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  1. My opinion about skylords

    Then stop playing op shit like fully buffed Easter Egg ;P You have still the chance to limit yourself -by skipping t1 -or playing some unused cards to find the new op meta (weird towering strategies, Burrow Ritual, Fire Bomb, Fountain of Rebirth, Earth Crystal, Girl Power) -playing without keyboard -playing 1 vs 2 you will still win, but hopefully it will be alot closer. Or you start your own Live coaching and teach your viewers and the other Beta testers, cause skillwise they are alot closer together.
  2. My opinion about skylords

    At this point, it can only go upwards, gameplay and quality wise . But still better than no Battleforge Youtube content at all .
  3. Discord Giveaway 29/08/2017

    perfect time, nice that you announce it over the forum, i rarely watch discord
  4. hardest pvp deck

    Pure Frost is one of the easier Decks to play (really spammy), through the low costs combined with the high HP, AoEs such as Eruption or Nasty arent really worth it. And its ultra defensiv so perfect for the more responding player. In High rank you will face alot of Scavy or Phasetower rushs but depending on the map there is still a good chance to win. Harder Decks are Bandits and Pure Nature (provided you play without treespirit). Bandits have the advantage of Fire (or Shadow) T1, but are worse in T2. While Nature need a long time to scale as good as other Decks through high costs, but after that it can destroy. Both are not really fun to play, at least for me :D.
  5. Favorite Non-Meta Card

    Lost Shade (Blue), pre nerf this card was awesome to play very strong and fun to play, after the nerf it was in speedruns (pve) and pvp not a usefull card anymore. But i like the unity effect alot, so i played this card in normal/random pve often and also had a fun sparring deck for pvp. I nefer understand the nerf of this card, before (2009) it was played more often, sure it was very strong but for a situational card like this ok.
  6. Strongest PvP Deck?

    Some Matchups can be pretty hard for some Decks (like Pure Fire vs Pure Frost), but every deck have in some scissors stone paper style good and bad matchups. But overall the better player will win in the most cases. For me Pure Fire and Shadow/Frost are the strongest decks. And Shadow/Frost, Pure Frost or Pure Shadow need the least effort to climb ranks. Frost t1 can be played pretty spammy and will not be punished in lower rankings, and Shadow has a overall good t1 with strong abilitys. Also a buffed Harvester or a Wareagle spam was easy to play and pretty effective in lower rankings (until higher gold) ^^.
  7. Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Challenge: You are only allowed to defend, your first attack is allowed after you build up 4-5 extra wells.
  8. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    Nothing to add. - Not one of my favorite maps but one of my most played, cause before MaranV always played Haladur in Sparrings, this was the map which he played 24/7 in sparrings. Was a good way to train the Stonekin mirror, cause to this time no one know about the Frost Mage spam so the Frost vs. Nature Stonekin mirror was fine on this map, and one of the more exciting matchups on that map. - I saw rarely nice matches on this map, some with Cliffed Wareagles where intense and also Crystal Fiend + Defenders games, and a intense t1 Battle Hirooo against Hightech. But most of the time battles on this map end in a boring build up games with smaller trades until T3.
  9. Card Collecting Games

