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  1. I wonder how hard is it to implement a time near the messages you're being sent ; Private messages, and Global chat. Seems like it would be a nice feature. EDIT: Time should be just like the one you have set on your pc.
  2. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Honestly, I just want a hard proof on the case we've been discussing together. For me being unsure is just a horrible feeling.
  3. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    1. I never experienced anything special, except the same crashes everyone get. 2. I don't have the numbers on the player base, but old players and names are seen much more rarely this days. But fine, I'll take this as my mistake of mentioning a wrong fact. 3. Wasn't there a player who managed to cheat in the introduction, to prove you that's possible? because you were sure otherwise. 4. The code that is being used right now of course. 5. I meant developers and game designers, and not mods. 6. I think it's better to just simply not do something, than doing something badly. 7. I don't want to limit people posting on the forums, but posting incorrect stuff in serious balance discussions ain't gonna do much. 8. The only guy who is playing actively and does understand the game on a high level is Mephisto. People can have different opinions on what is unprofessional or unethical, and that was my opinion. In other big companies, my issues would be handled in a much better and fitting way.
  4. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    @DionThank you for your long post and point of view on the situation, however I feel like you miss a lot of points or maybe even rather just ignore them to prove your point. We're in a test phase you say right? I wonder how testing is done other than playing, because you clearly are not. Have you really thought about is it ready for an official launch? not only from technical point of view. As it is right now, there is barely any progress done in all the aspects of the game. Market is literally dying, the player base which was never huge is only going down and down in numbers. There are known issues which are not being sorted for too long, and for most which annoys the hell out of me THERE ARE FLAWS IN THE CODE which other players who DO understand in it, ABUSE. I love this project, and I want to say big thanks for all the people that are doing so much for literally free. That being said, the way everything is handled is so unprofessional is just so sad. I have no knowledge to any of the things the developers and moderators are doing, but even so I can see how big the flaws are. First of all, the team is insanely small and that makes for a slow progress, ye I know that people don't want to do stuff for free but please for the love of god, take this seriously and search actively. (posting on this secret forums, doesn't count) They hire unprofessional and unethical people for the team. I had some conversations which were so poorly handled, this is just absurd. They use their power in ways that are not supposed to be used. If you ever are going to have an issue, which I hope you don't, you'll see it immediately and remember my words. It just seems like no one is doing anything and there's only 1 guy working on this game, who shouldn't handle any in-game issues and just concentrate on the game development, since he has close to no idea how the game works on a high level. His computer skills might be good, but there's no way he knows more than people who invested thousands of hours into this game, game play wise.. and thus should not review any in-game "issues". I'm not even gonna start about balancing, there's so much bullshit going on right there and people with legit less than 50 hours of game-play are being able to post like game experts is just absurd. The balancing should be regulated carefully, and if the team has no idea how to do it, JUST LEAVE THE GAME AS IT IS, so you don't f@#$ up the game to the point where it's unrecoverable. Now about the wipe. Why?? So ye, we always get this "PROMISED" excuse, but I can guarantee you that after this "needed and promised wipe" the player base will be even smaller. People simply don't want to invest time into this game, with how poorly things are being handled. No one is gonna benefit from this wipe, PvP players, don't want their cards and upgrades to be gone just so they have to grind those "unfun" battlegrounds to play the mode they want. PvE players, don't want their cards and upgrades to be gone just so they have to acquire everything again to be able to play maps on expert or be able to speed-run them, just because people like you who don't even play this game actively, and never will, who were "PROMISED" a wipe. The market will just go into oblivion after the wipe, with this proposed "better" version. Anyway, keep waiting patiently.
  5. That's not how it works at all lol. The prices will increase only on used cards for example: Mine, and other cards that are not used much will stay in the trash tier and cost 3 bfp. Thus it creates the same problem we have now, good cards that you need are insanely pricey and bad cards which you don't even need are 3 bfp. Yet again we come to the point where you are just spamming boosters and hope for a pricey card. So please explain how does your system in wonderland and glitter land will work and balance itself.
  6. ktoeto

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Empire - Alexx-serg + LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Riddle - 13:0.7
  7. ktoeto

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    The Treasure Fleet - Riddle - 14:58.3
  8. ktoeto

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    -Bad Harvest 02:57.4 Alexx-serg + LEBOVIN + Pritstift January 2020 Also update: -King of the Giants (DUO): 9:45.7 MephistoRoss + ducarev December 2019 -King of the Giants (TRIO): 8:28.3 Alexx-serg + LEBOVIN + Riddle January 2019
  9. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    I think you do not quite understand honestly, I don't care that there is a reset happening for everything except the cards. No matter what the stuff is going to do, people are still going to achieve all of the cards quite fast and the prices are still gonna be super unstable because there are just not enough players in the game right now. I don't really understand much in the technical part of things, so if there is an absolute need in the restart, let it be, but if there isn't and there is a way to keep the cards, and not start all over again and waste months just to play what you want on a high level then it should be at least considered. The changes are favored for people who just play super casually and not invest too much into the game, but shitts really hard on the ones that do invest a lot of time in it both PvP and PvE wise.
  10. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    What you're saying absolutely makes no sense btw, because i'm not trying to argue with the developers about what they need to do, i'm trying to give them my thoughts so they maybe change their mind instead - aka convince them and not argue with them. Also, I hope you do realise that the point of this test phase is TO TEST, if all the guys like you are just saying some bs like "just don't play", why even have this phase, you know? It is made to be played on.
  11. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    That's actually great we're hearing some new insight and another point, but I still wonder.. are there a lot of people who have the same interest as you? Currently it looks like the stuff of Skylords Reborn neglected the PvP totally, but I hope in the future we'll see some improvements since as of right now PvP is dead.
  12. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    First of all, I don't think having all the cards and complete all the missions locks you out of the game. Battleforge is known to have many ways to have fun aka PvE, PvP, trading and even speedrunning. I would actually say that the game starts at the point where you have all the necessary cards for playing. As for the technical part, thanks for sharing the ins and outs of why it is needed, I understood it and totally agree on it. I indeed took a look at Link's system which doesn't look too appealing to me, because its meaning is to make players obtain bfp and cards at a much slower rate, thus reaching the point of a player having all the cards and tons of bfp in a super long period of time. Now there're pros and cons for it, however in my humble opinion the cons are much bigger. I don't like to assume things when doing arguments, but from my huge bf experience 90% of the players aren't looking for the trading aspect only and would much more likely have cards accessible to play the modes they want, because let's be real, you can't play PvP or PvE on a high level with bad cards and need at least a good and stable deck with enough upgrades. This will be possible after around a couple of months of playing with Link's system if not more, and you also need to play quite a lot. So, let's say a PvP or PvE player would need to literally grind it out for months before playing what he likes. I understand the need of reserving the trading and the market in Battleforge, however don't let it the bigger power over the other modes which are considerable more played.
  13. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    As said earlier, there is absolutely no point in it. It's only made because the developers want it, which is kinda absurd to me. Maybe i'm wrong but I don't see even 1 good excuse for it except the typical " a lot of people want it ", which also doesn't seem too true, because the majority (over 90%) doesn't want it. If that's for technical reasons, if possible I would like to hear them.
  14. ktoeto

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    I wonder what's the point of a hard reset, there're not enough people who play the game anyway, and this might make it even worse. Furthermore, I don't think anyone cares at this point that early beta testers got to play the game earlier and thus got more cards. So, if there's a real reason, i would like to know it. Thoughts?

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