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  1. It is not to buy booster, i'm talking about open a booster, it is not a bug, it is just not a perfect random function if you open 20 boosters in one second, but it will be ok. And we can easily add a security to be sure that a player can just open 1 booster in one second (cards are generated when you open not when you buy) So i don't see any bug in the cards generation. If you use your client "normally" it's impossible to open more than 2 boosters in one second. If you do more it could be considered as a cheat so we will add a security in the anti cheat engine, good for you @Ladadoos ?
  2. And same algo doesn't meen that cards are not generated randomly; it's just that the random function is more predictive (maybe for 10 boosters, if the player achieved to open 10 boosters in one second, but it will work, the only thing that will be different for these boosters is that the random generation will not be perfect that's all ). So if you want to test a massive booster opening, do it with one booster per second not more , it will be representative of the real random generation.
  3. About rarity of card, the random algo is based on the time of the server, so the algo changes each time that you are opening a booster. But this algo changes each second, not less, so if you modified the client to open a lot of booster very fastly, it will be not really representative because it will not be really random, lot of cards that you got has been generated on the same algo.
  4. I solved this problem, it will be updated with the next restart of the server (when matchmaking will be reactivated)
  5. I solved this problem, this will be updated on the server with the next restart.
  6. @fiki574 No the problem is certainly about rewards (certainly a problem in the cardindex list of Encounters with twilight, almost sure)
  7. Even new records of this month ?
  8. It's ceetainly due to the crash when you win this map
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