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  1. Nijel

    The story behind your nick.

    When i was younger, my first MMO was "Die Stämme" or "tribal wars" and when i created my account, there was an add with a map on another website i left open. One name of a location there was pretty near on "Nijelspitze" but the first try was taken, so i mixed 1 or 2 letters to Nijel and thats it
  2. Nijel

    nearly always Server full...

    if it is that easy i suggest you work out a full solution to do it and send it to the devs so that they only have to copy paste it i for myself work 2 jobs and find time to play, so this is no excuse just press the login button for half an hour to an hour and you are in
  3. Nijel

    Foresight: New account abuse

    Guys, the devteam can monitor all that, so don't worry. The peps who deserve to be banned will get banned. The priority of the team just seems to be on the servers at first, so the nice people are able to play
  4. try run as admin, maybe that could work, if it does not then just put it on your C: edit: i think it does not work because you put it into your documents folder
  5. Nijel

    Free Steam Game Keys

    hmm, sad there are people like this :/ not even left a note, but anyway have fun with it whoever took them /closed pls @Ultrakool @Kiwi
  6. Nijel

    Free Steam Game Keys

    Hey guys, just looked at my old humblebundle account and saw some unredeemed keys form games i already have. i'll drop them here. Pls only take 1 Game for yourself and only if you want it, because someone else might want to get it as well. The Bards Tale: ETM90-B9MPA-MKG5V Tormentor X Punisher: MQXNA-PKWWV-HT9NB Wasteland: F20KC-DHKJA-TXKWT Cook, Serve, Delicious!: F5R0R-IPJGP-DVQ67 INK: KEA63-F8PHF-N352L Uncanny Valley: 9RCAR-GTGCJ-T2WAN Companiy of Heroes: Q7P2Y-6T95P-XWALD Fish Fillets 2: 9CBMA-LR3E3-7AIX5 OddPlanet: 6486Y-3RZQ5-KREH0 Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: YH4XE-PWGXY-6B330 Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: H24RP-DNM3R-65FV3 Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY:RZX0D-CZPEW-JIRG3 F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin: XKJF9-FQNZL-W7XXW would be nice to leave a note if you redeemed a key, so others know it is taken. Have fun with it
  7. Nijel

    BFP after having all cards

    mate, you need to keep in mind there are people here that have a job.. we can't play 8 hours a day to get an awsome deck, thats why the progress should not be too slow
  8. Nijel

    Open Stress Test Information

    still waiting for people to stop being impatient....
  9. Nijel

    For the Skylord Team

    Your are right.. as we say in german: "ich möchte gerade nicht in fikis haut stecken", which translates to something like: "i dont want to be in fikis body at the moment". These guys are doing a great job for nothing at all, i don't mind waiting a few more days if that means that these guys can live there lifes too... some people forget that.
  10. Nijel

    Open Stress Test Information

    i know maybe it is not what you want to hear.. but pls use the search function and go read the post again where you downloaded the launcher edit: funktion-->function german word
  11. Nijel

    Our comunity

    NP, and btw i don't get why you got an downvote again... someone here does not like you obviously
  12. Nijel

    1. Championship of Skylords

    seems difficult without pvp working in phase 1
  13. Nijel

    How much time would you spend in game?

    when i was going to school i played like 8 hours a day. Now with my current Job+GF it's just like 8hours a week if i am lucky
  14. Summoning the 2 boosters we get... because you know... maybe my ammi monument is in there

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