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  1. Welcome back Omelie. Great to see Map making legends returnig. How about an update for Twistwd legends? ^^ The mapmaking improved drasticly since back in the days. We can f.e. now look up all Ids needed. I invite you to join the map making discord. https://discord.gg/MfvptQzC Kind regards
  2. I also enjoyed City of tears. Definitely try this one as well. You are not on the maps discord?! Consider to join the community of map creators. You can f.e. ask for unit aktives ID's there. https://discord.gg/frCdepCN Kind regards
  3. Here is a tutorialvideo of Metagross how to configure vscode and IntelliJ. Thx Meta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyce9Qi4y_Q
  4. There are also ways in SR to be a developer without programming. F. E. map artist "only" needs to be able to use the map editor or balance developer the internal entity editor. I have no formal programming education. Back in the day i tought myself some basic lua so i could do some basic map scripting and tryed around stuff in the editor. A lot of trial and error. Its still... 😅 There are some tutorials around f. e. on you tube about lua language. Kind regards
  5. What happens in original maps is considered the normal standart. So we now officially have the free pass to mix all availeble factions as we please as well!
  6. I have to stand up for whees. Its not that bad, especially for new-mediocre players. Imo wheels are good... : ... the more units/players profit from it. So not build it first. ... players that are not that good in micro or lazy. U can pretty much attack move end of map i rpve 9. Throw some cc and heal here and there and focus spawners. ... In casual playing. If you just want to finish the map to get the rewards no matter the time. For new players it can be a very helpful card. Kind regards
  7. Thx for the correction. I couldnt doublecheck it atm.
  8. Btw, if in some of the listed maps its not clear what the winconditions are for a specific map, feel free to ask. F. E. In "Warrior on the Mountain" everything after u killed the cages is irrelevant for the time. You just need to hold out. And not even need to kill the Boss. Kind regards
  9. i want to get a extra achievement registered. In Nyxia in 13:08.8 by Emmaerzeh there were maulers involved.^^ @The WaterMelon Lord
  10. Thats exactlly my tactic too.^^ I have a first time to hand over. -Rogans Schatz 30:27 Kind regards
  11. There is a boss test map with all the fire bosses. But Abbadon will be nerfed a little innext patch alongside the fire rpve changes.
  12. Not think we can reach this guy. But i guess it would be possible to write such a program from the scratch by our selfs ( not me^^). But tbh with scriptlist its allready good enough especially if all comands would have a good description. I'm not sure how much of advanced - expert scripting stuff such a tool could do or only the basic stuff. I ll ask hodron about this, cause he made a tool for the rpve presets.
  13. I agree, the only long term motivation for me was the map editor too. To become a creator of own new content. What would "war craft 3" have been without the editor. Also SR has unlimmited unexplored potential in the editor+ entity editor.^^ Map making became allready a lot more accessable then it was, but is still far from easy accessable. Now unlike back in the day we have scriptlists that help write scripts, a community that is willing to share informations and allready some enemys in the editor that autocast their abilitys ( fire rpve units). With the release of nature ,
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