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  1. Thats exactly what im concerned about,if Players who grind multiple hours a day get a significant advantage over people who dont have that much time to play, BattleForge will soon be dead again because casual gamers and players who are new to this game, will get fed up and leave. In my opinion grind to win can be much worse than pay to win, especially when trying to make this game more popular. I hope the devs will find a way to make both hardcore Players and casuals happy.
  2. Thanks, but that didnt really answer my question. Id like to know how long it will take me to get a competitive PvP deck, pure Shadow for example. How many BFP will i earn if i complete some quests and play for lets say 3 hours? And how much will Boosters cost? I know this game is still in closed Beta and that it has no reward system yet, but a vague estimation would be nice.
  3. Hello First of all i want to thank the Skylords Reborn Team for bringing this game back. So here is my question: Since i am a very busy person i wont have much time to play BattleForge, i will only be able to play on the weekend(sometimes even only on Sunday). I have read that players earn BFP by doing daily quests,but unfortunately i wont be able to play on a daily basis. So id like to know if i will be able to get good cards(especially for PvP) in a reasonable amount of time.
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