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  1. Happy Birthday Hawk :)

    1. InsaneHawk


      Thank you very much!

  2. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Maybe it would be nice to get this Post out of the Announcements line at the starting page could be confusing for people that are new to the forums now
  3. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

  4. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    well, so good luck i guess
  5. Boosted Accounts

    you picked something out of my post and used it the way you like... read the whole post pls. i said: i don't want to be forced to pay to stay competitive (and if you look into my post there is a calculation as well..) edit: just edited an->and
  6. Boosted Accounts

    firstly: thumps up for that, me and my friends quit the old bf because we just don't wanted to "pay our way up". i'm one of those players who got rly scared when hawk said in the stream that they will be able to commercialise bf.. things like this killed a lot of games. and i would rather donate 30€ to help a game i like, then spending 10€ for ingame stuff just because you have to do it to be competitive (10 more ingame currency + 10% discount = 20% value... thats huge) for me it sounds much better to just wait a few months after release and then activate the bfp buying like in the old bf. this way you are not forced to spend money to stay at one level with those wo do.
  7. Client Download

    atm technical computer science, but it's hard af and maybe i do a apprenticeship instead
  8. Client Download

    np, i study at the OTH too btw
  9. Client Download

    oh, well ^^ i live in regensburg too, so would rly be no problem for me if you want to download it at my place suprise to see you here
  10. How much BFp is worth your time?

    sry, you'r right i'm going to edit it
  11. How much BFp is worth your time?

    i will, and i'm hyped as **** but how i said, in my opinion it is rly necessary to think about this topic from the view of a new player too. Because getting better in a game is the reason why most people play it. (btw, i know about void power and the other stuff but most of my friends who are also going to start with this game don't)
  12. How much BFp is worth your time?

    just found this thread while digging through the forum personally, i was one of the players who quit the old BF.. just want to tell why: -too slow progress (collecting cards) -pay to win (this wouldn't be the case here) -it was dying.. (small player base) -getting stomped in pvp (no good cards, and no clue what i am doing at all) so in my opinion, your guys focus on "how much time to get a full deck if i play 6 hours a day" is kind of egoistic, isn't it? if we don't want battleforge to die again, we have to get new players to this awsome game, and if you need to play a week to get a nice card you want, they won't stay, no matter how nice the game mechanics are. But there is another thing i want to mention too: If you guys are worried about how fast you get your full card collection: -you will trade anyway and make a lot of profit with it (new players don't do that, because the don't have the knowlege to do it) -you guys don't have to learn all the stuff of this game from the beginning, THAT ALONE give you an advantage about arround 30-40% of the community (i rly hope that new player's come) -if you don't want to get all your cards in 3 month, just don't trade for 6hr a day.. just to name some things that are common for you, but new players have no clue what this shit is about: void energy, power advantage, lost souls (yea, a new player DONT KNOW WHAT ******* LOST SOULS is about!), bandits, amii monument (remember you saw this thing the first time and wanted it so bad?). That's why in my opinion this is a huuuuge topic, because all a new player want, is to get better! And if we don't attract new players to this game, it will be just like the old battleforge (100-200 active players?) instead of maybe 10k active players, imagine that! To get back to topic, in my opinion it would be a good ratio to play arround 4-6 hr for a booster (as mentioned anyway), on the one hand because i like the math Nick did But on the other hand i like the idea that someone wo is reading gaming news like "community revives battleforge" just testing this awsome game for 6hr and then get his first booster. sry for the long text, the bad english, and for posting in an old thread here is a pizza
  13. New DevPlatform

    first at all: don't worry man i understand and i bet a lot of people here do too. the point is: we are just all hyped as **** and i'm rly happy that we got some updates on what is going on but guys, you do a rly nice job and we all stand behind you (sry for the bad english :/ )