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  1. Patreon - Thank List

  2. only the battleground map with 4 or 2 players would already be great and then work the remainder of the game.What do you think?
  3. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    gl hf all
  4. Opening Tournament

    I want 2v2
  5. donation in bitcoin

    It would be good to accept bitcoin as a donation.
  6. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Very good, we'll wait.
  7. donation in bitcoin

    it would be nice if you accepted bitcoin as a donation would be simpler
  8. just wanted to leave my thanks to friends who have posted videos on youtube so we can enjoy the progress of the game stays that way
    1. anonyme0273


      I suggest you tune up for a livestream, where your questions can be anwsered and you can enjoy the Forge live! :)

    2. Ultrakool


      Definitely tune in. We've put a lot of work into setting up for twitch to make it fun and exciting! If that doesn't work, there is always YouTube videos which you can watch the next day and share with your friends!

    3. jess13


      I already tried to see but not to get for that I thank for putting in the youtube

  9. I ask everyone that I'm sorry I'm not fluent in English but try to translate the maximum is something that you guys do not understand apologize

  10. impacient

    It will be when we will all be able to play
  11. difficulty impossible

    yes but it has several videos on youtube that pessaos complete missions in soil including expert I've been alone in expert mode
  12. come on donation donation donation

    force to donate? no one is forced to nothing but I think the more people contribute better
  13. jogar battleforge offline

    It would be great if the game could be played in offline already so that the former could not play offfline would be a great option