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  1. There is a boss test map with all the fire bosses. But Abbadon will be nerfed a little innext patch alongside the fire rpve changes.
  2. Not think we can reach this guy. But i guess it would be possible to write such a program from the scratch by our selfs ( not me^^). But tbh with scriptlist its allready good enough especially if all comands would have a good description. I'm not sure how much of advanced - expert scripting stuff such a tool could do or only the basic stuff. I ll ask hodron about this, cause he made a tool for the rpve presets.
  3. I agree, the only long term motivation for me was the map editor too. To become a creator of own new content. What would "war craft 3" have been without the editor. Also SR has unlimmited unexplored potential in the editor+ entity editor.^^ Map making became allready a lot more accessable then it was, but is still far from easy accessable. Now unlike back in the day we have scriptlists that help write scripts, a community that is willing to share informations and allready some enemys in the editor that autocast their abilitys ( fire rpve units). With the release of nature ,
  4. Thx for your feedback. We will maybe will adjust some things in future. Especially that some units can Disenchant others could be considered. Due to high damage, low Hp and no antispell building fire is verry weak to cc and damagespells and especially frenetic assault. Its nothing special that u can rush t4 with t1 units + higher tier spell support. Makeshift Towers with knockback would limit in deckbuilding by making "s" units straight up worse in rpve. Kind regards
  5. Emmaerzeh

    Teszt map

    Happy to hear new people try Mapmaking. For a first map its decent. Keep up the motivation. If u need help check out https://discord.gg/HFHEAMw9. There you can ask questions about the editor and scripting. Kind regards
  6. My favorite model/animation is boom Brothers. I like how the small Gnom climbs the big guys shoulders and lights the cannon.
  7. Imo u should be attacked from north at t1 earlier so u cant clear south together, or at least need multitasking. i couldnt mount the north wall, also there is nearly no room to build defences behind north wall cause all the ships and stuff. North attacks too much twilight dragons and dancers for my taste. I would let the north attacks be triggert by timer not by clearing other camps. At least its my impression the timer for final attacks started when we cleared the top left camp. didnt look into scripts. Kind regards
  8. Very nice map. Beautiful mapart. Btw we rly need mapartist for our team. Feel free to apply if u want. Nice variety of defending and attacking. in general way too easy balancewise. Kind regards
  9. Atm mostly on live server. But as the projects progress we might at some point test on testserver and we might not upload the maps to server but share them internally. Kind regards
  10. 0.8 is the newest version. Creator should say: Perendi et al.
  11. Found it. ;-) Fall_of_Feaorn.rar I like the map art. We need Map good map artists...^^
  12. Lua Snippet file for vscode use the command "configure user snippets" and then select Lua language (Lua.json), copy the file content or replace it in the directory. Presented by : S4N lua.json
  13. I like the idea of @Buddelmuddel for 2 different speedrun categorys. The all is allowed and one with restrictions F. E. like no decomposer, amii + enlightenment and if possible no well and orb sharing. This would make everybody happy in best case.
  14. We just made some alternatives to regrowth some are not on liveserver jet but on test server. F. E. Winter witch, bloodthirst, forrestelder.
  15. i sometimes prefer play on advanced with a nonmetadeck. f.e. if u have 1 quest play map x . and 1 quest with play 100 fire cards. Speedrunning is omipresent cause its a grindgame and xp and gold is win based. And you need rediculous amounts of gold to upgrade all cards. btw someone pls calculate how much gold u need to upgrade all cards in the game.^^
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