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  1. Kubik

    i cant start the game =(

    do you have updater from here?
  2. Kubik

    Mouse Pointer is not working properly.

    sounds like you are using windows DPI scaling on application that do not support it. If this is the case, you can just turn it off for this game.
  3. Kubik

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    not yet decided
  4. Kubik

    Custom maps collection

    not tried, but looks very interesting
  5. Kubik

    How to Stream?

    it is simple we need Launcher to run as administrator to work and do its job (redirect BF to our servers, instead of dead EA's servers), but Microsoft offers no way to to start child process with lover rights For OBS to work in game mode (or how exactly it is called) it need at least same privilege level as the app you want it to stream (or record). Is that explanation enough, or you need more details?
  6. Kubik

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    "friends are 2km ahead" should I understand it as you and your friends are using hacks to increase map sizes?
  7. Kubik

    Error when launch

    did you download updater from this thread? if not, then do it.
  8. Kubik

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    "I would trade damage for speed" so no slow and half damage? or rather quarter damage?
  9. I hide all the posts with this link and I hope no one will ever download old version again
  10. then you din not get it from the link you posted, because last update to it was "Edited March 15 by Ladadoos" I would really like to know from where people downloading the version 0.3
  11. Kubik

    Command Delay

    Never have that problem, but as side note my actual ping to server is just few ms.
  12. Kubik

    Command Delay

    you do not know you ping, or do you? game does not show the ping at all. From the video you posted I have no idea what is measured, because the timer started after something appear on the screen, not when he clicked. No idea how it is implemented in star craft, but unless the implementation is something insane you math is wrong. By my expectation ping 120 ms would mean delay anywhere between 120 ms and 620 ms, for 500 ms steps, or 120 ms - 370 ms for 250 ms steps. BF uses variation of lockstep protocol with 100 ms steps. so if your ping to server is 120 ms then delay will be anywhere between 120 ms and 220 ms. (I did not include any input delays in the calculations, because they are hard to measure)
  13. Kubik

    Command Delay

    unfortunately the numbers in game are not always correct. But 500 ms (if correct) is problem on your side, probably your connection.
  14. _launcher_log_*.log with highest number, and log.txt are enough. when I read your title I think you have same error as "few" others, but when I opened the log I never seen this error before. can you post another logs when it happen again, please?
  15. I have 2 questions: Is you updater version 0.3? (when you start it top left) Where exactly you get link for that updater zip?
  16. Kubik

    Command Delay

    I do not know where you came to number 500 ms, because steps are 100 ms
  17. Kubik

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    promo cards are in boosters with chance 0.5% on the first slot instead of UR/R card
  18. Kubik

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    what you mean `pre-order` cards?
  19. Kubik

    Report a Bug DISCORD

  20. Kubik

    msvcp140.dll vcruntime140.dll missing

    version 140 was on the requirement list from the beginning, and text was incorrectly saying that you really need only 32 bit one, so did you install both?
  21. Kubik

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    I will ask then.
  22. Kubik

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    There is multiple reasons why we should not be clear on what we can and can not do exactly right now. Without source code we can do anything, but it may (and most things will) take a lot more time. So imagine it like that new card: image = path to file model = path to file stats = numbers abilities = list of abilities = list of numbers where each number identify one ability creating card with new ability would needed the ability to exist first, and have a number. but if any of cards/building in game actually have requested effect (including range infinity/whole map) then we can speak about that, but I am not aware of any card/building like that
  23. Kubik

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    first of all I like the core of the idea, but unfortunately that is not how the game works and I think none of the listed options would be easy to implement we do not have source code for the game so our options are very limited

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