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  1. Great map! While I agree that it is a bit cramped it still feels very high quality. I'm also really digging the copius amount of voice lines you used, they add a lot of immersion!
  2. PvE Map Modifiers LET'S GOOO. This is a feature I want so much that I might learn C++ just for this. Reading the requirements on the staff position posts really makes one appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the project. thanks to the whole team for all their contributions up until now!
  3. +1 for Radicals idea to put balancing discussions into the hands of only the most knowledgable/capable players. The general playerbase (including me) is not be trusted with overseeing pvp balancing changes
  4. I love playing PvE Campaign maps from time to time but by this point I have, like most other PvE players, beaten every map on expert. I really like the campaign maps cause I think they're beautifully crafted and I'd love too see a way to increase difficulty on them without our overworked devs having to reprogram every map, so I had this idea of optional modifiers you could use to further crank up the challenge on a map. They should be relatively easy to implement and increase the difficulty of a game in different ways but also net you more rewards for completing a map. Here's an idea of what it could look like: Motivated Foes: Morale is high amongst your foes. Enemy units deal 20% more damage. Cursed Wells: An ancient curse was cast upon the wells in this area. They produce energy 25% slower than usual. Termites: This place is infested with termites. Your structures take 30% more damage. This counts for buildings, walls, power wells and monuments. Foreign grounds: Far away from your forge, your units have trouble adjusting to being summoned. Every friendly unit enters the game dazed, and the dazed status lasts 20 seconds longer than usual. (can be negated by rallying banner and wrecker) Unoly Gift: An evil Shaman has blessed your foes with the gift of regeneration. Every Enemy unit gains 2% of their maximum life points every 2 seconds. I just made these up to make my idea clear, they're not neccecarily balanced. What do you guys think abt somthing like this?
  5. Finally, so glad to see something happen! can't wait
  6. Yuah

    T1 Fire vs X Guide?

    I'm all for the higher stacked guide. I'm looking forward to it ^^
  7. Yuah


    Granted but you'd have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. Oh wait a sec... Anyway, I wish for buddhahood
  8. Well, knowing from yesterday's video that promo cards will most likely drop from boosters with a 0,5% chance and guessing that people tend to keep promos for themselves instead of selling them I can see them being very expensive. That means if they are even available for sale regularly since I'm not sure how many players the game will have after it's revival. That being said, this kinda makes me worry about the AH and its economy in general.
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