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  1. Seeing this gets me really excited for new cards (if it happens) in the future. Good job, I like it!
  2. My mates and I are all doing it differently. I for example buy the daily reduced pack, always the 350 one with all colors. I like the surprise. Sometimes you win, somestimes you loose. Had some really good stuff (Avatar, Harvester etc) already but also some packs that were worth like 30-50BFP. Is it better to buy specific cards? Maybe. Lot of people do it this way.
  3. I agree with this. Sure it can feel grindy but Battleforge is a game that you should be able to Play over a Long time, so it would be boring imo if you could get everything in a few months. I also don't have that much time to Play it but I also don't plan to have 10 perfect decks in a 3 months. But they could for example do Weekend events where Boosters are cheaper or where you can earn more Points.
  4. Tried lowering that one irc, but i'll try disabling it and will report back, thanks
  5. 2957 (ohh, i remember that game lol)
  6. Hey, I'm experiencing some strange Problems. The first days after the launch everything was okay, but since like 2 weeks my screen flickers sometimes. It basically gets darker and brighter again when I'm moving my mouse (changing the Point of view). Tried lowering my Settings and disabling Options but it didnt help. Drivers are up to date. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X AMD Radeon 5700XT 32GB 3600mhz Any ideas?
  7. Hey :) I'm 26 and from Germany. I used to Play Battleforge back when it released and spent hundreds of Hours (and Euros I guess lol) with it. I mostly played with 3 mates of which 2 are now also active again (we are desperatly trying to get the 3rd back too). Started playing again with the Stress Test but not that Long tbh because I knew there would be a wipe (which is understandable ofc). But now that the game is fully released im back again and I love it. I really like the new System of getting BFP. Planning on donating some soon, this Project really deserves it. See you in the for
  8. Came here to post this hehe, handofblood should bring some players to this game with the video (or videos if he does more)
  9. Imo it's not to much grinding. It's not that hard to get a decent deck. I can't play every day, and when I play I have limited time since I have to study etc, but still I already have some good decks. Yes, I don't have all the good cards I used back in the days, but I think it's good that the progression takes its time. More like the progression is to fast, but I think it's okay like it is. Giving all players access to all cards would destroy a big part of the game, imo.
  10. Yes please make it t4, perfect solution!
  11. I agree. This card shouldnt even exist imo. Or should have a big downside.
  12. You can already download and play it, just use the download link in the first post!
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