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  1. Looters "Looter" ability works against buildings but not units Strikers "Looter" ability works against buildings and units.
  2. SERVER: Production server; SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe NAME: "Customer Support" link from the "News" page links to a non-existing page SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: The News page REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Open up the "News" page and click on the Customer Support button on the left side. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Link goes to https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/38-technical-support/ which doesnt exist.
  3. I've tested this quite a bit with @Necrospaz and managed to get the following results: "Restart" means that person restarted his client. For all tests we made sure we both were in the introduction channel. "Party leader" shows what person has invited the other. In other words, the Party Leader and creator of the lobby. "No Restart" means that both players have been in a party before and since then haven't restarted their client. This seems to always go correctly. There are a few cases where the other person's deck is displayed as the one from the Party leader, but only
  4. Tested on Crusade map. Both screenshots are taken by the non-host, from the base of the host that closed the game trough taskmanager. The second time, it hung a fraction of a second later where you DO see the buildings and units get destroyed. The game however still hangs. When the non-host closes it trough taskmanager, the buildings and units are destroyed correctly.
  5. Tested, Requesting and showing decks works as intended. Targeting a command on an offline user however doesn't show "user is offline" message. Just nothing.
  6. Just tested this with the following results: When you join a lobby with deck "Fire", deck "Fire" is displayed. When you switch to deck "Frost" by pressing the "Decks" button, "Fire" is still displayed. This only updates when you either go ready, or leave the group and join again.
  7. I seem to have found the source of this bug. I'm able to replicate this with 100% success (7/7). - Log into the game and click on ANY of the Random 1/2/4 Player PVE Scenario's. - Click back and enter the Sparring Grounds. - Create ANY lobby. Map doesn't seem to matter. - Crash The error message in the original post is actually the second error message you get. The one before thisone is:
  8. Am I the only one baffled that you remembered this many names? Geez man, nice memory...
  9. "It was is developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts."? @Kiwi Please correct my if i'm wrong
  10. Is it really that hard?
  11. @Savatar It is on a Sunday instead of on a day mid-week. This is pretty much the best time for people all over the world to be able to watch (~8 a.m. in the US). I don't really find this a problem
  12. The new league "Breach" has begun! Join the BF guild and lets play together / help eachother out!
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