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  1. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    not as good as the last one so il give it an 8/10 now fomr something trippy af
  2. kestas3

    First 4 tier card

    My first t4 unit was necrofury. Ahh the beautiful sound it made whilst dying. Such a pleasure to my ears
  3. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    great atmosphere the music sets up. absolutelly love it! 10/10 speaking of sad music.(please do listen to the meaning of the lyrics)
  4. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    A little bit cheesy 6/10
  5. kestas3

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    If x-link types important twice in one line u know something serious is about to go down!
  6. kestas3

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    My journey in this game starts off with sitting besides a good friend and watching a battlefield 2 trailer with him. During that time we tried various types of games, yet none felt immersive. However next to our video a title brought up our attention - "battleforge announcement trailer". We decided to take a look at the trailer and the content shown blew our minds. Returning home I rushed to download the game, yet there was a problem - it wasnt free. fortunatelly my friend shared his acc and i had a chance to experience the thrill of defending in bad harvest. After a week or so there was an announcement that the game would switch to f2p and boy I could hardly contain myself. As soon as that day came i immdeiatelly logged in and without thinking twice rushed to the 4 man map. After a few consecutive losses i lost my enthusiasm and started to rethink my strategies. Eventually with the passing of time i learnt all about energy management, marketing, pvp and pve strategies (i have to thank farrock for that mainly). Trully this was the first game that i immersed myself in. I was never a great 1v1 pvp player yet there was one thing i got completelly addicted to - fyre. The map with close encounters in mid was made each fight so thrilling that i never got bored of it. Time passed by and i found the old official battleforge forums. I have to admit that i was not liked by many people due to posting for quantity instead of quality, yet i did find some friends and one of them offered me to join a battleforge skype group. There was plenty of drama, humor etc. yet we were all united by a common interest, that is battleforge. I still remember the heart- tearing moment when our beloved was being closed down and we gathered in a skype conversation to count down the apocalypse. For a long while after the game got shut down, the activity in our group died down and there was barely any chat for months, yet one day someone posted a link of the battleforge reborn project. A spark, which brought back the light in the battleforge community. After having a conversation with a kind dragon, i decided to follow the project and as soon as the forum popped up, without hesiation i registered on the platform. To this day i am patiently waiting here. The word "reborn" also means to me as a second chance. I have another opportunity to show myself as a more mature person than i was in the previous forum whilst keeping a bit of my satyrical and fun personality. From where i stand - this journey is not yet over and has a promising future.
  7. kestas3

    Guild Wars 2 : My new addiction

    Altho im getting into the game and currently am only lvl 15, i have to say vistas dissapoint me(at least the ones i have discovered). i do like figuring out how to get those maps but the sights shown are not that impressive and portay a completely different view of lets say queensdales damm which i would like to see. Idk perhaps im used a lot to seeing views the way i want with flying mounts in wow xD
  8. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    considering the fact that u listened to this just after waking up and it gave me a nice start of the day feeling i give it a 9/10
  9. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Altho lyrics are understandable i give it a solid 7 out of 10 now for some stoner music
  10. kestas3

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    8/10 not a bad song
  11. kestas3

    New Badges and Group Info

    and ofc the community manager title has a picture of a dragon in it
  12. kestas3


    wish granted but you tongue is being cut so you wouldnt spoil other ppl I wish @Greymane reconquered Guilneas.
  13. kestas3


    Wish granted but a sudden plot twist happens and time controls you. I wish i could attack air units aswell.
  14. kestas3

    BFR Wallpapers

    now thats art
  15. kestas3

    The "Hearthstone BattleTag and Discussion Thread"

    Good old Reno. "we're gonna be rich"

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