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  1. I think I was ignoring the fact that there are achievements. Thanks for clearing that up! I'm at work at the moment, but I'll check into it a little later to confirm that this is in fact what is happening.
  2. NAME: Extra booster rewards from quests. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Mailbox REPRODUCIBILITY: 2:2 so far DESCRIPTION: So far, I've done the "Play 15 minutes" quest two days in a row, and both times, it sent me multiple reward mail. The first day it sent two reward boosters in separate mail, and the second day it sent me three. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I'm sure it won't hurt many people's feelings to get extra boosters each day, but it may hurt everyone's feelings if I'm the only one getting extra boosters
  3. I love all the worms, but deep oil is my favorite for a number of reasons. 1. It only required 3 orbs 2. It only requires 1 orb to be colored 3. Green is my favorite color 4. It could connect to the tunnel network.
  4. Tazermarks

    Favorite Worm

    What is your favorite worm and why?
  5. What did you do the most in Battleforge
  6. #3 was what I really intended to address with this post. Over the years, I've come to really care about this project (Even though I'm not a moderator/dev or *cough cough*even a tester) as if it were my own. It sucks to see something you care about go downhill. I personally think the log is a good idea. It's there if you want to see it, but there's nothing telling you that you have to go look at it. For those who are interested (Me sometimes, but others I really don't care) it's a really nice perk to see that continual progress is being achieved. That's really important to more people than you think. As far as professionalism from the devs... I don't feel that is as big of an issue as people are making it out to be. I think the mods are a much bigger issue. The mods are here to moderate the community, therefore should be 100% professional, and I feel they seem to migrate toward the "White Knights'" side when there are issues within the community. @fiki574Hang in there and keep your head high. From the initial push out of the finish date... I have a lot of respect for you to come out and say... "It's our fault, we screwed up". Especially for your age, that shows me that you not only care about this project, but you are trying to do the right thing.
  7. Yes, I definitely remember the 15-16 era, and miss it a lot. I agree we're not going to be like that again, and I appreciate the time you spent writing the above response. As my first post said, I'm just saddened by the recent events of ... well the poll post, but then there were others like the post where the guy was asking about letting everyone just have access to the forge only. He got bashed pretty hard too, and I just think it's unnecessary, especially when they mean no harm, they are just trying to get their fill. I worry that if nothing is said about it, we'll continue to divide, and I want nothing more than for the community to come back together. I completely agree that there will always be those that are fighting against that, and that's when the mods need to step in and take care of business.
  8. I understand the voting thing, and I have seen your posts about apologizing for the over-ambitious dates that were set. (Very commendable) I was mainly talking about the community aspect (moderators). We need to make it clear that negativity never breeds positivity. I pretty much browse the forum everyday, minding my own business, looking around at what's going on, and I see all these people whining about how the game isn't out, and I kind of find it humorous that at least once a day when I pop on I see someone asking about the beta, when it clearly states that it's in closed beta. But the main thing is... I keep my negative comments to myself, and move on. I don't feel the need to say something negative, and every once in a while (when someone hasn't beat me to it) I refer them to the top of the chat page where they can see what they need to. Our other actives need to take note that negative comments are poison to our community, so I can't sit around and watch "our" community keep poisoning ourselves. Please if you're active, don't think I'm talking about you specifically, (I literally have no one particular person in mind) I'm just saying to all of them out there, be cautious of how we treat our other members. Let our mods take care of the negative ones, and let's boost up those who are having trouble staying on the HYPE train.
  9. Let's get real for a second (throwing out the politically polite hat for a minute) @fiki574 The thread that I referred to is just the NEWEST thread that was closed due to this same situation happening. I know exactly why it was shut down, but the mods should have not let it get to that point. The bullshit about every time someone says something that isn't in favor of the mods/devs, they get HUGE backlash by the very active members of this community, even if it's not derogatory in any way, and that is completely unacceptable. The "actives" should have left that post alone or played by the rules of that post and let the people that wanted to participate respond. That's the start of what went downhill in this particular instance. The mods and devs need to take accountability when things aren't going happy-go-lucky. They are the "leaders" of community and they really need to step up and say... "you know what this is our fault". As a leader that is the golden rule. "When things go right, it's your teams fault, when things go wrong... its yours" Next, and I see you are currently trying, is try to read your messages a few times from different people's eyes. I have pretty thick skin, so what you type doesn't get ever bother me, but I do misinterpret your messages quite often. Like the above example, I thought it was toward me until the very end. Also, I know we're from a lot of different parts of the world, but from my perspective, it's very rude to say things like "First of all" "Second of all". Reading it usually is interpreted in a negative way. Use less verbal pauses in your text, as there is less possibility for misinterpretation. @all others reading this post, c'mon everyone, lets get our act together! enough with the bullshit, enough with the negativity ESPECIALLY TOWARD ONE ANOTHER. Read Fiki's text above! Disregard the first of all second of all words, and it has GREAT meaning. If you make a post, the last thing you want is someone bashing it. Treat each other like we want to be treated. Lets come together and talk cards, strategy, forge things again. (Politically polite hat back on)
  10. I'm very saddened to say this, but this community's vibe is going downhill from my perspective. There is a lot of turbulence between the people that "can't wait" to play, and the people who can currently play/developers. This community should embrace all of their members, not just the one's with their same perspective. If a person wants to take a poll (Which they should have set up right), then by all means, let them set up a poll. There is no reason he should get a bad reputation, and repetitive haggling about how it's not ready... a simple yes or no as his initial post would have been fair. He meant no harm, and he now has a bad reputation just for setting up a post. I've been watching this project for a long time, and the hostility has grown between those who support the devs (including the devs/mods) and the more impatient ones. We need to come together as a community, and start building each other up, no matter our different views, rather than tearing each other down. The broken record of "the game will be released" isn't working. Lets get back to our roots with this project and come together for a common goal of getting the skylords back up and running, but lets do it while enjoying each other's presence, no matter our perspectives.
  11. This is great news. Thanks for the clarification!
  12. "Please have a bit more patience with us because as you can see we're working on this quite a lot. We didn't even plan to have client changes/updates until end of 2019, but we already have them and want to make them suitable and working for our upcoming Stage." (From Dev Log) You are asking for everyone (Except the current closed beta group) to have more patience with you guys, but you are working on items you originally planned on completing at the end of 2019. Why not focus more on items to get the open beta up and running, then work on stretch goals?
  13. Wish granted, your next wish will be uncorrupted... but will not be granted. I wish I didn't have to go to work when they open beta to everyone.
  14. Wish granted, but it is only you who cannot see it. I wish people would stop asking "Can we play yet" when it clearly states that we are still in closed beta
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