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  1. Kubik


    you are the second one to ask for an egg. Is the egg any useful?
  2. Kubik

    [unofficial] All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    one detail to solve what if player disconnect "sometime" during the match?
  3. Kubik

    [unofficial] All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    not sure if there is enough space for it can you draw how would you imagine it, plese?
  4. Kubik

    [unofficial] All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    you have all current history in the game client.
  5. Kubik

    Crashes after running battle forge

    The servers crashing daily but not every 15 minutes, so the problem must be something on your side.
  6. Kubik

    Help with starting on a mac

    Right now wine (or any derived projects) is not supported But do not lose hope, I heard that new version of wine is capable of running it with some setup required, but no guarantees, but maybe soon there will be guide how to make it run. I do not have mac so I can not test it.
  7. Kubik

    Open Beta Information

    "What is the actual daily number of logins?" over 100 000. which is much more than we have in closed beta. If you do not like it just stop playing and wait for next stage. What else you expect from us?
  8. in last booster you get: Frontier Keep, Equilibrium, Lost Converter, Witchclaws, Tremor, Eruption, Altar of Nihil, Twilight Minions.
  9. You have the cards in collection even before the flipping window popup.
  10. be sure you get the content of that booster, we planning to add gui that will allow you to see what was in your last booster, but that gui is not finished yet.
  11. Kubik

    Boring for beginners

    here are some suggestions for quests there is not many PvP quests, and not all quests from the list can be implemented "something like selling a card for 100(?) bfp" this would take about minute to complete, offer cheap card for 100 BFP and ask friend to buy it ... quest done. "There are like 30, 40 different quests which contains pvp tasks" can you maybe list them to that thread with quest suggestions? As I already write it is planned to have more quests (the linked thread will be great source of inspiration), and it is also planned to not have hard limit on BFP acquired per day.
  12. Kubik

    Boring for beginners

    There will be no splitting of already small community to PvP and PvE parts. it looks like you totally miss this sentence: "I do not believe color preference match the cards that color imply in battleforge. " We are going to decrease BFP per quest
  13. Kubik

    Boring for beginners

    You have no idea how slow BF is when you have all cards, or do you? I do not believe anyone interested in PvP want to have "all" cards and much slower game, they would want to have one or "few" decks only. My favorite color is black, but that one is not available as card color in game . But from these 4 I would pick red first, which I would not like considering what cards it have, next one probably purple which is even worse... I do not believe color preference match the cards that color imply in battleforge. We did not remove 1 BFP boosters we just not create them. And I think adding that crap would make things only worse for R and UR and Promos, because the supply of these cards would drop significantly, so the prices would rise even more. Many people would be oversupplied with commons they would not want, so their game would be lagging because of that, and it would remove possibility to add option to convert unwanted cards to BFP, because the amount needed would need to be insane, to not create infinite source of BFP. You can get PvP lvl 10 in PvP in first 24-26 matches based on if you win or not, and after that you can upgrade any card. To be honest it is easier than PvE where you need much more time(in matches) to get PvE lvl 10. As I said above I will want to increase booster prices
  14. Kubik

    Pve question

    all 3 PvE game modes: story, random maps, community maps.
  15. delete (or edit) C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\config.xml
  16. Kubik

    bfp or cards please

    complete quests:
  17. Kubik

    Export Card Collection to Windows

    can you elaborate on that idea a bit? How you imagine it working?
  18. Kubik

    Please fix the Bell

    I do not know if I should answer that I discussed that with MrXLink multiple times already and he think it is OK as it is it counts also PvP matches that meet all conditions, that was to be honest meant more for PvE matches if that answer is not enough contact MrXLink plese.
  19. Kubik

    Card List - Google Doc

    they have same model and same card graphic I think, and if not the difference is very small
  20. Kubik

    Card List - Google Doc

    One santa have 3 abilities, the other have none, not sure if they have different stats, or not. "available"? so santa should not be in the list then he is no longer available.
  21. Kubik

    Card List - Google Doc

    you are missing second santa, and why you do not count easter egg to total count?
  22. Kubik

    Please fix the Bell

    it was meant to be pin
  23. Kubik

    Premade profile icons gone

    This is known bug, and I wondered when someone else notice it. Unfortunately there is nothing right now we can do about it.
  24. Kubik

    Battleforge Crashes Computer

    do you have frame counter? if yes check how much frames the game push. EA somehow manage to push 100s or 1000s frames even with VSync enabled, which is in most cases more than any modern game do. If you have AMD GPU there is guide somewhere on forum how to force frame limit in the driver. If you have NVidia GPU try to search the driver for forced frame limiting options.

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