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  1. As supplement some example cards which I observed over some time on https://smj.herokuapp.com/card Overlord, Cultist Master, Ashbone Pyro, Grim Bahir, Forest Eleder, Primeval Watcher,....ect. You can find much more cards with this pricedevelopement (manipulated for the own advantage of some people on the cost of the rest of the bf-society) on smj.
  2. One little updadet to the toppic. At first thx for the tipp with smj, i use it now. And in this context one little nice example what is going wrong and has to be regulated. 4 days ago I wanted to buy an ashpyroman ( price was on 210 on this point) but I missed some bfp so I waited on next day that I can buy him after make my daily quests. Tadaaaa....over the night someone bought of aspyroman and pushed the price on 650 nice. Ok, I waited that the price will normalize again. Ist stabilized tow days later between 230 and 270 (i bought i on 265, 55 bfp over the last). Today the next greedy
  3. Resist the beginings. This dicribes the situation. One Example today at noon it was possibe to buy the card "Death Ray" for 50 BF-points whit buyout. At this time I couldt buy this because I want to make my quests at evening. Now it is evening (4 hours later) and the Death Ray costs 399 in Buyout and 105 starting bit. What was happens? Two players bought out the hole stock of this card and put it back on maketplace for 399 buyout and 105 starting bit. Nice profit for this two players (together they offer this card 26 times for this moon price) on the shoulders of clueless players. When i
  4. Thank you for the compliment. After the upgrade to Windows 10 I have installed the lates avaible graphic driver (vers.: 461.09). I think the lack SSAO is not realy bad. With the other settings on max the game looks realy nice and i dont think that SSAO will have a big impact on graphicqualitiy. More important for me is that the game now is running. At this point thank you verry much again. Without your help I never were able to handle this problem and bring skylords reburn to run.
  5. Thank you verry much, problem is sloved. I tried out this points two times before but I made the mistake that I always want to start bf with the shortcut on the desctop (i didnt realized that it is essential to start with the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe). At the end one question to the graphic settings. I can change all settings except SSAO (there is shown: Notice that this option is not avaible under Dx 9). There are two slove suggestions from a former tread (DX9/dxdisable from 6 to 0) Dx9 is installed and in the config.joson file dxdisable is default already set to "0", but Im still no
  6. I was able to slove the problem. I tried out point 6 of you trouble schoting tread a second time. After that i was able to come into the game. But there is the next problem. Everytime I have closed the game, when I will start again, I have to delete the battleforge file in documents, so that the game can redetect settings (therefore all settings from the last gamestart are resetet- in means only windows mode...etc), because otherwise it doesnt start. This happens even thoug I set the file properties of battleforge on not read only. It seems that the game dont save this setting.
  7. Hello again, i finally decided to upgrade my window 7 to windows 10. But I dont have luck. now there is another problem. Installation and patcher-updating (v0.9), all works well. But when I click on Play on the patcher the loading wheel short appears and then the patcher is closed and nothing happens (so I cant come on the loggin screen - befor updating to windows 10 this works at least). I tried out all the tobleshooting tipps form you including the two for windows 10. Allways the same, I click on Play - short loading wheel- patcher is closed- nothing. I hope this is an error that
  8. I repeated point 2 of your trobleshooting topic (I use Norton 360). I tried installing and starting while norton was deaktivated - no influence. Battleforge is default in on the green list in Norton and there are not any Battleforge file is in the Norton quarantine. I dont use proxies in my network. Ok then I will be forced ot upgrade my Windows version. Tank you for your help and efforts to slove my problem.
  9. Hello, unfortunately there is nothing in the treat of Zyna and Ladadoos that is equal to my problem. For myself i tried out to reinstall frame network - doesnt work and manually increase the "applicationhangtime" in the regestry manually (default is 5 sec. i increased it to 30 sec.) - doesnt work. Im absolutly lost.
  10. Hello, I tried 2 vpn services (Norton-vpn and Windscribe VPN), but the problem stays. Could it be that my windows version causes this problem? I still use Windows 7.
  11. Hello, thx for fast reply. I removed config.json. After that I tried to Login again. The problem still appears, but i looked at the proxy_log_latest file and there has be changed something. I hope the proxy_log_latest file is now more usefull for you. _log_proxy_latest.log
  12. I forgot the patcher. My updater/patcher version is 0.9.
  13. Hello, thank you for your fast reply. How you demad I have attached the -log-proxy-latest.log. _log_proxy_latest.log
  14. Hello, at first concratulation that you and your teammates were able to fix the server-problems of the beta, and now to the release of the game. I have some look on your game during the open beta phase and i had no problems with logging in the game. But now, when i try to log in, nothing happens. At the moment when i click on Login (after insterting Email and password) the launcher is hanging on and nothing happens. When i go to thask manager - it shows no response. I tried out all your suggestions form you technical support tread ("Need Help? Check this thread first! (Client/Upda
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