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  1. Thats exactly it, the current system is very easy to understand because it is not complex and it gives u a constant supply of cards that enables one to gather a nice collection. And lets be real, it is probably for the better that not everyone can afford an amii monument after 1 day of playing, it would just rob them of the nice experience to discover the game. So i think we can absolutely agree that the current system is in a nice state. Im also not too worried about price manipulation because there is simply no need for it, after just 1 month of playing i could buy all the cards i
  2. Yes, that is the side i was referring to. It was very helpful to me as i tracked prices via excel before that. But yeah, this being an outside app, i think not too many ppl are using it (and i think rather players spending a lot of time on the game are using this). To the side itself, there are some things missing. Most importantly, it is showing the lowest available listing price at any given time. But thats only the supply side. More importantly would be to know the actual selling prices at any given point in time and the quanitiy of sales and supply The statement i made
  3. Thanks for the great guide. Unfortunately increasing the FOV doesnt work for me. I deleted the named filed and replaced it with the FOV 80 file, but after starting the game the FOV is at its default state and cant be increased
  4. Hi guys, a big time BF fan here with a professional economic background, so id like to quickly share my thoughts on this topic which im also slightly concerened about. First things first, the current system is actually doing exactly what it is supposed to do: it allows u to exchange ur cards transaction costs free making it very simple for players to try different cards. Despite the opinions here, im sure this is the most newcomer friendly economic system u can find in a game (big part of it is that u cant spend real money). If you'd like to avoid price manipulatio
  5. Hello everyone, first of all I am sorry i got to bother you with this topic but i think this behavior is a massive no go. I just played a rPvE match when one of my teammates (not sure if im allowed to post the name here) started to destroy my building using Rifle Cultists ultimately ending in me getting thrown out of the game for loosing all monuments. Thank you for your kind help.
  6. i tried to log in but its telling me that i got the wrong client version. Does anybody have any experience with this?
  7. Cant really play the game. When im logging in it takes around 30 seconds until im in tha main menu where it immediatelly says that the connection to the server got lost
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