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  1. Who is around my age or older?

    In 9 days i am 31 years old, my brother is 42 and i think he will be also back when the open Beta starts.
  2. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    pve expert maps were possible with the starter deck, i beat the most of them with a standard deck that i improved from time to time, nothing special just cheap cards like shamans which I have exchanged with someone for gold. This guy even beat the most multiplayer maps solo with a play4free deck. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAcesofspades/videos In pvp everyone had at least a 100+ Decklvl. and i know alot of people that reached that without spending money. In the early Battleforge Stage where I was not ready to spend money i had a small income with selling gold, and have multiplied that by trading. Sure later on i spend alot of money to be able to trade better stuff like promos, to build up my smurf armee but my first deck i completely upgraded without spending anything. A friend of mine was even more lucky cause someone ingame gift him alot of common and uncommon cards. Edit: Back to topic pvp was the most exciting game mode. A human is not that easy to trick as a computer.
  3. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I'm here
  4. Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    I'm not sure if Executor add enough to be worth a slot, i pretty much would rate it as trash cause i think it is even worse to the main Dreadcharger, Nox, Motivate? In the matchup Shadow vs. Frost i feel like kiting, focus fire and micro is a important factor and that is easier with swift and ranged units. Homesoil or Glyph of Frost are even better against Executors if you are to close. Before you need Executor for charges you will be pretty much easy able to go t2 or the Frost player already snowball to hard. Before i would play Executor i play sim city and spam Phasetower
  5. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Good Luck
  6. delete

    I dont like that the looter ability in contrast to Void manipulation can generate energy out of nothing, and even higher the void flow permanent without drawback of other Void manipulation cards, but overall i think thugs are not that bad in high ranking. In low ranking where nobody micro their cards they can be more critical and generate a good advantage. Does someone have the current thugs calculation? I know it was pre nerf 33% so for a killed forsaken squad you gain 17 permanent power.
  7. delete

    Thugs are not even close to be most hated t1 card, treespirit and phasetowers spread the most love between the players :D. Curse well is fine then :). And Easter Egg clear above God Rank.
  8. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Oh no, exactly in the 2 months where I can not play, or very rarely the open beta will be released :(. See you april in the forge, when i try to catch up :).
  9. My opinion about skylords

    Then stop playing op shit like fully buffed Easter Egg ;P You have still the chance to limit yourself -by skipping t1 -or playing some unused cards to find the new op meta (weird towering strategies, Burrow Ritual, Fire Bomb, Fountain of Rebirth, Earth Crystal, Girl Power) -playing without keyboard -playing 1 vs 2 you will still win, but hopefully it will be alot closer. Or you start your own Live coaching and teach your viewers and the other Beta testers, cause skillwise they are alot closer together.
  10. My opinion about skylords

    At this point, it can only go upwards, gameplay and quality wise . But still better than no Battleforge Youtube content at all .
  11. Discord Giveaway 29/08/2017

    perfect time, nice that you announce it over the forum, i rarely watch discord
  12. hardest pvp deck

    Pure Frost is one of the easier Decks to play (really spammy), through the low costs combined with the high HP, AoEs such as Eruption or Nasty arent really worth it. And its ultra defensiv so perfect for the more responding player. In High rank you will face alot of Scavy or Phasetower rushs but depending on the map there is still a good chance to win. Harder Decks are Bandits and Pure Nature (provided you play without treespirit). Bandits have the advantage of Fire (or Shadow) T1, but are worse in T2. While Nature need a long time to scale as good as other Decks through high costs, but after that it can destroy. Both are not really fun to play, at least for me :D.
  13. Favorite Non-Meta Card

    Lost Shade (Blue), pre nerf this card was awesome to play very strong and fun to play, after the nerf it was in speedruns (pve) and pvp not a usefull card anymore. But i like the unity effect alot, so i played this card in normal/random pve often and also had a fun sparring deck for pvp. I nefer understand the nerf of this card, before (2009) it was played more often, sure it was very strong but for a situational card like this ok.
  14. Strongest PvP Deck?

    Some Matchups can be pretty hard for some Decks (like Pure Fire vs Pure Frost), but every deck have in some scissors stone paper style good and bad matchups. But overall the better player will win in the most cases. For me Pure Fire and Shadow/Frost are the strongest decks. And Shadow/Frost, Pure Frost or Pure Shadow need the least effort to climb ranks. Frost t1 can be played pretty spammy and will not be punished in lower rankings, and Shadow has a overall good t1 with strong abilitys. Also a buffed Harvester or a Wareagle spam was easy to play and pretty effective in lower rankings (until higher gold) ^^.
  15. Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Challenge: You are only allowed to defend, your first attack is allowed after you build up 4-5 extra wells.