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  1. Introducing keybindings

    as far as i remember there were custom key binds back in the days. dunno if they implementet that feature in skylords reborn tho.
  2. rPVE frost deck help needed

    sounds fun
  3. New Element/faction in the game!!!

    Amii Ritual and Amii Monument dont have something to do with the Amii Faction (Nature/Shadow faction) as Amii Ritual requires 3 Frost Orbs and is a card from the frost faction and Amii Monument can be used no matter what deck you play as its neutral. Amii Phantom is the only card that requires Orbs from Shadow and Nature atm. It would be pretty interesting to know what Phenomic (thats right i will not name the other company) had planned with the Amii faction...
  4. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    some new sauce
  5. PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    why cant moloch be t1?
  6. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    unfair :c i have to know even more know. joking i allready know enough things
  7. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    Battle Forge
  8. Shadow/Frost

    interesting deck @KOPFNICKER
  9. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    keep them BaFo related
  10. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    NEXT MEME...
  11. Challenge Missions

    this sounds interesting indeed.
  12. 3D Hovercraft

    Autodesk 3ds Max2017 the programm you are using. Just saw you have Max17 not Map17 (got this one at work).
  13. 3D Hovercraft

    oh look at that. its the good old autodesk map17 *pukes* nice model tho
  14. Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    GZ Kubik on becoming Dev and thanks for taking off parts of your free time to work on this project.
  15. Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    The following meme could trigger you. Open spoiler at own risk