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  1. ImperatorSK

    Closed Beta Applications

    We want you to explain to us, why we should take you and not another one, what makes you so special. + What's your experience with BattleForge, PVP, PVE etc.. Pros: -I was active in Battleforge from the very beginning (Beta), until the bitter end. Had all Cards in Battleforge even Promos so alot of Knowledge about Card stats, Card interaction, and all kind of maps -Alot of PVE tournament/speedrun experience, and i was a pretty good pvp player, so i can test both modes on a pretty high level. -I already helped in other games to find exploides and bugs in beta stages. - I have no other games to play - I have still an old video about building a Battleforge trainer on my pc, so maybe usefull to find and close or prevent cheating weakspots. Why me and no other one?: -Way more experience than the most other players, alot of free time and no other games that can distract me. How much free time can you dedicate, it must be clearly explained Until 02.06. not much. After that i have always at 5 pm free time, until about 2am (UTC +01:00) when I go to sleep. Playing about 4-5 Hours per day. Sometimes way longer. On weekend about 10 Hours. Your Discord user (ex: InsaneHawk#0279) ImperatorSK#8150
  2. ImperatorSK

    Multiple Accounts

    Should anyone write big bullshit, or insult other Users feel free to downvote. But if he just call his own opinion and you just do not agree, discuss, but do not expect that he will change his mind. In a forum everyone is free to express his own opinion, as long as he behaves politely and does not violate the forum guidelines.
  3. ImperatorSK

    Best Gaming Device

    Snes was hands down best console ever, games like Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Actraiser, Tactics Ogre, Sunset Riders and way to many other great games, i have a collection of 200+ games and i never experienced a completely bad game, and all the games are somehow unique with innovative ideas. Overall i prefer Nintendo over all other consoles and even over the pc in therms of fun games to kill time. Playstation and X-Box have single great titles but overall way to much crap games, and with better graphic other things like gameplay, story and fun getting less and less important for them (im not the biggest fan of big tripple A titles they start mostly great, but then they mutate just to money printing machines that just always follow the same concepts if you know one title you know them all). For PSP i enjoy Soccom alot, the first game where Headset support is implemented and everyone use it, alot of other nice people to talk and the Headset was also neccesary cause competetive it was the only tactical shooter that really deserved the category tactical. And sometimes you can just troll around with all the other player in the game, the communication was great :).
  4. ImperatorSK

    Multiple Accounts

    I can agree to each of your points. Nevertheless, we also need solutions for our high rank players to have their anonymity. The easiest way would be with the option of more Chars per account, where you can just play another char if you want your anonymity or want to play a different deck or play a troll deck. From my point of view it is fine to display only my main Char in the ranking. Sure there will be still some lower players crushed but from my last smurf i know you need only about 20 games to gold rank and about 50-60 games to Hero rank provided you win every game. Another possibility would be to give also all our Chars a global rank (only your main char is displayed in the ranking), but you have still your statistics of every single char. With the global rank it would be still a problem for a high rank player to find a sparring enemy or to have their anonymity (cause there are not that much primes), but that would be an at least halfway satisfactory solution for me. i know nothing about a bug, but i also only have in the past one Acc with more than one char.
  5. ImperatorSK

    Multiple Accounts

    So have fun playing against always the same Decks in ranking, i bet in a short amount of time the playerbase of pvp will die. And if they are away also Hardcore pvp player will leave cause they can not find matchups (will be still hard with a that small player base). I will definitely look how its work, but if i cant play other decks with different charakters the play fun will be fast gone. Elo trading is not really an issue in a low playerbase game like this, there was a player in the old Battleforge who buy his elo from other player and even paid some High ranks for playing his Account, but then everyone knew in no time how he came to his rank. If that player try to play itself on his account he would just have dropped without end (im not going to call a name, but i think any high rank player know anyway which player i mean)
  6. ImperatorSK

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Congrats Ultra!
  7. ImperatorSK

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Im fine with the delay, take your time. Dangerous statement, if something should come in between, the air will burn.
  8. ImperatorSK

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    This! Miliz is Home Soil. It is worth to look over this too, the best guides if you plan to play more competetive. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1821-shadow-t1-pvp-guide-by-radicalx/ + https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2486-battleforge-pvp-deck-overview-by-hirooo-radicalx /
  9. ImperatorSK

    what is the better start up for 2v2 frost or nature

    Nature T1 is probably the strongest 2vs2 start, Dryad, Shaman, Roots, Hurricane and Heal offer that much support power that you not even have to spawn own assault units like WWs. Frost will lead often to defeats cause you can not defend important middle positions on big maps with your mate together. I would say also the power of Stonekin is by far stronger in 2vs2 than 1vs1. Stonekin is a powerfull weapon if you know how to play it in 2vs2.
  10. ImperatorSK

    Who is around my age or older?

    In 9 days i am 31 years old, my brother is 42 and i think he will be also back when the open Beta starts.
  11. ImperatorSK

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    pve expert maps were possible with the starter deck, i beat the most of them with a standard deck that i improved from time to time, nothing special just cheap cards like shamans which I have exchanged with someone for gold. This guy even beat the most multiplayer maps solo with a play4free deck. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAcesofspades/videos In pvp everyone had at least a 100+ Decklvl. and i know alot of people that reached that without spending money. In the early Battleforge Stage where I was not ready to spend money i had a small income with selling gold, and have multiplied that by trading. Sure later on i spend alot of money to be able to trade better stuff like promos, to build up my smurf armee but my first deck i completely upgraded without spending anything. A friend of mine was even more lucky cause someone ingame gift him alot of common and uncommon cards. Edit: Back to topic pvp was the most exciting game mode. A human is not that easy to trick as a computer.
  12. ImperatorSK

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I'm here
  13. ImperatorSK

    Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    I'm not sure if Executor add enough to be worth a slot, i pretty much would rate it as trash cause i think it is even worse to the main Dreadcharger, Nox, Motivate? In the matchup Shadow vs. Frost i feel like kiting, focus fire and micro is a important factor and that is easier with swift and ranged units. Homesoil or Glyph of Frost are even better against Executors if you are to close. Before you need Executor for charges you will be pretty much easy able to go t2 or the Frost player already snowball to hard. Before i would play Executor i play sim city and spam Phasetower
  14. ImperatorSK

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Good Luck
  15. ImperatorSK

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Oh no, exactly in the 2 months where I can not play, or very rarely the open beta will be released :(. See you april in the forge, when i try to catch up :).

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