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  1. Note: I pretty much played no Skylords Pvp since official release so probably my comments are out of date due to balance changes and my lack of knowledge of what has changed. Frost is quite good in rushing down Orbs with Homesoil and is still able to hold up the pressure when it is up, and i think it is also the right thing to punish early t2s. Exceptions are huge maps due to frosts lack in movement speed. With Nature it is a bit more tricky since you first have to get a critical mass of units before you are able to deal decent damage and so the advantage in t2 units getting harder to o
  2. I would have loved to play this Nature/Frost Deck since it is very close to my old one, but as long as every other Shadow and Fire Deck get Phasetower/Mortar that would be just annoying to play. Also it looks like Shadow/Frost and Pure Fire get again the best builded Decks what puts them even higher in the top tier. So it would be clear to me I would have to go again for my Main Decks Lost and Pure Fire with the 2 Decks that i can choose, and that would be quite boring .
  3. Nice, for pve im fine to clear Expert maps and Random 10 maps with low upgrades, the perfect cards/upgrades are only necessary for Pve Speedruns where I have anyways no more ambitions for.
  4. Currently i barely have time to play (And i don't think it gets any better), but as soon as the game is released im jumping back in and try to keep up and catch up to the pvp players. Hopefully it will be a fair grinding system for players who rarely play, I usually only have time on the weekends now. Have a great day, soon we see us in the Forge .
  5. Want to quickly thank Kubik for his great work. His openness, friendliness and willingness to communicate (towards me at least, cannot assess the climate in your team) and the hard work he put in this project. But the others are right, the dirty laundry should not be aired in public. Clarifies this in private and remains professional. Wish you all the best on your further ways Kubik.
  6. Maybe a kind of Toggy league with its own ranking system would be quite interesting for streaming content. With 3 leagues and depending on performance, you can climb up and down in these leagues. This would be done once every 2-4 weeks were some matches would be streamed. The old Battleforge league had this system.Problem in such a system is that it only works if enough players in the leagues are active, which can maybe work with the official release someday in the future. Btw i think Impossible and S4n have overlooked that it is a rookie tournament. And good luck to Ultrakool maybe he
  7. I think it was something like Documents/Battleforge/Log.txt im not on my personal pc to check where the log.txt is saved, but you have to send it before you relogg the game. I personally send them to Ladadoos or Zyna (Johnzyna). But there is also a Report a Bug section in the forum.
  8. Sounds more like someone who suffers from a ban. Were there really so many bans? Are there some statistics? Good work keep the game clean . Otherwise if it is really cause of server issues i would say it is your own fault if you do not help in such a case with logs so that the stability can be improved.
  9. Toggys Rookie Tournaments were great to watch (close matches) and to promote pvp, sure almost all of that players were also advanced players (mid ranking) but to this times ranked was more active which was also determined by this tournament. Wow 100-200 players daily, is not as bad as i expect it, so it is more a timezone problem. With top 10 i mean the more advanced players which are also not active but can perform on a really high level so maybe i mean more like top 50 of highest elo. A matchmaking system that is the same we have atm, only that the elo search area is only expanded to
  10. 1. Since i want to invite some Friends to the game as soon as skylords have their final wipe, i support the idea of more starting benefits in form of achievments or whatever. I really like the new starting cards you get, but for a new player it is hard to understand strong cards like "offering" for the beginning, so maybe there should be some easier to understand cards at the beginning with not too much or complex skills. 2. I lost my hope that pvp will be someday active again. I tried to play again at the weekend and at the best times about 5-10 players were in the pvp section and none of
  11. I agree that the looter ability is the main problem from thugs but to completely remove an ability is the wrong approach. Just by changing the effect from gaining power out of nothing to gaining power out of void would be already good enough i think. But since i think that is not possible for the devs to handle a slight Hp or Dmg nerf would be already good enough as a nerf to just lower the threat of them a bit or maybe increase the cost to 65 power. Sure it would make them also worse against Frost and Nature but they are anyway bad in this matchups. I dont think they ever play a big rol
  12. Fees are not a good way to prevent inflation (sure they work) as they can also keep players from basic game mechanics, such as the auction house. So i would more look in the direction that other games provide and just make random shit buyable like Skins, Boosts, different options to pimp your forge ect. or you even have to buy your rank symbols after you accomlish them (So at least I could prevent the ugly pve shoes, and can stay on my cyan rank) this way the gold/bfp leave the market on a more natural way and you feel rewarded.
  13. A 33,33% cost increase (and higher void loss) sounds a bit over the top, and would destroy the usefulness for all decks. I think there are only 2 Decks in which cursed well can be an issue and that is Shadow/Frost and Pure Frost since they are able to stale a game a long time and that even with temporary disadvantages and i think there the main issue is mostly Timeless One and shield Builduing. All other Decks have better nuke potential or can not defend the temporary disadvantage that easy. I like that it ignores defensive options and that also seems like the only real purpose of that card to
  14. Yeah i also dont get the point of increasing the booster price, cause boosters are expensive anyways, and a gamble if you need specific cards. In the end that would just result in about the same prices for the trash cards and in higher prices for the important key cards, so it will change not much except that even less people buy booster and so also less selling cards. btw. i think the pvp quest is too much work compared to all other quests, through the low player base. The requirements should be like 2-3 matches (but not 4), cause even as someone that loves pvp i often prefer to roll it
  15. Yeah pretty much that is my problem with Yrmia, overall i think it is a great map, but against Fire you can be cliffed very hard, and through all the chokepoints CCs, Aoe spells, Wildfire, or Air Units can be used very effective. If it would only favor Frost then i would not even have a problem with it since every colour have some advantages on different maps, but pure fire is even without cliffs/walls a very strong colour. Ok also Fire/Nature or Fire/Frost (shielded dragons) is far away to be fun to battle on this map.
  16. Already voted for: -Yrmia (already voted for remove) Are not able to vote for: -Wazhai (not 100% sure atm, but i think remove it since Phasetower, Mortar, Cliffing is to strong on this map) - +1 generated maps - +1 for Hirooo. Lajesh is really the most unfun map.
  17. I already voted for Yrmia (remove it) so i cannot change my vote and vote for Wazhai or generated maps. I really want generated maps back, they were alot of fun, especially the ones where there is enough room to split up and have awesome t1 fights.
  18. I have to agree, without Phasetower and Mortar there will be hopefully more Nature and Frost T1s in the tournament which is better to watch and not really hurt the balance too much. Also Cursed Well is a card that is not that bad, but no one really want to watch battles with it.
  19. ImperatorSK

