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  1. ikke2902

    Is this game still alive?

    The game is in development by the community. The game will receive a reset upon the real launch, so not many people are playing at the moment. You can find most information here at FAQ. Welcome back skylord
  2. Took me some time to dig this up, but I think it belongs here. It tells for example how the flame crystal works. Unit will attack damage will follow this pattern with each attack 1x,1x,1x,1.25x,1.25x,1.25,1.5 till crystal wears off or got destroyed. Also explains how the root network works and many more surprising hidden info.
  3. ikke2902

    My Improved CardBase

    Soul shatter is shown as Soul Explosion in the title instead
  4. ikke2902

    Favorite Element

    For me is the cheapest element (in terms of BFP) that has QoL and does the job in PvE and rPvE
  5. ikke2902

    BF Memeville

    Community has grown, there got to be some more right? To do older poster, please update your post to show the meme
  6. ikke2902

    My Improved CardBase

    Take an upvote from me
  7. ikke2902

    My Improved CardBase

    Love it! Somehow the scroll bar doesn't work in Firefox, it does work in chrome and Microsoft Edge however.
  8. ikke2902

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Oh my, two years already. Time flies. Congrats to all!
  9. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  10. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

    I like spongbob
  11. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  12. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  13. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  14. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

    Finally A place where I can make myself useful and make contribution to this awesome community. I'll kick off with this. Stay tuned
  15. ikke2902

    Contest: New Logo

    I'm flatered anonyme, but I can only make videos x) I'm looking forward to seeing more logos! Looking good so far

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