    Played Gwent for some time, was fun. And its still beta so the Card collection is manageable (they give out alot of keys). After some weeks of play you have alot of Cards and can craft you a meta deck. Matchmaking was always fair and Rewards are very fair. I just stop to play cause after the highest rank there was not much to achieve atm. Atm its by far not as complex as Yu-gi-oh but that will change with a bigger card pool.
  10. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    If your opponent is called Radi (Worlds best player, not even hirooo can beat him or show me a recent replay where he beat him ) never . Against all other player about 200 Energy should be enough, with Towers even less (If both have the same energy). Frost T1 is earlier able to defend and with Nature T1 it is generally not recommended to take a well more (ok roots can be pretty strong at that map and maybe with treespirit it is also possible, but i prefer the safe way). If i already fight, and got a advantage of like 50-75 Energy (killed in units), i also consider to take a well to heal up my troops or to exchange a temorary advantage into a permanent if there are no other good spots to attack. Ok i was in the past often greedy and even take a well without advantage if i dont know my opponent, but that is not the way to go, this was just a bad habit and can cost games. Otherwise you can take a well if your opponent takes one, if you arent sure that you can destroy it. Situations where the enemy well survived with about 40 HP can be annoying and cost you also games.
  11. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    Here was the misunderstanding ^^, under close wells i understand close to my opponent not to my own base . Why would you say otherwise Frost is strong in close well situations (what would be also true cause a Scavy rush wouldnt work :D) 1. Yes you can easy defend that, but i can go to contest B and take there a well (or will be in favor for trades if you contest it, until i can take that well) . Mapcontroll blocked and if you want another base you have always to fight with me. 2. Of course you can take B and defend, cause im at this moment at Y so you have enough time to block the chokepoints and even enough time to build up towers, also you have some energy to spare -100 power but still enough to punish me in the time i want to cross the chokepoint and split. (Thats why i write the first well is always safe to take, anyone else can be contested), its through the distance between us and the energy both have to spend. If i take no well i have no place to backup my troops, this rush would be a all-in which can fail to alot of things, so no situation i want to risk. Ok in rare cases i even risk that, if i know my opponent is not the best player, but something like that can cost you the game. 3. First of all if you take A, i would probably contest the B cluster to force you into battles, so if you want to take that you will be -200 and then it would be totally fine for me to fight you, i mean 200 Energy in early game where the energy flow is that slow, no way to loose this^^. But also if i take Y im fine to attack B, you are at about ~80 Ene at the B spot in the time you have the power to build that well im already halfway closer to you, in the moment you take that well you have no energy im close with my Swift + 100 E (so probably 2 Forsaken) in troops, With that majority of troops its no big deal to outmicro a player that have way less Troops, and can only spawn some from time to time (in the same rate like me, so i can even estimate your power for things like eruption easy), for sure i can spawn only dazed, but that is ok cause you havent the troops to kill them fast enough + i have the option to run with them while my troops still focused your troops. I think to build a tower would be wasted cause its already to late for that (you have to wait for the Energy and build up time), and there is enough space to split. 4. Yes i can, just the distance to my well would be way longer, also if you win that defend im in big trouble cause you can zone me out of the map (that is why i write you have to be confident in your T1), not the ideal case to attack. Edit: But im always up for improvments if you think thats wrong (also matchups play a role as Fire vs Shadow it can be totally different cause Shadow has certain advantages in defense and in early stage Sunderer arent that great), you have the chance to grab a player and test this on Haladur (streaming or Youtube would be nice, i have to much time at work ) :).
  12. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    Which well is for you the close well, all wells are kind of close, except the first ones. Yes he can split the same, but without a advantage and 100 Energy more from both sides he have to take care for the choke points as well, cause you have the energy to punish him for crossing, and you even have the advantage of defending with instant full heal units (cause of your well). On same Energy level the defender have a advantage. Its kind of risky, too. Its never nice to have the 100 Energy disadvantage. Maybe i just dont understand your Questions properly to answer them :D. Edit: Lunchtime so away for some time.
  13. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    Lets say he take his second base so he have a close position to prepare an attack from this position, cause this base is in the middle he can split them from the start, also we are 100 Energy down on energy (for our second well what can be pretty easy punished) so we never can punish him for crossing the choke point, and it would be as on every other map a open fight with enough room for splits. He is already close and come from both sides and after he cross the choke point he can split even more, how we want to defend this attack? We are low on energy so he will have always the majority of troops, if he properly micro his dazed units we not even can fast enough finish them before they are out of daze, and hurted units can be backuped to his base to heal up. Of course we can build a Mortar (sure this can work if he is not close enough to punish the build up of the tower) but then we are even more down in energy, and probably not even have the energy for a nasty or a eruption and after he cross the choke point he can split them that only one troop can be attacked by Mortar, and this one can be microed away if the mortar start to fire. In this case we are 150 Energy down that are 3 Units more from his side. Shadow can build phase tower (160 E), but it is the same as against mortar, if he is already to close he can punish this and even if your tower is fully build up we are still 100 Energy down. I have often enough played that crazy well build up game, but good player always punish me for that, so no close wells without a advantage. But im aware that the majority of old Battleforge player dont punish mistakes and also havent the game knowledge and micro to punish that.
  14. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    My Favorite/ first choice map. -Well balanced / The most played tournament map ever. -Nice map to attack from multiple sides -Slight disadvantage for Frost t1 -1st Base: Safe to take if you are comfortable in your t1 skills. With Frost (no Swift) and Nature (never take a well more than your opponent without a advantage) risky cause you can easily zoned out of mapcontroll +its dangerous against Scavy Rush (only Frost). If your opponent take that well and you think you have the better t1 you can go for the well cluster that blocked him out of the map. So you can force your opponent to fight t1, in that case the fight often do not last long, it puts your opponent under pressure. -2nd Base: A bit safer to take, too risky for your opponent to attack this spot instant without taking a well (for the chance to backup), you have a bit time until he reached you, and have the advantage of summoning undazed units and blocking the choke points, also towers can mess up your opponents attack so a All-in in this situation is not the best for your opponent. Against MaranV or generally Frost t1 (no swift) i always try to contest that base (with Shadow T1), if you both start immediately you will reach this spot at the same time as your opponent, so you can force him to daze fight there, in that early stage Shadow is good enough to win this fight. -After you take one well no other Well is safe = can be contested. But also a opportunity to force your opponent into the choke point if he want to punish a well to much, this lead often to a cold war situation (no one want to make the first move so it often end in a static battle.) Great map :).
  15. Controversial PvP Opinions

    25 % more damage against single targets in sleep is ok, compared to the 25 % less damage to all units that scale also better through heals. But it should not be possible to play the blue affinity if one of these is on the field, double Dryad with different boosts sound scary. And i think in defense every tower is well balanced, but if you build them in offense where the opponent cant avoid them, they grant to much stats per energy. If we increase the vulnerability it would also affect all other matchups (but i see him mainly against Nature as to powerfull, Frost is weak early but can also outscale them) and without his offensive usefullness the tower is not that great. With the standard Cards, Nature is slighly in favor Dryad spam is good against Fire, there are also cards like spearmen that are good against fire. But Fire have still opportunities to win t1 especially with mortar. Frost vs. Nature is still a more unbalanced Matchup. Frost can just spam Frost Mage and the unit that was supposed to balance this matchup (Treespirit), is against all other decks better, but failed against op Ice Barriers xD. I never tried a Swiftclaw rush, in theory this should be equal to a Svavy Rush on bigger maps.