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  1. Jup. Reinstalled it two times as well. And you never need to say sorry when trying to help me, as it is very likely that I have overlooked some minor detail. Thank you for trying to help me. Well F*ck me... This thread can be closed, this time I deinstalled Directx before reinstalling it and that worked... Thanks again @Strek0za without you I wouldn't have done that.
  2. Hello Skylords and Skyladies, I have the problem that the after checking for updates and then selecting play, i get the error message "Failed to create Direct3D device". As this is a common problem with many games, I tried to fix it using the sticky thread"Need Help? Check this thread first! (Client/Updater Troubleshooting)" and later with the power of google. I did everything I could, at some point I even got help from someone from the Community, who told me to change my config.xml and how to change it and also to reinstall directx and update my video card driver (which I did) to no
  3. Greetings, Basically the idea is stolen from Heartstone, where you can simply "disenchant" your unneeded/unwanted/surplus cards. so why not put this into skylords reborn? i do realize, that it would increase inflation, but I remember countless common cards being sold for 2bfp or something, which no one needed because everyone had them. with disenchanting/smelting (i think smelting would be fitting because battleforge), we could set a minimum value and no one would be stuck with tons of useless cards. I'm thinking about 1%(common), 2,5%(uncommon), 5%(Rare) and 10%(Legendary) of the amount
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