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  1. Yep Im currently reworking the north especially with the quests and such, looking good so far Thank you so much! Yeah there are much more work and detail to be done here, this is just a very small part focusing on the scripts and balancing/bug fixing ATM. This is my first map ever so learning everything as i go here, never did it on the OG either but taking my time because i want it to have quality and feel like a "real" BF map. But have learnt so much of the editor and scripting so next map will be much cleaner and even better Yeah maybe been thinking of applying /
  2. Got the first update out for it with some stuff done Got the first update out for it with some stuff done
  3. Great as always! cant wait till we get brand new cards! If only i knew anthing about how to crack the code and make a program for it i would xD sadly i dont
  4. Thank you! still everybit helps now i know i need more focus on balancing waves might be to hard or fast and such. How far did you get and were did you feel it was too hard/impossible? The B marker i must have forgot
  5. Hi all! Im working on a map called Restoring Lyr and its my first map ever so im still learning it all, but now im kind of done with the "core" work of the map, still alot to be done but for me to continue im gonna need some testing and help from other players. So if you want feel free to download it in community maps and try it and report the bugs/errors or suggestions to improve it! Its a 2P map with defend/attack elements Whats being worked on: Difficulties - Currently only one diff but will add /standard/Advanced/Expert (This will be the highest priority after th
  6. So i couldnt find any battleforge/skylords reborn wallpaper on Wallpaper Engine so i made an animated skylords reborn flag to show a little support thought i would share it with you. Here is workshop link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2537003293 or search Skylords in wallpaper engine workshop search bar. If you like it im probably going to do more of them /RookieN
  7. Just wanted to make a topic and tell all you devs that are behind this, that you are amazing! Even tho there are some problems right now with server issues and so, i won't complain afterall its a stress test!. I just can't wait to see what happens in the future. I was so nostalgic when i got into the forge and messed around with the cards and open the 2 boosters. I got to play 1 game and its just as good as i remember. I know my account here is new but i have been following you guys for a long time on other sites! So keep up the amazing work, you should be proud! can't wait for the more s
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