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  1. Bolrader

    Introducing ... Bolrader

    Thank you all ! I'm very happy to join this project !
  2. Bolrader

    Introducing .. The entire team !

    Hello everyone ! I'm not very talkative but i'll still follow the tradition and make a small presentation ! I'm Bolrader and i'm a self-taught developper for several years. I started programming with C language and i practiced it in various projects in 2D. Then, i learned C++, which is now once of my favorites languages. I know it very good because i praticed it in creating several softwares, 2D games, 3D games and with network. After 2 years with this language, i decided to discover the world of emulation in which i created and worked on MMORPG emulator. Afterwards, i decided to leave this for my own projects. Today, i decided to join the team of BFR in order to revive this wonderful game. I played this game for many years, and i long to be able to play this game again, that's why i joined the adventure ! This project is really interesting because i love battleforge and this project is non-profit that is very important for me. I'm just fan and love programming, we only want to revive the game and no way to make money, we are all volunteers. In addition, the team is really great. Finally, for those interested, my favorites languages are c++ and c# and i also know reverse engineering. I'm very happy to join this project, and i can just say now : See you soon in the Forge !
  3. Bolrader

    Introducing ... Bolrader

    Thank you all again for your posts ! See you soon in the forge !
  4. Bolrader

    Introducing ... Bolrader

    Thank you all for your encouragements !
  5. Bolrader

    Introducing ... Bolrader

    Thank you so much !

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