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  1. I suggest a BFP cap of 10k and max 5x of each chargeable card, this way you can receive cards from boosters even though you have 4, and you cannot hoard anything, anyway, what's the point of accumulating wealth after getting all cards .. ?
  2. Thank you so much, this was faster/cleaner than expected, really appreciate it !
  3. Hello, So this happened, I bought an avatar of frost, and I went to email( my only email with the card in it), pressed delete all, but I did not receive the card, now, is there any way to get the card? Do you have any logs, because obviously I cannot prove it, I am by no means in lack of cards, and it's not biggie if it doesn't happen again, but 1400bfp is 1400bfp :). Thank you, and have a nice bug free day !
  4. Hello, I have this problem since yesterday, It crashes automatically after I press play, I have 1050Ti drivers updated, so no problem there... any fixes please? Thank you !
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