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  1. Hello, I've spotted some other mistakes in French: Achievement description: 'La fin de Raven' --> 'La fin du Corbeau' Inconcistency for Thugs: 'prend' --> 'subit' and 'prennent' --> 'subissent' Inconcistency for Twilight Crawler (purple aff.): The cards description states that infected ennemies will deal 30% more damage during 10 seconds. BUT the tooltip states that the unit takes 30% more damage. This needs to be clarified.
  2. I found two other things: Typos in the ability description of Knight of Chaos. Should be "sont touchés". Missing translation when trying to take a slot that is already taken (sorry for the quality of the screenshot, didn't notice it right away). Translation: "La position est déjà prise, essayez-en une autre"
  3. I also noticed that Altar of Chaos doesn't mention it either, nor the delay between two use
  4. I found out two other small things: The duration of Fountain of Rebirth does not show the proper value on the units themselves: There shound be a space before the exclamation mark of Hurricane's ability name: "Emportez-les !"
  5. As @LEBOVIM pointed out to me, there is a translation mistake for abilities with initial cooldown, in french. It should be: "Délai initial de %X% secondes après que la carte ait été jouée." for units, and "Délai initial de %X% secondes après la construction du bâtiment." for buidings instead of the current "Délai de %X% secondes après utilisation". Also, unlike what patch #42030 mentionned, several cards still don't mention the initial cooldown of their abilities (at least in french): Northern Keep (both affs) Shrine of War Shrine of Greed Shrine of Memory
  6. My bad, I didn't spot this with my earlier post: it should be 'Choisis'
  7. Fixed, thanks. I just noticed a new one tho: should be 'La voie de l'effort'
  8. Hey, here is the new batch of small errors I found in French. Spell type of green offering is wrong: French instead of Arcane 😅 Mistake in Northern Keep's ability description. Here is a correct wording I suggest: 'Activez pour creuser un fossé dans un rayon de 20m dans lequel toutes les unités de petite ou moyenne taille seront abritées. Ces unités subiront 100% de dégâts en moins. [...]' Typo in Snapjaw's autocast description: it should be '(9 pts max.).' and 'Matière noire'. When a player surrenders, the message displayed should be: 'Playe
  9. I spotted several other issues with achievements in French: There was a mix-up with the different names for completing maps with pure decks: 'La marche des morts' should be for pure Shadow decks, 'L'hiver vient' should be for pure Frost (and with a capital letter), 'La vie trouve toujours son chemin' should be for pure Nature The names for the following achievements should be: 'La voie des flammes' 'La voie gelée' or 'La voie du gel' 'La voie de la lumière' 'La voie de l'ombre' 'La voie du pillage'
  10. I spotted an other one: it should be 'Retour aux sources'
  11. NAME: Misspell in some quests description for the french version. DESCRIPTION: The wording should be: For The Spice of life: [...] dans des matchs de campagne ou générées aléatoirement [...] For Chill: [...] sur une carte de campagne ou générée aléatoirement [...] Also in 'The spice of life', there is an additional dot that should be removed. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: See attached
  12. NAME: Misspell in the translation of 'Deck' in the menu from which we can choose free PvP decks. DESCRIPTION: I think there was a confusion when translating 'deck' from English to French, in fact 'deck' can also be used in French. Here is the modified version: 1) Sélectionnez des decks JcJ gratuits 2) Les decks disponibles 3) Vous pouvez choisir de nouveaux decks dès maintenant ! Vous avez sélectionné 2 sur 2 decks. 4) Les decks actuels : 5) Chaque semaine, vous pouvez changer les decks que vous avez choisis. Vous pouvez ajouter des cartes de votre propre collecti
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