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  1. Kubik

    Can't connect to the Server

    can you check you antivirus/firewall? Do you know how to check if process "Launcher.exe" is running?
  2. Kubik


    in "Documents\BattleForge\config.xml" is xml-like config file where you can edit it, or delete the file to get everything to default
  3. Kubik

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    can you even tell what is written there? I think it is too small, but lets ask @Ladadoos if he think it is good idea that way?
  4. Kubik

    SPECIAL leader board suggestion

    collecting any kind of data is not a problem, displaying them is harder
  5. Kubik

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    where exactly you think this would fit on screen? the search field is super small for that in my opinion
  6. Kubik

    Help... How i can buy BFP?

    complete some daily quests, open boosters and sell cards
  7. Kubik

    Defense orientated rPve

    it is not only possible, but easy, I chosing which maps give rewards and which do not. Why would I lik you to tutorial? if you would be interested in making the map yourself, you would already find it. (Thre is one more possibility, that you are interested, but can not find the tutorials, but for that case I would see it as waste of time)
  8. Kubik

    Defense orientated rPve

    I would say feel free to make that map, but because you asking I guess you do not know how.
  9. Kubik

    Treim's Motm rPvE solo speedrun archive

    put them to "Documents\BattleForge\replays" and on login screen you see replays button
  10. Kubik

    (2) - Bad connection causes game crash/freeze.

    yea there is no standard terminology to describe the problems and even if there would be, I have no idea how we would explain to players to use it just look to "technical support" section to their questions...
  11. Kubik

    (2) - Bad connection causes game crash/freeze.

    I said it would be a lot of work I have an idea how it could work so max waiting time, and try to reconnect only up to X times are only small details that would not make it any more complicated. I never seen it, and I am sure server do not do that. When the game run faster it means that buffering happen somewhere during the transport over the network, most probably on the local PC (because Windows...) Main question is if it is worth it. So far I have 2 logs from 1 player where I identified that pattern and possibility in 1 of them. Sample size of 2 with 50% possibility is not enough for me to decide. Feel free to communicate with players and ask them for the logs...
  12. Kubik

    Balance Proposal: Twilight Hag

    @Flrbb no date yet. This was meant as way for players that do not use discord to see the proposed change and react in case there would be anything wrong. And as backlog of the changes, because discord do not store history infinitely.
  13. Kubik

    (2) - Bad connection causes game crash/freeze.

    Yes both disconnects was caused by something on your side (probably the connection). Some technical details, with possible solution: there are 3 servers: login, forge (cards, auction, chat, ...), and game for matches in 1 of the 2 cases you lost connection only to game server, so chat was still working, in that case I would be theoretically able to create reconnect mechanic, but that would be a lot of work even in the best case. Best case would be to freeze game for all player when someone disconnect, and try to reconnect for few (up to 5?) seconds, then unfreeze and if player was able to reconnect let him continue, if not destroy his stuff, as normal disconnect. Other option is delay the destruction of player without freezing game, so the units will be able to defend their positions and other players would not be able to take wells and monuments. This would even much more work than the best case option, and would create additional load for server whenever would someone disconnect, that would be able to cause lags. Third option is leave it as it is, so player is destroyed instantly, and just add some notification to player that connection to game server was lost. where to ask about players opinions on this? Right now I am mostly interested what would players left in match want.
  14. Kubik

    Group system issues

    the topics was merged, I updated it to new link
  15. Kubik

    Group system issues

    why it was moved to archive? why normal players do not have access there?

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