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  1. QuickShift

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hopefully someone can answer this: Will borderless fullscreen mode be available in the future?
  2. QuickShift

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

  3. QuickShift

    How to Build a (PvP) Deck [Guide]

    Great guide @Eirias. Just one thing: I think you've mixed Dryad's affinities in Pure Nature section. Nature affinity is more situational than Frost.
  4. QuickShift

    Useful Resources

    Something about files being too big. I tried again now and it does not seem to show any kind of error. I'll try to upload them now. Yea, I was thinking about doing it, but it seems it's fine now. I'll upload this way if problem happens again.
  5. QuickShift

    Useful Resources

    I saw how big pictures are. Most are ~1.5 MB, one is 0.5 MB. I tried putting them in one by one, but it does not allow me to :/
  6. QuickShift

    Useful Resources

    Yes, this is quite an old file, so there might be some things that don't work anymore, like the Wheel of Gift stack, but most of it is still true I think. Also, it seems that the file size limit applies to all my posts. I also have some concept art images that developers shared in old forums, but can't upload them to Media subforum because of the size limit. Any suggestions on what to do?
  7. QuickShift

    Useful Resources

    Recently I searched through a folder of my old laptop. A folder, which contained BattleForge related stuff. I have forgotten about it up until now, when I heard of this project. And I found some really useful stuff in that folder. I know some (maybe even most) veteran players might have these files, but I want to upload them for those, who don't have them. So here it goes. First file is an amazingly written BattleForge PvP guide, which actually covers a lot of BF mechanics, not just PvP. It is written by Circadia. Second file is a .txt one, containing lots of useful facts, interactions between cards and mechanics of the game overall. I don't know who wrote this, since I got this file a very long time ago and there are no name written in the file (if you are here, mysterious person, show yourself! :D) Third file was given to BF community by developers (if I remember correctly). A helpful resouce for those, who want a certain upgrade for certain card. Here it is! Enjoy! BF-PvP_Guide.pdf Battleforge - useful facts.txt BattleForge Loot List with Affinities_EN.pdf
  8. QuickShift

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1834. This apparently is a thing lol.
  9. QuickShift

    Booster Simulator

    That's actually so cool! Good to see stuff like that being created.

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