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  1. Nerevar

    Character has no DECKS! HELP

    If you don't have the starter Cards, post "DELETE <inGamename>" in this thrad: Your account will be reset by an admin then.
  2. Nerevar

    No cards

    @Kubik Edit: Tagged you just for the ping so you notice him, no need to reset my account
  3. Nerevar

    The Server

    Raising a dead thread just doesn't help anyone imo (ans is actually not even allowed/possible on most forums). It this specific post it doesnt't even fot to the first question asked in this thread. But w/e. I will just ignore his posts from now on. PS: Oh yea, I really despite myself for that - I'm the worst and I hope that one day I and all the people who did stupid comments, will be merciful and forgive me.
  4. Nerevar

    Server high ping

    That ping range is (unfortunately) common at this state of test. I am pretty sure it will get better with the improvements of the serever's code, which the the devs are working on pretty regularly as they talk about it on discord with the community. Be assured that it's not your problem and afaik there is no kick for players with hight ping in BattleForge.
  5. Nerevar

    \help/ dont know what to do anymore

    Normaly this kind of error occurs if you attempt to start the BatteForge.exe which would be wrong. When you're talking about the "Updater", you mean the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe and not the original Updater, right? If that error occurs with SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe, then try by downloading and placing the file that I wrote here about
  6. Nerevar

    Cannot move BF Updater file to BF folder

    It seems like a known issue for user who upgraded to Win10 instead of doing a clean installation. And Folder seem to get picked randomly. Did you try everything that is being said in this answer: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/document-folders-marked-read-only-after-upgrade-to/4f00d3fe-82b0-4e6d-a92a-f81751aa6f51?auth=1 ?
  7. Doesn't look like that to me 2bh https://wiki.pscs.co.uk/how_to:10053
  8. Post a screenshot of the message plz. Don't worry about the language, I can read german.
  9. Nerevar

    stuck at success

    How long did you wait after getting the success message? Because it's a know issue that this happens. But it should not be eternat, but let you know that you lost the connection after ~1 minute.
  10. They were busy up until this very moment, they were working on a server's maintanence.
  11. Nerevar

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Maintenance is in progress right now. No ETA given at the moment. Hawk is doing a Q&A right now. You can try contacting him there, if he reads and reacts to your question.
  12. Nerevar

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    You're welcome @FarRockBF
  13. Nerevar

    The Server

    @nofearek9 Why are necromancing a thread yet again!? This thread is over 3 years old!
  14. Nerevar

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    They said it several times: No, never! Aside from that fact, it's not even the hardware's fault, but the backend code that's being improved over and over again until it's refined to its needed form. - @InsaneHawk 13.09.2018 13:44
  15. Nerevar

    server always full

    It's most likely that you're missing directx9. The dl-link is here.

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