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  1. Yuah

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    ahh to bad
  2. I love playing PvE Campaign maps from time to time but by this point I have, like most other PvE players, beaten every map on expert. I really like the campaign maps cause I think they're beautifully crafted and I'd love too see a way to increase difficulty on them without our overworked devs having to reprogram every map, so I had this idea of optional modifiers you could use to further crank up the challenge on a map. They should be relatively easy to implement and increase the difficulty of a game in different ways but also net you more rewards for completing a map. Here's an idea of what it could look like: Motivated Foes: Morale is high amongst your foes. Enemy units deal 20% more damage. Cursed Wells: An ancient curse was cast upon the wells in this area. They produce energy 25% slower than usual. Termites: This place is infested with termites. Your structures take 30% more damage. This counts for buildings, walls, power wells and monuments. Foreign grounds: Far away from your forge, your units have trouble adjusting to being summoned. Every friendly unit enters the game dazed, and the dazed status lasts 20 seconds longer than usual. (can be negated by rallying banner and wrecker) Unoly Gift: An evil Shaman has blessed your foes with the gift of regeneration. Every Enemy unit gains 2% of their maximum life points every 2 seconds. I just made these up to make my idea clear, they're not neccecarily balanced. What do you guys think abt somthing like this?
  3. Yuah

    BF Memeville

    got one more
  4. Yuah

    BF Memeville

    me irl
  5. Yuah

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

    Finally, so glad to see something happen! can't wait
  6. Yuah

    Easter Egg Nerf

    Wait a minute, this card doesn't do anything!?? You want to nerf it.. Is this a joke? Are you crazy? Are you outta your mind?
  7. Yuah

    New Forum Ranks

    Man these ranks were always one of the coolest things about bf. it's a shame though that I'll probably never reach a blue ribbon
  8. Yuah

    Hints of the day

    That would be a nice little addition, and for a change something that the devs could probably pull off quite easily. Every unit has it's own damage type - s, m, l, xl or siege - use them to your advantageIf you have spare cards or bfp, send them to YuahIf a monument or a well of yours is destroyed, you lose the power spent to build it - defend them at all costs
  9. Yuah

    Leaver buster

    Holy sh**, we're not LoL, guys. I'd hate the idea of being forced to finish a game, even if I don't want to/can't, because otherwise I'd have to face consequences. And as Treim said, this rule would punish the wrong people. I don't even see why we need punishments at all. I personally think that Bf isn't the type of game that needs this kind of measures.
  10. Yuah

    T1 Fire vs X Guide?

    I'm all for the higher stacked guide. I'm looking forward to it ^^
  11. Yuah

    Please remove BFP, give us all cards instant!

    Paying for bfp is not an option. Even if the devs wanted to, EA holds the copyright to this game. And giving out cards from the start is apparently off the table aswell, close pls
  12. Yuah

    Events in BF-Reborn?

    [quote='Treim' pid='7225' dateline='1437233961'] Ithink it would be enough if the developers just send some BFP and/or cards to the winner/top 3/top 5 depending on the tournament size. not really necassery to play for real money i think. [/quote] I think you're right. I guess I was dreaming to big already, like holding a tournament with half of the players participating :)
  13. Yuah

    Please remove BFP, give us all cards instant!

    [quote='thesikaleon' pid='7226' dateline='1437234034'] Some thing will never change, I missed BF forums flame. You make me feel like i am back at official forums, thx man. [/quote] He isn't really flaming, he's just voicing his opinion. Nobody means to hurt or flame you and please don't take that personal but your idea really is kinda lame since it involves removing half of the game.
  14. Yuah

    Events in BF-Reborn?

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='7188' dateline='1437231510'] Will there be bonuses to winning a tournament? [/quote] I'd be willing to offer a bit of prize money. But I don't know if such a thing would be okay with EA. If not, then the winner gets to choose a charity to which the prize money goes :p
  15. Yuah

    Survival Mode

    [quote='SpookiNate' pid='7152' dateline='1437229245'] How about make it endless but players get better rewards based on how far they are? :D Anyway, good idea! [/quote] That's just what I thought. While it's good that there are community maps that have survival, I think it would be really cool if it's an "official" gamemode so that we get rewards (maybe even bfp) for lasting longer. And we could also add a ranking list for who lasts the longest. There would be solo, 2 player and 4 player survival mode. Hardcore Pve players would finally have something new besides speedrunning and expert solo-ing multiplayer maps. 2-3 survival maps would already be sufficient imo.

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