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  1. Sekij

    What are you collecting ?

    Old Console Stuff. Mostly OG Xbox, Ps1 and Xbox 360. Sometimes other stuff when i find it interessting. Also some Handhelds... but i activly collect for the Original Xbox (the first one from 2001).
  2. Sekij

    Similar games

    Halo Wars 2 Blitz (mode) it has a card system but the deck is like made out of 4 cards i think... but closer than anything i guess.
  3. Sekij

    Best Gaming Device

    B..But new Consoles are shit D: i mean the 8th Gen Consoles where so horrible they had to upgrade midgeneration and the best games for those consoles are remakes, ports from older consoles or sequels that didnt really changed much. I voted personaly Microsoft and Sony but i think it took only for Sony the vote.... i love the OG Xbox and also the 360 which brought us Achievements which is an awesome feature and the OG Xbox brought us a good controller (perfected with Xbox 360 release) and nice new IP's also Microsoft pushed the hardware part with Xbox and Xbox 360... not so much with Xbone tho. Sony mostly for Ps1 similar story as with Xbox brought alot of new games and also i love the ps1 graphics flaire only problem was shitty controller which felt like a ripoff from SNES. And the other Sony console i really like is the PSP .... nice Ps2 Quality games like Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3, Tekken 6, GTA or even 1 to 1 Port of Star wars Battlefront 2 + beeing able to Emulate a TOn of Systems, all 2D Systems, to some level N64 and Sega Saturn + full perfect emulation of Playstation 1 ALL that for an Portable Device (without shitty touch controlls but having really good button layout) makes it one awesome and unique systems. Only matched by the Ps Vita IF ... the Ps Vita had a stronger homebrew / modding scene but right now its not that advuanced but give it 2-3 years and it will beat the PSP as the Ps Vita should be able to emulate the same systems as the PSP + the PSP it self + having of course the PS Vita games, but still needs time. I personaly feel that home consoles are obsolet at least the new ones, i love to collect older but new console... dont even understand why to bother they dont even focus on Physical game copys anymore so its like a PC with steam but without cheap games because they sell consoles games even digital version like 10% more expensive. But i would like to see more Portable consoles they are awesome at least from sony when modable
  4. Sekij

    Similar games

    Funny, for me the first Halo Wars also reminded me to BattleForge at least gameplaywise without cards. Never Tried Halo Wars 2 as its has 343i lore and i don't like those. But now i see what you mean they tryed something similar with a card system sadly not that advuanced.
  5. Sekij

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Im actually Ultrakool with it.
  6. I dont think its possible to change so many cards 2D Card Design that it looks authentic... would be ALOOt of work.
  7. Thank you for your help. While the Nummber is sadly totaly useless as its weird and also often wrong as you said but at least i now know that some units deal more damage against other when the Icon says it so (because other units will point that out like Soul dancer = more damage against Humans which is of course a bit diffrent than just sized characters).
  8. Hello everybody. You know i never could understand what the Damage information was about, that one in the bottom left. First exempel Bae.. i mean Frost Mage. It says 360 S(with Bow icon) and it says that she deals 57 damage to each enemy unit every 4 seconds. 14.25*60 = 855 Damage per Minute Frost Mage Picture Second exempel Forsaken: It says 360 M(Bow) and text says every 2 seconds each units deals 6 damage. 3*5 = 15*60 = 900 Damage per Minute Forsaken So what does that nummber means... 360 and that S or M (maybe Range ?) and than the Bow which is probably means that its loong range but than we have this unit Green Dudes with a star as an attack Icon. So weird and confusing. Helpfull site for info https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html Thank you for Help
  9. Sekij

    A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    All games that have this system (heartstone, Elder scrolls legends, Fable Fortune) dont have a trade system so im not sure if it will work in this kind of game.
  10. Sekij

    Twitch Channel

    I hope that Battleforge can now shine in those new times... its now easyer to promote such games than ever before (like 2009 no popular streams, the card cash system was ... not free player friendly and stuff).
  11. Sekij

    Who is around my age or older?

    In War Thunder my Squadron leader was 81 or so... good times
  12. Sekij

    Games you play while waiting

    So what we played since 2013... thats alot i think played and stopped playing CSGO felt like a long time. Played and got dissapointed by Destiny Played and ENJOYED ALOT Tekken 7 played best Card game (witout RTS elements :D) Elder Scrolls Legends and also had a bit of Fun in the Fable Card game (Fable Fortune).
  13. Sekij

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    Mhhh well i love game music so i usaly try to only listen to the games soundtrack. Mhh which of the tracks gives me the most nostalgia... i would say
  14. Sekij

    Old name in Battleforge

    BlueGeneral I... i knew that i would like the Frost element.
  15. Sekij

    Best Anime moment

    I know its totaly "uncool" to name something recent / modern but i still have to say that the reveal of the Armored Titan and ah... the Gigantic Titan in Attack on Titan 2nd Season was just awesome and the biggest reason is the music i think and of couse how fast it escalate. (Musics name is btw YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T but its a bit hard to find a clip of it without spoiling) There are much more just wow moments but i wanted to take something "non combat" wise even tho it leads up to a fight. Than something from another anime (which is a bit similar to attack on titan), i talk about Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: there are for sure a couple great moments but i wanted to show a more "shocking" moment... its just the ending to Episode 4, just cruel. Another very impactful scene (again no fighting) is the funeral of an character who died because he found out something. Man there are alot of special moments in so many series and i don't even watch that much.... i notice that i really like those moments when the music is right.

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