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  1. Adita

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    have you tried to "leave group" when that happens? I've noticed that sometimes i end up being in a group just with myself after PvE. When i rightclick my portrait, and "leave group" everything works again.
  2. Adita

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2913 yay
  3. Adita

    My Improved CardBase

    is the cardlist site being maintained by someone? it would be wonderful if we could not only filter for card names, but for card text, too: for example searching for all cards containing the text "swift".
  4. Adita

    Lost Wanderer not healing at buildings

    Thats not a bug imho. The healing begins when the unit is no longer "busy". as long as they keep themselves busy by shielding units, they don't heal.
  5. just tested this, yes, it seems the energy needed to transform into mutating maniac is 0. (also tested fire affinity) On the card it even states that cost to transform into this is 119, but that it not what happens in game. You end up with a unit that cost nothing to transform into, and that does not bind any void energy (you even get back the void energy from the unit that you used to transform) all the other transforms i tested seem to work fine. So this is probably some database problem? green affinity works as intended.
  6. Adita

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    4000 people is not much when you're into PvP. It's hard to even find a partner for sparring games, not to mention the ladder. That said, i've been able to make some of my friends play the game, and they likes it, but they feel, they want to wait for the reset before they start to invest more time. (and i fear, when the reset comes, they may even be gone for good) I myself have not been playing as much lately, as grinding feels pointless.
  7. Adita

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone! I was an active player right from the beginning (closed beta) and used to be quite active in the battleforge forums (i was a mod). Keeping my fingers crossed that this great game will soon be functional again. It was one of the best games i ever played. I'm wondering what the guys at Phenomic think about this little project - do they support it? Did you get any helpful info? Of course it might be that you have to deny it, because it cannot be stated officially (i imagine that the big guys at EA won't like this project). Cheers from Germany!

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