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  1. Wish granted, but it is turning right into your direction and you cant move. I wish i was not doing this.
  2. When i was in middleschool i loved to burn stuff trash bins , any paper i found , on new year i always had the most firecrackers and fireworks , hell even once i burned a dead crow, so i got pyro nickname so i changed id a bit in Piromanijak in my language which is Pyromaniac in english.
  3. Well considering we saw nothing, it stays like told about 3-4 weeks lol
  4. I disagree with this , i mean if it realy was like this then anybody trading would get banned like example: I collect pure fire my friend collects pure frost We trade from the first booster we get, then he gets frost from me and i get fire from him Then we get banned because we traded no logic Only way to find if someone is multyaccounting is if one account trades all his goods to another account with nothing in return from the other account , but even then the guy might ge giving his stuff away to a friend because he is no longer gonna play or something like that. In my opinion
  5. Thanks but is it kinda op, i mean imagine if u kill like 6 units and get 4x6 or 12 x 6 when upgraded that is a lot of money to use .
  6. So basically i cant remember how this card works, It says it refund 4% of current void pool in actual power and lasts 20 seconds with 60 second cooldown So i want t ask 3 things: 1. Do the creatures that die need to be close to the shrine 2. Does it count 4% per creature or just one that dies in that 20 second time period (im guessing one) 3. Can i activate the 20 second timer or it starts random or when the shrine finishes crafting itself
  7. eyy lmao theese ppl got nothing better to do
  8. as the game grows and more players get to play they will need even more than 1500$ a month for the servers, i mean just imagine if this game gets to have 50k+ players, as well they may even after a while like year or two put new cards, sone kind of loot or anything new, everything will cost money time and resources to make.
  9. Still waiting to see more patient people commenting on impatient people, so much fun xD
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