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Jack Pinkerton

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  1. Jack Pinkerton

    Experiences with the stress test so far

    damm u Lucky guys, i got in the forge but it threw me out if i wanted to make a game or look in the shop
  2. Jack Pinkerton

    Server Idea of a second server where to connecte

    Viva la France sounds like a good idea, would like to get at least a daily mission done or something.
  3. Jack Pinkerton

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Awsome game
  4. Jack Pinkerton


    wish granted but the tomato sliced you in pieces i am alive and i wish nothing with a downside
  5. Jack Pinkerton

    Troop Lore

    they already have a small background story since the start (im from the good old time)
  6. Jack Pinkerton


    hey mede volk.
  7. Jack Pinkerton

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2766 could be loto number
  8. Jack Pinkerton

    Favorite Memory

    When i played pvp with a friend vs 2 random guys and the enemy sended a juggernaut so i cold snapped it and my friends stonekin unit shattert not only their jug but also their hope
  9. Jack Pinkerton

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hellow, i've played battle forge for a long time when it was possible in the good old days (PVE and PVP). Experience like 1-2 years aaaand i can play like 3-4 hours a day especialy the missions i'll start right away with the singleplayer (preffered in the evening though ) and in the weekend easily 8 hours will also do pvp after. i love that this game is one of a kind dont know anything similar to it. discord is: Jack Pinkerton#8326

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