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  1. 😞 It crashed when handling mouse selection.
  2. Can you show also the folder from which you launch the game?
  3. sorry no clue, the dump is too corrupted. Maybe next one will have some useful info.
  4. yes, or you can just delete all pak files that start with `sr`, if that would be easier for you.
  5. 🤔 what you mean finished? It is still actively developed, and new features are cards are being added.
  6. @Xamos these are not related to the original question. First crash is when trying to render some donut, so if it started only recently I would suspect some corrupted file. Second one crashed when logging the crash, so there is no info what happen 😞
  7. I mean buffs on you, not buffs on your teammates. So the icons with green border would stay. With reverse engineering you can not say for sure if something will be possible until it is done, but I believe this should be possible.
  8. Where did I say there is no problem? Maybe you should first read what I wrote. Your "reading between the lines is wrong". 🤔interesting. Can after the lags in forge gets too big next time, open task manager, wait a minute, and send 2 things: 1.) Amount of memory used by Battleforge 2.) screenshot of per core CPU usage in performance tab. Before this patch there was no "cosmetic" banners, and such things, and if I counted right there was already 5 hotfixes for "cosmetic" specifically. What you consider "high CPU and RAM usage"? Asking this way speci
  9. I believe it to be possible, but was refused by designers. It directly tells you that buff with same icon (which does not mean it is same buff) affects also other players, and you maybe did not notice the difference between them, because you know all the cards, but they have different border colors depending on if it affects you, or someone else in your team. Maybe you should check dictionary for the word "duplicate", because they have an additional information, and I get it that such information is not useful for you, but it is there.
  10. You just said it yourself 8 of 10, so no reason to suspect the server. 🤔What should I say if you call 8 years old CPU "newer"?
  11. Just saying. This goes for all Shrines btw. Why not quote rest of that message? There is no duplicate information. For someone who knows the card by a picture there are redundant information, but someone who does not know it, can see that the effect is affecting all 4 players, instead of just 1 player. And to be clear I do not question it would be better, if this state could be shown with less icons (like stacked icons for same effect affecting multiple players, number of affected players shown on the image, or different color of the frame around the image, or ...), but the fact
  12. Why it should be on server side, if it doesn't affect everyone?
  13. 🤔so by your logic, anyone who say they can not reproduce your issue, is also saying that you are lying? Did I understand your logic correctly @DieToPlay?
  14. There are no "duplicate" icons per say, Each of the icons tell you different thing, and unless a player does not know the cards effects they would not know that they are also affected.
  15. can you please provide data when it crash again, so we can check if they are different?
  16. I was in forge over an hour, and no lags, and in probably most crowded place Battlegrounds 4p.
  17. And can you tell me how can I reproduce these "Big LAG / FREEZE issues"?
  18. We already have some suspect, and kind of a way to test it, even though I was not able to reproduce the issue, I was able to get quite steep memory and CPU usage rise, but only to about 1.5% CPU, with peaks to 2.7%, but my system is total overkill for this game 😄
  19. 🤔and if more than 20 people would send replay, how would you split 20 boosters between 21 players? Or should I say 16 boosters between 19 players, because you already assigned 4 in your example?
  20. I would not call 100 ms mediocre (if you base that on latency shown in game). But what I meant is that it is hard to investigate if I can not reproduce the issue myself.
  21. for me it is not noticeably worse than before
  22. And what would you suggest us to do instead of closing the client?
  23. I do not think so 😞 It is performance issue with the game itself 😞 EA have "solved" the issue by separating players to limit amount of players per map, but in SR it was decided to not split the community... And I doubt this decision will change with the new cosmetics, because then people would not be able to show their cosmetic to everyone...
  24. The part why I responded to question I think was new, was already answered, but since then another option came to my attention. Which is when a spam bot post something in a dead topic, and I open the page before someone delete it, but click on the topic, after someone delete the spam, I will not have any visual indication that the topic is old, unless I check the date on the post. And for why no response was earlier, I just did not know about about the question For the pricing itself: (random german website, because I think server is in germany now): "https://www.hetzner.com/de/ded
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