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  1. NAME: Breeding Ground german description wrong DESCRIPTION: German description of breeding ground says own units instead friendly units get the discount. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT:
  2. Yeah thx ill keep the endless defence in mind for when i finished other projects. @RuneSeeker i know the 1pl map of Kaldra. Name is "survive". At the moment we are allready working on a defencive rpve mode as u suggested @Danol Kind regards
  3. Hi everyone! It's an Honor for me to join the Skylords Reborn team. I will do my best to improve everything related to Maps in Skylords Reborn. If you wanna help in the mapcreation process or have ideas for maps, modes or anything to improve, related to maps tell me about it. Kind Regards Emmaerzeh
  4. War craft 3 cussom maps were awesome!!! there are custom maps in SR too just check them out. pve Blue button (blue pill) or pvp maps you start over sparring button here is a forum post with most of the maps. here some pve maps as you tube cast:
  5. This happens with other mindcontolled units too. F. E. The swampdrake and phantomlords on Pos 4 Titans.
  6. good idea u could also only start with 50 and then buy more until max amount.
  7. sidenote :they count to maximum maximum deckslimmit. if u take them u can build 2 own decks less. you can delete them but then they are gone until u can choose new decks. not exactly sure how it is is if u allready have maxinum decks and then choose the free decks. i think u can have 2 decks more then normal then. Not sure about this statements. Maybe someone know it better. Kind regards
  8. Ok this time i ll participate if nothing unexpected comes into my way. Thx for hosting.
  9. 1 I disagree pvp is only appeal. Atm we have a growing map making community that creates new content. 2 the reason that many not play pvp is not that u get cards to slow but there are too less low elo enemy's. And starting VS veterans is painful. 3 u not need all cards to play pvp just one deck, and you should be able to get a decent starting deck after idk... one month?! 4 real money is our of discussion, cause the game is not property of Sr. 5 I hope that the planed achievements system give an early boost of cards. @Ultrakool We didn't here something of the
  10. The main inspiration is rpg s in general. Or f.e. war craft 3 rpg custom maps. keep on , you can do it. try other tactic. Kind regards
  11. Regarding the tw fraction ability most likely they will be only able to adjust transformationcost and values of the effect (F. E. tw-minions gets higher damage buff percentage ) , with what it would be allready possible to achieve better balance between fraction abilitys.
  12. For the transformationcost u only get the transformationability. it's the only thing twilight has, and it's not even cheap. U only save a deckslots for spells that u don't need cause u have the ability. But unfortunately No ability is good enough to substitute the real spells u need. F. E. Oink, regrowth... Kind Regards
  13. The units are not unbound. If they would the ability would be strong. Recheck in F. E. Communitysmithy. It's easy to check if u kill a transformed unit u ll get void. The units bind as much power as the unit would cost if u would have summoned it normal. I suggest that twilight transformation includes a discount like breeding grounds. So you save a deck slot and its at least not worse transforming units instead of killing the old and spawning new one at breading grounds.
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