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  1. Which one I mean, I don't really know myself yet. 😀 I thought that if I have the script, I can apply it arbitrarily to the appropriate targets. Have done everything in the last few hours and am still at the beginning with my thoughts. my native langauge is german, but thx fpr the link. there are some interesting informations too there!
  2. Hello skylords, skyladies and skyfolk! Yesterday, I was looking at Emmaerzeh's thread to make my own custom map. Thank you at this point for the explanation! For me the script writing and understanding is incredibly difficult and I have no contact with it in everyday life. On top of that, it comes with a bad English. For security reasons I write the thread with deepl. I have already watched advanced tutorials, which I do not understand, to create scripts myself. Surely one of the professionals can provide me with the required scripts in seconds before I struggle for a long ti
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