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  1. Ya its not as important i think. But i just think people wont stop typing in non eng. Languages. Its also to early to talk about that stuff. In 3 Months Skylords might have only 300 active player daily and most of them beeing english.
  2. Thats just an issue with most european countrys, alot of people are not to much into English. I was suprised the game doesnt have just /language tabs consider it has so many diffrent weird tabs. EvE online runs on one server and has 30k concurrent player from all over the world, it has common Chat and also language based chats which are especialy used by beginners. I dont think it threatens the english community or unity of the community just because there are also players that dont interact in english with people. P.s. i also said "funny" because someone said "people s
  3. Thats normal. The game was designed for Max 1080p. I doubt the devs can change much... Well they could make upacaled ui but it would take time and is Not planned as i know.
  4. Its funny because im Sure the majority by now is german in battleForge.
  5. Old Console Stuff. Mostly OG Xbox, Ps1 and Xbox 360. Sometimes other stuff when i find it interessting. Also some Handhelds... but i activly collect for the Original Xbox (the first one from 2001).
  6. Sekij

    Similar games

    Halo Wars 2 Blitz (mode) it has a card system but the deck is like made out of 4 cards i think... but closer than anything i guess.
  7. B..But new Consoles are shit D: i mean the 8th Gen Consoles where so horrible they had to upgrade midgeneration and the best games for those consoles are remakes, ports from older consoles or sequels that didnt really changed much. I voted personaly Microsoft and Sony but i think it took only for Sony the vote.... i love the OG Xbox and also the 360 which brought us Achievements which is an awesome feature and the OG Xbox brought us a good controller (perfected with Xbox 360 release) and nice new IP's also Microsoft pushed the hardware part with Xbox and Xbox 360... not so much wi
  8. Sekij

    Similar games

    Funny, for me the first Halo Wars also reminded me to BattleForge at least gameplaywise without cards. Never Tried Halo Wars 2 as its has 343i lore and i don't like those. But now i see what you mean they tryed something similar with a card system sadly not that advuanced.
  9. I dont think its possible to change so many cards 2D Card Design that it looks authentic... would be ALOOt of work.
  10. Thank you for your help. While the Nummber is sadly totaly useless as its weird and also often wrong as you said but at least i now know that some units deal more damage against other when the Icon says it so (because other units will point that out like Soul dancer = more damage against Humans which is of course a bit diffrent than just sized characters).
  11. Hello everybody. You know i never could understand what the Damage information was about, that one in the bottom left. First exempel Bae.. i mean Frost Mage. It says 360 S(with Bow icon) and it says that she deals 57 damage to each enemy unit every 4 seconds. 14.25*60 = 855 Damage per Minute Frost Mage Picture Second exempel Forsaken: It says 360 M(Bow) and text says every 2 seconds each units deals 6 damage. 3*5 = 15*60 = 900 Damage per Minute Forsaken So what does that nummber means... 360 and that S or M (maybe Range ?) and than the Bow whi
  12. All games that have this system (heartstone, Elder scrolls legends, Fable Fortune) dont have a trade system so im not sure if it will work in this kind of game.
  13. I hope that Battleforge can now shine in those new times... its now easyer to promote such games than ever before (like 2009 no popular streams, the card cash system was ... not free player friendly and stuff).
  14. In War Thunder my Squadron leader was 81 or so... good times
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