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  1. Against Hirooo it is hard enough to reach T2 or trade efficient, in the time you try to go t4 he would drink a coffee and after your T4 is up, he would smiling and you see only Grigory Nastys all over the map, like he does If it was too boring in 2vs2, then he decided to nasty my monuments, cause we would win anyways.
  2. I tested also Earthshaker. http://i.epvpimg.com/0zlwd.jpg Earthshaker is ok, but -There are maps without the possibility of T4 -Other maps have risky t4 spots and if you loose Map Controll this would not be possible -It costs time and a Energy investement which only pay off if you be able to build it up and are able to kill a Cluster. -If your Enemy reached first T3, you cant take the risk of going t4. He will pressure you alot so this high investment would kill you. -With Amii Monument you would lose another Deck Slot So it would only help against a: Ultra defensiv people and only if they havent enough Offensive Power to pressure you to dead while you invest the 300 Power. b: against people where you are anyways in a big lead.
  3. Will be a hard and frustating way to the top. But i would add Rallying and Aura of Corruption. To split in t3 into Nature is not the best decision, its anyway hard enough to play Bandits succesfull and reach T3 but adding Heal, Oink, Swamp only for t3 acts like the worst possible way. Maybe someone else can look over your Deck again, i think you forget other strong cards. Could only look briefly over it, since i do not have much time.
  4. I dont care about reps, i would beat the most people anyways in T1 so they will never see my T3. And the ones where i can come to t3, are usually not better with their t3s, i add Cursed well for ultra defensive people like MaranV, Freemka, or some other guys where i forgot the names that delay the games until the last minutes, annoying to play, so i can bleed them out.
  5. Interesting tests. So Virtuoso would be better as overall pick cause he even have the L-Bounus. So Sun Reaver and Bandit Lancer can be removed. Highly protected Monuments shouldnt be a problem cause we have Sandstorm, so Virtuoso is great. To bad we cant run Giant Slayer cause of double Fire i also always prefer it in my Fire Decks ^^. Ashbone is not that great without buffs, as mentioned above we run no Life Weaving. My Lost Soul Decks never run Life Weaving only for T3 i dont want to spend that slot. Edit: Also all other changes are welcome, my future Lost Soul Deck will be similar to this ^^, just with double frost T3 and Cursed Well. For 2vs2 i choose this (just with Life Weaving if my mate played Sunderer or Harvester) or my most loved Embalmer+Phoenix Combo, i played in the past.
  6. I played it on my Pure Frost Acc, it was rarely usefull. If your opponent spam Dreadchargers and they stupidly try to trample your MAs its a quite good spell, also suprising for enemys with Harvester in T2 in these cases Wintertide is good cause the burst against trampling is op. Against good players this spell was often useless. Cause they will just run away if you are far away from their wells. so - 60 E is expensive for 30 % dmg reduce, so just with huge spams - rarely usefull through trampling damage. - Main problem should be the slot, cause you can add mostly overall usefull cards, and this one is more of a situational pick. Maybe for 2vs2 usefull, i never tested this spell in 2vs2. Next Question: What do you think about this alternate T3 for Lost Souls Dreadcharger,Forsaken,Nox-Trooper,Phase-Tower,Motivate,Nasty-Surprise,Aura-of-Corruption,Coldsnap,Nightcrawler,Darkelf-Assassins,Frost-Bite_shadow,Glacier-Shell,Kobold-Trick,Mountaineer,Stormsinger_nature,Sun-Reaver_fire,Bandit-Lancer_shadow,Sandstorm_fire,Lost-Grigori_shadow,Shield-Building Just insert this into Allbfcards. Sure the standard double frost T3 is better, not only if someone destroy your first or second orb. But maybe in 2vs2 it seems to be a pretty strong T3, i never had a 5 Card T3 before ^^. -Sandstorm help against ultra defensiv T3s or the church bunk up. Cause your enemy cant play any cards or builduing supports, and also deal alot of dmg. -Bandit-Lancer is a cheap good L-Counter with Lifesteal. -Grigory and Shield Builduing are ultra defensiv picks. -Sun Reaver as allround pick, it prelly fast scales up his dmg. So good Allround Counter, pretty good Well dmg. and a usefull ability. Note: The Deck has no Life Weaving.
  7. That was not the statement i mean, but in the end It pursues the same statement. Thank you for searching. Buyer is in my opinion as guilty as the seller, the buyer wants to have an advantage over all other users, it is more like cheating. But i think this will be no problem at the beginning, and after some years when anyways all user have a bigger collection no one would care about something like that, because they can only break even.
  8. One of the administrators already stated that they dont punish multi accounting. Maybe someone have a link to that statement, can be also out of one of their livestreams The Creating duplicate accounts for whatever reason is based on the forum rules.
  9. I found a old quote from Hirooo out of his stream to Fallen Skyelf. "Fallen Skyelf is imba, Fallen Skyelf is so lame that i play it, especially because she makes nasty strong, and nasty is great" Fallen Skyelf ability + Shadow Insect Nasty almost kill a Grigory. So with better Nasty targets, it should be able to clear alot of XL units. To this time he also played Shadow Insect so my next question, is Shadow Insect worth a Slot? - 100 Energy so pretty expensive. - L Counter so pretty good for T3, M Unit - Low stats compared to other units, but a good ability that shines if it is used against L-Units and also deal Aoe Damage in a 5 meter radius + knockback small units. Discuss!
  10. i have my concerns with such a statement, i hope that you does not rush bans, there are reasons that other companys need their time to prove illegal activities. And i really hope that just Multiaccounting would not be marked, i will send alot of Stuff in between my Accounts, and will also create multiple accounts for pve, pvp ,trading, as in the old Battleforge times.
  11. Aion, Echo of Souls, Guild Wars, Civ 5, Diablo 3, Starcraft II, im sure i forgot alot of other games :D. Currently only Gwent.
  12. In germany the word "Alpha-Kevin" was in the selection of the youth word of the year 2015, but got banned for the nomination (after a huge lead), because of the negative definition (discrimination).
  13. For sure, but thats why its called stereotypes, stereotypes are not nice. Alot of lower class people in germany call their kids kevin so. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2012/02/01/does-a-lame-name-make-you-more-likely-to-be-a-smoker-with-low-self-esteem/#.WNOWn2_hDcs We have alot of german sites that make fun over the kevinismus syndrome (kevinism) .
  14. Must always think of the study that people with the name kevin have the lowest intelligence. Would not be so funny if i did not know kevins that prove this stereotype.
  15. An app would be awesome, to bad i use Windows phone so it will not happen.