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  1. I don't want to remove the trading aspect of the game, my point was that people who chose the option of going for all cards+all upgrades get market and mail disabled for obvious reasons. If your team is sure most of the players will go the regular option like in old BattleForge then it wouldn't be an issue, but if most of the players choose the option we suggested then it would just prove our point that most people don't care about the trading aspect that much. Seems like a win-win situation for me.
  2. Look, I really hate doing this.. it's just wrong and absolutely not polite from our side, but you guys leave us no other choice. I love this game and want it to take the best possible direction, and I would do ANYTHING for it. I don't have the right numbers on how many people think our suggestions are good or not but seems like you guys don't either. No matter what happens, we'll probably (at least me) keep playing the game anyway. So please, let's improve this discussion and have fair and good arguments with each other.
  3. Thanks for hearing us out and giving us a chance to have an influence on your final decision. Sorry for literally giving you all the points in the world to why this is not a good decision, so you can just ignore it.
  4. I mark your words "Whole team", where is the player participation part? Doesn't look like you've given any facts too. Except the made up ones.
  5. Just shows how your team is open for suggestions and criticism, great attitude.
  6. And another player who doesn't want "the wipe". I hope you realise how stupid you sound, because me and my team literally beat the ALL TIME RECORDS.
  7. Please don't make up numbers, and do a straw poll. Your 2000 players count is off.. by around 1995.
  8. No one asks for an inventory transfer. There was a change suggestion made originally by Kybaka which you should at least consider watching. The fact that so many players disagree to the wipe, shows how many flaws it has. I currently hold almost all of the 4P maps records except for 2, and my ingame name is Riddle. You don't have to consider me as a good player because I literally couldn't care less for your worthless opinion. Ponni is a Battleground player but how would you know, you're not even playing the game lol.
  9. It's funny how an actual player like Ponni who is pretty good at the game and invested a lot into it, is being ignored while some random guy who barely knows what's going on is being supported by a team member. @Ponni Just leave this discussion. We won't win vs the stuff anway. Feels like i'm a scientist trying to prove a flat-earther, that it's not flat.
  10. People who want to play the game for the sake of collecting cards, can open the normal account?? I don't see the issue.
  11. Ofc you wouldn't understand. You barely can read.
  12. We're talking about improving the game, and you're talking about closing it. Ignoring everything we said, pulling up some nonsense, just how all of our discussions are going. Perfect.
  13. I'll just leave this discussion, seems like i'm talking with air. I don't care at this point, I tried helping you to improve the game but no matter what I say you just pull out some nonsense which just shows how poor your knowledge in the game is. You can keep on going with this attitude, and we'll see how far it will get you. Sincerely, Annoyed Player.
  14. And again.. I gave you the perfect math, and i'm still wrong. Seems like the IQ is lower than expected.
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