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  1. Nerevar

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    None. It's been said countless times (even several times in this thread): The hardware is not the problem. It's the server's code that has to be corrected/improved. But you're free to participate in the server's upkeep via Patreon.
  2. Nerevar


    Hey, don't worry. I'm not sure about the one that costs 1bfp but there are more booster packs planned for the future. They're just not that important for the current phase.
  3. Nerevar

    Mac Wrapper?

    Try asking him about it. taken from
  4. Nerevar

    PVE Party Glitch

    Hi @Swasta, this bug in known as Ghost Lobby. Basically you can't join your lobby because it simply does not exist anymore while still being shown in the list. Devs are aware of that issue for quiet some time by now and are working on it. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it on our side as players.
  5. Nerevar

    Trading Bug

    It's a know issue. However neither you nor your trade partner will get those items/BFP back That was posted in one of the dev-announcements on 18.09.2018 There was no update after that which said that the issues regarding the trading system are resolved yet.
  6. Nerevar

    issues with disconecting constantly

    It's not your fault and you can't increase your chances right now. Devs are wokring on increasing the server's stability. Just keep trying or wait until thes server's code works more stable. Unfortunately that's how it is at the moment. This information applies to the whole stress test phase. On one day it might work better - on the next it might perma-crash again. But don't worry, it's not your fault.
  7. How many times did you try? The current phase is a stress test, so connection issues are a thing for everybody. Most of the times when this happens, I just try again and again. There's a chance that you'll get inGame after several attempts. I know it sounds stupid, but that's a fact as long as the server's code is not in a stable state. After about 3-6 attempts (in most cases), you should be inGame (if the World-Server is not down). Do you mean you don't get them because you didn't manage to get inGame yet, or "any at all" after finishing a match?
  8. Nerevar

    Disconnection to the server

    Hi @Querulant, As it is currently a stress test, the servers unfortunately have their ups and down. Sometimes, they are being restarted and sometimes they're just protesting. That's eomething we as the players/testing objects can't do much about it and have to wait patiently while the devs are improving the server's code step by step. Everyone is experiencing the same connection issues right now. Your graphical issues on the other hand are most likely connected to your personal device. I'd first check whether your drivers are up to date in the first place. Aside from that: Is it possible to post a screenshot/video of what it looks like?
  9. Nerevar

    BFP Balancing

    Currently overprized cards most likely won't be a thing after several weeks of release. They're just hard overprized right now as people wanna use the moment when the cards are still pretty rare. After release and no wipes these all cards will get more common and drop in value. Also: You can get 225 bfp/day at the current state as you get 3 quests with bfp rewards. btw: you messed up the quote in your prev. answer pretty bad
  10. Nerevar

    BFP Balancing

    To translate your post in simple and short words: Sorry if that sounds too harsh, but allmost every point is leading towards everyone having more BFP and Cards. Which will obv. lead to an almost useless market pretty fast. You called your thread "BFP Balancing", but to me it looks like "BFP Overflowing". It'll be hard to determine that value imo. That will most likely be a thing as there are more Quest and Achievements to come. They already got more of them ready - which currently are just not all enabled iirc. (don't remember where I got that from 2bh) Though I really like the idea of that one, I am afraid that it will lead to an (far too) easy access for specific cards as well as the other points. However, the idea to increase replay-value and a party-play should definetly get some deeper thoughts.
  11. Nerevar

    2 - Upgrade Card problem

    Had a little discussion about that bug on discord. @domccas confirmed that he got the same issue after trading that specific card.
  12. Nerevar

    Errors in the Russian localization/

    Я бы предложил, написать описания неправильных в этой теме, @Tereman. карта: способность: - неправильное описание - правильное описание (как ты думаеш - другие могут исправить) ) Я уверен, что сотрудники исправят его, как только у них будет время и возможность. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd suggest, you write the descriptions of the wrong ones in this thread @Tereman. card:ability: - wrong description - right description (as you think - others may correct) I'm sure the staff will correct it as soon as they have the time and possibility.
  13. Nerevar


    Yes, it is possible via patreon. The income is used for the server's upkeep. However there are no inGame benefits for donations. (The link can be found at the very top of every side on this forum) https://www.patreon.com/skylordsreborn (The link can be found at the very top of every side on this forum)
  14. Nerevar

    Errors in the Russian localization/

    Well, those are the mistakes, that were done and stil not patched out by EA til the very end How many did you find? Though: as I expect this to be clients-sided, the question is: How hard is it to change that, @Ladadoos @John? You can count me in as translator, if needed.
  15. Nerevar

    Control groups not working

    Good morning, I had a similar issue on another computer. I don't exactly know in what file, but it seems that it's connected to the Battleforge-folder inside the privat documents-folder. Personally I got rid of that problem by simply deleting the BF-folder from there. You will need to reconfigure the seettings (controls, graphics, sound, etc.) again though upon starting the game the next time, if you changed any - as it is all being saved there.

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