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  1. Vallon

    Game Crash While Matchmaking ...

    I have same issue.. anyone figure it out?
  2. Vallon

    Is there only one server?

    A NA server would be very good.. right now I get big lag on EU, but still playable.
  3. Vallon

    what is patreon money used on?

    i work in the industry. $1500 of hosting a month is insane. even if wildest dreams come true and you get 20k people logging in, $1500 hosting will be more than enough. that said, a more realistic # of people would probably be around 1-5k steady players, if that. @Piromanijak
  4. i heard a couple people say that the devs and project workers dont get paid and do this work for Skylords in their free time, but I look at the patreon and Skylords is raking in ~ $1475 a month. I was wondering what this is actually used for? why not used for just throwing the devs, at the very very least, a hundred bucks every once in awhile to grab some pizza and beer and enjoy the day while they code up for the game. just a thought. nontheless, thank you for the game.

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