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  1. You forgot to add: Behind enemy lines: Reduced the number of games played per month by 50% Nightmare shard: Reduced the number of games played per month by 75%
  2. Noice. Based on the artwork I think Wasteland Wyvern would fit quite nicely (could also do Wyrm). -Infused sobering -Tainted sobering ^Same as the windhunter ability. Not too sure about the attack name tbh, the current proposed one sounds good, so guess I'll just suggest Sand Stream as a potential alternative.
  3. Shield building applies an ice shield 3x times on a building with a 7 second delay on the second and third. Avatar spawns with an ice shield on himself that permanently refreshes, which is not applied from an external source. Winter witch does not directly apply an ice shield, she casts (summons) an aura at a location and then the aura applies ice shields in it's area. The ice shield on ice guardian is part of the card itself, not applied by another card and has more properties to it than just decaying by 100/sec. The 'non-static' part is covered by 'blessed' and 'tainted'. The
  4. Noice. So looking at the current frost cards in the game that directly apply ice shields, their abilities are just named ice shield (frost sorceress, ice shield tower, area ice shield, shield building). Other effects do something more than just apply an ice shield to another unit/units/building (winter witch, avatar of frost, mountaineer, warden's sigil, ice guardian) and therefore have a different name. If this spell applies an ice shield once to a group of units then the abilities should be called blessed ice shield and tainted ice shield so that it's consistent with the rest
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