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  1. ikke2902

    Is this game still alive?

    The game is in development by the community. The game will receive a reset upon the real launch, so not many people are playing at the moment. You can find most information here at FAQ. Welcome back skylord
  2. Took me some time to dig this up, but I think it belongs here. It tells for example how the flame crystal works. Unit will attack damage will follow this pattern with each attack 1x,1x,1x,1.25x,1.25x,1.25,1.5 till crystal wears off or got destroyed. Also explains how the root network works and many more surprising hidden info.
  3. ikke2902

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    I like to play rPvE a lot and I think breeding ground as the entire team loves it and of course I like portal nexus to build up additional friendships
  4. Osha, I just checked the FAQ brb
  5. Yeap, these guys are one step ahead of the majority. Our first step is to download the game while they already have it
  6. ikke2902

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Soul shatter is shown as Soul Explosion in the title instead
  7. You know Soul shatter and portal nexus a like A well timed second chance can be devastating to your friends too
  8. ikke2902

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    I'd vote for bad harvest as well. I think it is a one of a kind map. Everyone goes their own way and we have to rely on each player success. On normal difficulty one can't really lose and yet a great map to introduce the game to new people I think. Despite of not being too hard on normal, winning still feels like a "Good job team" final comment. I might also be super bias on this as this is the first 4p map that I got to play and was one of the reason to get me hooked to this game.
  9. ikke2902

    Favorite Element

    For me is the cheapest element (in terms of BFP) that has QoL and does the job in PvE and rPvE
  10. ikke2902

    BF Memeville

    Community has grown, there got to be some more right? To do older poster, please update your post to show the meme
  11. ikke2902

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Take an upvote from me
  12. ikke2902

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Love it! Somehow the scroll bar doesn't work in Firefox, it does work in chrome and Microsoft Edge however.
  13. ikke2902

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Oh my, two years already. Time flies. Congrats to all!
  14. Lovely! My brain.exe failed to respond when I played your matchcard minigame. 58 moves needed lol
  15. ikke2902

    Moon or Virydia?

    While I don't know the background of Moon. I certainly don't want to deal with the father of Viridya This is what I mean...
  16. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  17. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

    I like spongbob
  18. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  19. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  20. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

  21. ikke2902

    Quest to find cheap rpve 9 decks

    The first thing I want to achieve in BFR is getting a decent deck so I can play/farm rpve lvl 9. In the early days BFP and cards will be scarce, so I tend to use commons and uncommons only. Here below is what I've came up with. I'd love to have 2x LSS, but those will be popular and therefor expensive/scarce. Grimvine could be as scarce as LSS, based on the old BFP pricing. I feel like I am missing something, because I almost forgot breeding ground... Let me know how to improve this deck while maintaining or lowering it's BFP price. Other cheap rpve 9 decks are very welcome too Note: I don't plan to beat Lost soul in rpve9 with these decks for obvious reason
  22. I didn't expect to see this topic becomming the 2nd hot item in the 777k user subreddit. Skylords, feel free to chip in answering or providing more information to those redditors there Edit: We are first now!!!
  23. Yes, will try. Good to know that you guys are also monitoring it.
  24. ikke2902

    Your best gifs

    Finally A place where I can make myself useful and make contribution to this awesome community. I'll kick off with this. Stay tuned
  25. ikke2902

    Creating Battleforge Videos: What the community wants

    Something not related to the gameplay. Just user made up story, cinematics, music video, trailers etc.

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