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  1. Shouldn't you change your name from Little_Ducky to Big_Ducky?
  2. For you, which is more fun Reforge or open boosters
  3. I think it's fixed now.... included new cards
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS to All Skylords Staffs.... you guys are amazing, especially those who started this....
  5. Cards Upgrade counts error.. There are 524 cards.. but the numbers show (as below screen) that have 524/523
  6. Naturee


    My last booster... omg... why so bad? I wonder how booster works? the server generates randomly and sends to client?
  7. Hi Skylord Support, I have changed my pool to PVE but still one quest stuck with PVP. Can you please change it to a PVE quest, thanks? Regards
  8. Hi All, My IGN is Naturee and from Australia Thanks and great works from everyone who made this happened... Love the game
  9. Tempting to apply for a Dev role... just can't find a time to assist now a day Btw love this game and finally it's 'reborn'
  10. Naturee

    Promo Snapjaw

    Hi Skycord, is there anyway to get this Promo Snapjaw now? Regards
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