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  1. Kubik

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    @FailsWithTails I also work in big company and I say some aspects are much worse in the company. But we can not even navigate the code of Battleforge, because we do not have the client code we know many things about it already. It contains some smart things, some things that are just not best, and some that are completely weird(wrong, unless we miss something unexpected they know and we do not). But important thing is for some reason it is very time sensitive, so when we improve performance, random things(read as completely not related to change) break.
  2. Kubik

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    Thanks, I guess I am not bothered much by them, because I probably never opened Facebook page and on the discord I have muted the general channel, beta testers do not complain about it and here on the forum I am active only in parts most of you do not see(beta section)
  3. Kubik

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    I guess most of peoples (that are not programmers) will not understand most of what you said, but you get the point. I guess they originally want to have multi-server structure, but they figure out it is not possible to send something to server A and wait for response from server C so they have it multiple copies of big servers and split players across them. I hope it was not their intention to make it that weird.
  4. Kubik

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    One crappy example for all, would you expect game to search for open lobbies in the middle of running match? If no at all you would never figure it out. If no in first X hours/days/weeks then you would waste that many time searching elsewhere. We know a lot about BF weird behaviors so it took us "only" 3 hours to figure this out.
  5. Kubik

    Introducing .. The entire team !

    Hi guys, I am from the Czech republic, I was told I reach that world in 1992, but I do not remember that I was interested in programming, exploiting, fixing stuff and making new things as far as I remember. I remember BattleForge a bit, it is unique game that look pretty good if you consider the age, or size. I joined the project because I like the challenge of fixing the code, improving the code, testing the code, and playing the game of course. I hope to learn many new things mostly from reverse engineering area. I expect my time with this project to better spend than playing random games
  6. Kubik

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    I am from the Czech Republic. Any other questions?
  7. Kubik

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I want to win
  8. Kubik

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I want to try it

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