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  1. Hello, So here is why I wish to know more, at the moment a friend of mine is also playing this game however on my PC because his PC is not that great at handling this game. Am I in a position of possibly getting my account banned?, Like how do you guys keep track of multi accounting and how do you know when to ban? I love the game and just wish to know, already lost it the game once for years wouldnt want to lose it again.
  2. RainZy

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    Oh yeah ofcourse you need to bring in animation etc not just the card. I just want to hear what cool ideas people have for new factions. Thank you for the threads btw will read up on some of them. Its quite amazing how many ideas as a community we have for this. Everyone has their own stories they would like implemented and fantasies they would love to see. I also think reskins arent so bad as long as they arent half-arsed. Blue Mo is debatable although its still nice since its different and gives the player a satisfaction boost due to its uniqueness. Like I say its debatable, lore wise I think its good because it provides a character for the story that isnt entirely the same, easily distinguishable. If it did not exist in PVE/PVP people would complain and say ''why does it exist in story, the character is cool...i want it!!!''
  3. RainZy

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    Congrats man, good to see more developers working on this amazing game! P.S - Thanks for dedicating your free time to this!
  4. RainZy

    Seasons/Stat Changes

    Thank you for the opinion. Like I said it was just an idea, as I dont work on game balancing or fully understand the complexities of it, i dont really know how things work. To me this was just a ''What if'' scenario and just wanted my idea heard.
  5. RainZy

    Seasons/Stat Changes

    Hello Skypeoples, So I have been thinking about this idea for a while the inspiration for it came from the game Overwatch when I use to play it. After reading the forums about ranked pvp, elo and OP decks I have been thinking. ''Is it possible to make people rotate decks?'' I thought about this because people were talking about how switching decks to learn new ones will effect elo plus most people play with whatever is most op in PVP circumstances. My idea is to possibly implement seasons for ranked pvp, a ranking system similar to the game Overwatch - for those of you who are not familiar with this I shall explain: Overwatch has a ranking system based on ''SR'' which is our equivalent with elo, you gain points through winning games and you lose them through well...losing however your rank is decided by tier e.g. bronze, silver, gold, diamond etc. (This is similar to CSGO). What are the benefits of such a system? - Allows users to keep their rank without feeling too bad in dropping on a global scale (World ranking if you would call it that) - People who are good at the game will get paired with more skilled players (If this was adjusted it could also be used against dual account boosting?) - Rewards such as packs/bfp can be used as prizes (Possibly even cards). Now here is the Idea that i wanted to talk about most - Card Stat changes within seasons! Nerfing and buffing certain cards, perhaps even tweaking abilities will in my opinion keep the game more exciting for the PVP enthusiast. This will allow for players to experiment with different card builds, add more strategy into the game and a change in meta. I think that this idea would provide the player with a new challenge as they would have to switch around their decks in order for them to work and have an edge over the opponent as stat changes would be a big deal just like in any RTS game. However I do think this would have to be excluded in PVE and Campaign as stat changes would just cause a hassle in that area of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish I could put more info and detail about my idea however I am really tired, thanks for reading and I wish to hear what you guys think of the idea, do you think this would be interesting?, Do you like it?, Do you see any cons with this? The card stat changes don't even have to happen in seasons as they happen anyway due to people complaining about OP cards etc. However I think changing the stats once in a while to change the Meta would be exciting! Of course it would be annoying for some players as they would have to rebuild a deck however I personally don't think its fun to make the Ultimate Deck and not being able to go on from there.
  6. RainZy

    How Should new Cards be Introduced?

    I think the possibility of enemy units being used as playable cards in the game is high considering they are in the game. I also don't think this would be too difficult as many of the units that we currently have are re-skins of existing units with adjusted stats and new abilities. However just like @Ultrakool has said I think completing what has currently been left undone like the Amii set would be a good start on new cards being added to the game. At the moment I think that Amii is the most mysterious out of the 4 factions seeing as it includes all 4 elements in some sense. We also have a large number of fan made unit sketches with interesting abilities and stats I reckon when the game does go live we will have a lot of fan made units in the future - possible events on creating set units Of course before any of this can happen the game needs to function properly :P.
  7. RainZy

    Best Gaming Device

    Sega should make a new console that would be sweet but i dont think they have the moneys for that especially when they are so on game dev
  8. RainZy

    Multiple Accounts

    To resolve the ELO issue dropping I think rank seasons should be added similar to how overwatch system works. You lose score for losing matches but stay at your rank even if you're not playing. I think battleforge would benefit from this system. Smurfing however would be an issue as people could just play against themselves to increase ELO. Another suggestion would be matchmaking could be randomised that way people cant party (I forgot how Ranked works in battleforge so sorry if this is already in the game and i am just unaware).
  9. RainZy

    Best Gaming Device

    I agree with you bro, older consoles are a lot better story wise and have had some amazing games as you mentioned. I am just looking forward to see what they do with the ps5 and Xbox 2? (If they call it that). Since ps4 and Xbox One have introduced stuff like VR gaming etc. I would also like to see more portable consoles, especially with the technology we have today. The Nintendo Switch is an awesome example of game visuals that could rival console games.
  10. RainZy

    Best Gaming Device

    I cant wait for the ps5 to come out, its been years since a new playstation has come out
  11. RainZy

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  12. RainZy

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  13. RainZy

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    I think the idea of steam would be awesome, like you could even re skin some units like the worm to make a mechanical worm etc
  14. RainZy

    Best Gaming Device

    Just wanted to see what the community thinks Also PC is excluded because we all know its master race!!!
  15. RainZy

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Honestly take all the time you need, although I don't agree with the promised dates I am glad to hear that it wont be happening anymore since it just causes back lash on the community. We all really appreciate what you do and most of us understand how hard it is to revive and rebuild a dead game. Honestly its a miracle that we even have such amazing people like yourselves working on something that was thought to be dead. Its awesome how such a community exists for battleforge and we are lucky to have it. Cant wait for the games re-release and would like to say you have our full support!

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