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  1. well then now that the stress test has been out some time how about shutting those players down who have played the entire duration of the stress test and let us others play who have never been able to play SR since "too many users on servers"... don't be selfish let all of us enjoy a great game that has been Reborn!
  2. just came here to read the devplatform news and to show some love for the people behind this project! thanks we appreciate everything you do and will be hyped for the release whenever it may be! keep up the good work!
  3. ^this! 5000% agreed! EA Games fuck up everything! that should be their slogan. ;D they gave up on a brilliant game just 'cause it was not making enough money.. well these guys are showing us that money can't buy the best games that are or were out there! thanks again for dedicating your time and effort and for reviving this cool game concept and who knows maybe you guys will even invent a sequel some day! anyhow much support from Finland and i'll hope to see you in the battlefields! =)
  4. can't wait! i just read for like 2hours about cards and the progress of your work, just to remind me what it was like back in the days to play BF. Thanks for bringing this back to life and i hope it comes live soon! best wishes from Finland ps. take your time i will play anyway when it's out
  5. i need to play this game! i was so bummed out when i heard battleforge was shutdown.. now that you guys are trying to give this awesome game a rebirth i wanna be there to cut it's umbilical cord and celebrate it's existence! any idea what specs you need to run this game say med-high settings or is it like battleforge was back in the day? =)
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