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  1. pajasin

    3 - Booster Quest Rewards

    This happend to me too I received moltiple times in one day That reward for 15 minutes in games i beleive that was caused by my lost connection after several finished games
  2. pajasin

    Card de-Upgrade

    NAME: Card de-Upgrade => Card loss SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Forge , Inventory REPRODUCIBILITY: 2 times ( have not try more ) DESCRIPTION: i have applied charge upgrade on card, then tryed to remove charge upgrade ( wanted to sell the card )=> card lost SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/Zo822MT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  3. pajasin

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    i think it is enough to that mod be only on server side (you don't have to install it ) and the power per claim can be changed or can be set maximum chunks / claims per fraction and another interesting think for pvp MC server is --> online map <-- (or dyn-map somethink like that im not sure ) it is map of the server and you can see where the players are now unless they have invisibility potion on them
  4. pajasin

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    if you add Fractions (mod) that improves PVP like you have Fraction with members and claims (area) and if other faction kill you many times in short period of time they are ablo to claim your claims in mod i played -->player have 10 power if dye he lose 2 power the power regenerates in time max was -5 power -->fraction have power of every member (suma of power of all fraction members) then you can have amount of claimed chunks of your faction power example you and your friend create a fraction you have max 20 power that allows you to claim 20 chunks but if you or your friend die you have 20 chunks 18 power that means anyone else can claim your 2 chunks i think it is fun and entertaining ,on the other hand if you lose your claims you are left only with items that you had stored in ender chest .
  5. pajasin

    Wanted: BFR Company Manager

    The God creator of Skylords .

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