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  1. Kubik

    Game closes itself after loding 1/4

    can you check archive for corruption, and re-extract it?
  2. Kubik

    Game closes itself after loding 1/4

    it says missing file. What program did you use to extract the game?
  3. Kubik

    Game closes itself after loding 1/4

    Documents\BattleForge\Diag\log.txt please
  4. Kubik


    Everyone start with Base ELO of 100 000 When you lose, your base ELO is decreased, and increased for winning There is activity bonus for playing at least 30 matches in last 30 days You start with activity 0, so when you lose before you reach 30 matches, your Base ELO is decreased, but your ELO rating is increased Your ELO rating start at 0, but pro player that was not active recently will can have ELO rating also 0
  5. Kubik

    Game's not running with Windows 8.1

    there was no change that could affect starting the game.
  6. Kubik

    Game's not running with Windows 8.1

    why should we respond to each topic separately? Response would be same YOUR ANTIVIRUS BLOCK IT we can not do anything about it.
  7. NAME: chat line height not calculated correctly for new messages SEVERITY: 4 LOCATION: Right chat window REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: when chat window is wider than the default width, the game probably calculate how much space would be needed for the message in the default width, and reserve that much lines. First screenshot the message is just a bit longer, but create empty line. Second image the message is much longer and create multiple empty lines. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: resizing the window recalculate lines correctly for existing messages SCREENSHOT:
  8. did you try re-downloading? what did you use to extract it?
  9. only if Navarr do not manage to lose enough matches in time
  10. Kubik


    server correct the value, so when you "bid" more than buyout, you lose one the buyout and it is counted as buyout. unfortunately the part of Battleforge.exe that is responsible for this, is still unknown
  11. Kubik

    32 bit people

    Why me? I did not say when I make launcher ready to not put too much stress on Aviator
  12. Kubik

    Mission has no ending event

    do you know anything about RNGs? there is always a number called "seed" in that case 15 bits wide, but you need to have unique identifier for each map to be able to build it and test it, so the "seed" is what define the map same "seed" same version of game (or at least map generator part) and you have same map. If there would be any more "randomness" than the "seed" then it would not be possible to check map that got buggy, the map would need to be part of the replay, or it would not be possible to check that replay. (Or that app would be same crapp as the one I fix at work for money). It is same with Minecraft, but the seed is 32/31 bit wide (the string is number (up to 32 bits), or is truncated to 31 bit hash, unless they change it), so same seed same map each time you start it.
  13. Kubik

    Mission has no ending event

    how long it would take for normal person to try all these possible maps even on single difficulty (1) if we count average 3 minutes per map + 1 minutes all loading lobby creating etc. we end up with 131072 minutes, if we count 16 hours play/8 hours sleep ... then we have 121 days, and I do not think difficulty 1 is generally the most played one why would you need more randomness? After that time you will not remember the first map.
  14. Kubik

    Mission has no ending event

    there is 32768 possible maps for each difficulty and player count, we know about 2 of them having this bug, and there might be possible fix for, but we are not sure right now if we will be able to fix it any time soon.
  15. Kubik

    Estimated time for release?

    Again. where did you get ping? the game do not show ping, it show command latency (I explain again), and network latency that is incorrect for some reason, no one bothered to investigate. command latency is your ping to server rounded up to next 100 ms, plus ping back rounded up to 100 ms so 200-300 ms command latency is good, and players with ping 1 ms and players with ping 91 ms will have almost same command latency. (one of good implementation details EA did)
  16. Kubik

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    I was using these 2: https://obsproject.com/ https://streamlabs.com both are free, but may require a bit of setup, to use HW for encoding.
  17. Kubik

    Estimated time for release?

    no I did not learn anything useful in school. at least not related to this I lean things like tell teacher my solution is 100% correct, even thou I have no idea if my random number is correct so for things like lying yea school. for reverse engineering google was only a bit of help to me in this case, most helpful was Blank, so you must ask him how he learn it.
  18. Kubik

    2 - No own ground unit nearby

    if you are not the only one, why no one else reported it?
  19. Kubik

    [E] Exception: Certificate error

    update was bad idea everything is broken now so you can try new updater, but I have no better advice for you
  20. thanks for report, at least someone fill bug reports
  21. Kubik

    [Poll] Trading Website

    can you imagine how many people would create trading bots if they would have all these data just available?
  22. Kubik

    card recycle

    If you search suggestion it was suggested more than one time, and that it is planned.
  23. Kubik

    Estimated time for release?

    http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/cs216/guides/x86.html one of the "tool"s we using convert the binary to disassembly and add some info. so we can not get any code lines that EA write. Game do not have any local database, only local storage is xml-like file in documents. If you want to discuss general technical possibilities... fell free to pm me in discord, but they are almost limitless as long as your time and patience is limitless If you want detailed information about how we alter this game this is about everything I am going to disclose.
  24. Kubik

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    from the yellow bar on top of page.

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