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  1. Kubik

    I cant believe this game is back

    yes, by collecting them again
  2. I guess this one: https://bfcards.app/
  3. Kubik

    Card Database

    I look before I posted it, game files does not contains much bigger in terms of resolution, but game files does not have enough data for me to build all cards from pieces, so for that you would need to get informations from other places. And you would only 370x510 px. Compared to 358x500 px from cardbase with no work required.
  4. Kubik

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    none of these are technicall issues, maybe you seen Ravenhear having ability to spawn corsairs or image of Rogan's Revenge on the map.
  5. Kubik

    Card Database

  6. Kubik

    Game crashed , usually(2-3 times/day)

    definitly not, this one is tarting the game and pressing login button, if you did not load to forge the error will be in the next one probably `_launcher_log_2020.03.28_105.log` you can open it and see the content, every log line have timestamp (that should be in UTC) so if you know when it happen, find a log that end about that time, or maybe easier next time it happen send the last one
  7. Kubik

    Game crashed , usually(2-3 times/day)

    `Documents\BattleForge\Diag\_launcher_log_YYYY.MM.DD_X` where YYYY.MM.DD is date and X incremented every time you connect to forge server or match `Documents\BattleForge\Diag\log`is from EA, and quite often it does not contains a clue why something go wrong `Documents\BattleForge\Diag\crasdump` is from EA, and contains small part of game state when the crash happen. based on the `og.txt` you send, `_launcher_log` should contain most useful information about what happen.
  8. Kubik

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    you can simply create invite link like: https://discord.gg/GZKKMqH
  9. Kubik

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    I point to last place where MrXLink was last saying NO to this on forum, if you manage to reach him, he will send you some waals of text, that have suprisingly high success rate of convincing people that his decision is the right one, whatever the decion was.
  10. Kubik

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    hi, "most of the changes are simple edits to the scripts" what scripts? why you think we have these scripts? I was told my cites of MrXLink make him see worse than he actually is, so I list his last forum post about it without any cites why not: and now something more interesting, what can be done: :O all the twich videos are deleted so I can not show ravenheart spawning a fleet
  11. Kubik

    Want to be safe

    why it would be seen as multiaccounting?
  12. Kubik

    Game crashed , usually(2-3 times/day)

    And is it problem with your PC?, your internet connection?, the game itself?, the server?, or something else? Why you did not provide any logs so we can investigate it?
  13. That is exactly what MrXLink do not want for players he want only nostalgia, from playing the same old game wil all same bugs.
  14. It is one of the many things I do not agree on with MrXLink, but who am I to outvote him?
  15. and MrXLink said here: that "no changes to game balance anytime soon"

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