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  1. would be fun with some balancing. On the pvp side even a free for all mode would be nice.
  2. Hey all! Just throwing some ideas i though could potentialy be cool for the game. i) a pvp mode where players have to defend against incoming waves until someone is the last one standing. ii) something like a pvp mode where players have to complete the same random map and the fastest one wins. Also at certain places of the map players could get bonusses to help them clear the map faster or sabotage their opponent. iii) maybe an extra difficulty on the maps harder than expert where enemies are tankier and deadlier. feel free to judje them or add some more
  3. i think nobody uses region anyways so i guess not a problem.
  4. It's a nice idea although speedruns should be taken into account to farm shards. A bh speedrun takes 3-5 min so players now could farm shards gold and xp all in one run. There could be a "hidden" limitation saying complete a map in over x amount of minutes to prevent this.
  5. Could work like that. Also the channel can be resized so getting a little longer shouldn't be much of a hussle. As of the format i think just the time whould be enough. e.g. [16:13] DrunkenGummyBear says to strategy : hi
  6. Hello again! You could also add some timestamps on messages. Not really a must in the game but would be convenient.
  7. Hey all, whould be nice if you could freely categorize your friendlist in groups. e.g i'd like make folders for pvp people / pve / marketplace / favorites e.t.c. Right now they are basically all together. Also you could add notes on top of their names so players can remember who is who.
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