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  1. jess13


    Is there another way to donate?
  2. jess13

    Is this the screen to start?

    I downloaded 3 times
  3. jess13

    Is this the screen to start?

    antivirus is disabled I looked for a print of forum member in his folder had a file called server in my there is no downloading again by MEGA
  4. jess13

    Is this the screen to start?

    still says checkin, nothing came up just checking, I rebooted again does not appear 3/22
  5. jess13

    Is this the screen to start?

    5 hours later and no ply button appeared
  6. jess13

    Is this the screen to start?

    ty meph.wait
  7. jess13

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    this app can not run on your pc
  8. jess13

    space for everyone to play

    some players who won the key to play, could make room for others who have not yet played sorry the English
  9. jess13

    Patreon - Thank List

  10. only the battleground map with 4 or 2 players would already be great and then work the remainder of the game.What do you think?
  11. jess13

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    gl hf all
  12. jess13

    Opening Tournament

    I want 2v2

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