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  1. samsim100

    reverse AH

    @Ultrakool @Kubik I don`t think he meant an auto-buy option. Curently you are only able to set an offer where you insert your card and wait for someone to give you bfp for it. So what i think he means is that there could be an option where you insert your bfp and wait for someone to give you the card you want to trade for. I think that sounds pretty interesting it would put up a nice and fast option to make bfp.
  2. samsim100

    Your Packluck?

    You Guys ae lucky only good thing i got was Moo thats it. I opened arround 15 booster i think.
  3. samsim100

    What do you do in life?

    I am also an software developer. I am programming financial accounting software with c# and c++.
  4. samsim100

    Save Our Community

    First of all this is only my opinion so don´t take it to serious, except you would like to Second of all @fiki574 i always liked your posts the most because i felt like you were the only one who spoke your mind and the truth not just trying to be all kind. Maybe some of them interpret it as rude ,but i think they chose so maybe because being offended is the new thing. Only because you are a dev doesn´t mean you aren´t human anymore or you have to comfort them all the time. Third of all @Tazermarks maybe the poll thread went a bit overboard but most of the messages were polite and informative. I think the creator of the thread deserved the negative reputation because he hasn´t thaught this through and the result was this impolite poll (Impolite because you could interpret that he tried to tell the devs how to make their job and making bad mood to try to force them to do something they don´t want). No one offended him by disliking his post they just showed him that they don´t like what he did and they were not trying to insult him. All in all i think the community has changed because of he huge amount of members but the core is still the same (My account isn´t to old but i am watching the project from the beginning). And getting rude sometimes is understandable. It is a free project given to us as a gift of good will no one has to pay, the staff is nice, active and responds to the community there is nothing more to wish for, but there are still people complaining and feeling treated unfair. This is the point where i can´t remain silent and need to call all of them princesses and ungratefull kids. Sorry if i insult anyone by this post.
  5. @Ladadoos @John Awesome! New dev members = more progress. Do your best and thanks for your work. @Chibiterasu Removing tokens was a good thing to do. The only reason for them where micro transactions so why should they remain. I played a lot and never had any issues to get all the points without grinding them so every player who is interested in the game shouldn´t have any problem with this change at all. But for beginners it´s easier to obtain enough stuff for the upgrades without being forced to play lot´s of rpve or high level rpve. You want to play the game with as few changes as possible to the original? There are two giant changes: 1. It´s all free to play and it will only life by it´s community 2. The people running this game now realy care for the game the reason this game died was because there weren´t any changes (new maps,cards,quest ....... ) So i think this was a nice first step onto the right path.
  6. samsim100

    Open Stress Test Information

    @DragMe Some dev said it could be this sommer
  7. samsim100


    granted, but you have to brag about it so everyone including the police knows it. I wish i had full control over everyting anytime
  8. samsim100

    Open Stress Test Information

    @fiki574 Don`t say can be "revoked" please. Just the idea of it is stuff of nightmares.
  9. samsim100

    Open Stress Test Information

    No one lost interest in this game at all. So many friends of mine are waiting and no one is disapointet at all. This game died a long time ago and EA don´t cares wich means without this project there is no chance of it`s revival so the best thing is just to wait. Did you every wrote a programm? Sometimes it`s realy tricky and a problem occur then you have to re-code lot´s of things because you can´t get arround. No one can predict some of this thing. Skylords devs had to re-code to an other language to our advantage in terms of speed, reliability and supported players. So yeah the delay is huge but who cares, only people wich don`t get the work behind this and don`t care about it. Dev post getting short is nothing bad at all. They are informative as allways just not us much details as before but for some good reason so who cares?
  10. samsim100


    I have no idea how i didn´t see that sorry
  11. samsim100


    You are talking about beer and no one is mentioning our good german beer?
  12. samsim100

    Faction symbols

    Why not editing the logos together to represent the franktions? Aburning seven pointed star or a frozen leaf would look pretty awesome.
  13. samsim100

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I dont know where to post this so here it is. If you google battleforge in germany the first logo you will see in the info box at the right isnt the original logo anymore its the skylords logo. Isnt this awesome? Just so you know my fellow lords.
  14. samsim100

    The story behind your nick.

    It has to be about 10 years ago when i player a browser game called "Die Stämme". It is a game where you need a lot of time and be available any time so my brother and i decided to team up. My name is samuel his name is simeon so we took our first 3 letters combined them. This name was already taken so we took a 1 and as many 0 as needed. Since then my name stays the same in every game. Maybe someone remembers my name of the last few days of our beloved BattleForge stayed till the sad end.

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