all-time fastest speedrun rankings

    you have all current history in the game client.
  9. Kubik

    Crashes after running battle forge

    The servers crashing daily but not every 15 minutes, so the problem must be something on your side.
  10. Kubik

    Help with starting on a mac

    Right now wine (or any derived projects) is not supported But do not lose hope, I heard that new version of wine is capable of running it with some setup required, but no guarantees, but maybe soon there will be guide how to make it run. I do not have mac so I can not test it.
  11. Kubik

    Open Beta Information

    "What is the actual daily number of logins?" over 100 000. which is much more than we have in closed beta. If you do not like it just stop playing and wait for next stage. What else you expect from us?
  12. in last booster you get: Frontier Keep, Equilibrium, Lost Converter, Witchclaws, Tremor, Eruption, Altar of Nihil, Twilight Minions.
  13. You have the cards in collection even before the flipping window popup.
  14. be sure you get the content of that booster, we planning to add gui that will allow you to see what was in your last booster, but that gui is not finished yet.

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