    Ladder Stream

    Do not make it online at the time, so please save the stream :). Gl may the streamer luck be with you
  20. ImperatorSK


    That is cause you dont start with 0 elo in the Battleforge ranking system, every player start already with about 100k base elo. You can see your Base Elo if you go over the arrow next to you in the ranking list (blue, green, yellow and red arrows, blue is max activity), the elo you mean is the activity elo and that is not 100% meaningful for your actual skill. Your Base elo will only change through winning or loosing, your activity elo can loose you ranks or display you a 10% bonus on top of your Base Elo if you are very active (blue arrow).
  21. Sure Amii Monument is a very usefull Card, but i mainly see the issue in Speedruns. pve and rpve is easy anyways as soon as you reach t3 you have so many cheap tactics. So for me Amii Monument is more like a convenience card for casual player to save time and not really one of the worst cards right now. I think there are other cards that not only save time but can make some situations just cheap like Void manipulation cards (Just spam the shit out of spells and dont fear disadvantages, the easy comeback card if you fail)
  22. So fucking funny lmao, sad that you have to tell every second member that this is not an open beta and have to answer everything over and over again, where it is mostly stated in the threads or announcements .
  23. Should anyone write big bullshit, or insult other Users feel free to downvote. But if he just call his own opinion and you just do not agree, discuss, but do not expect that he will change his mind. In a forum everyone is free to express his own opinion, as long as he behaves politely and does not violate the forum guidelines.
  24. Snes was hands down best console ever, games like Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Actraiser, Tactics Ogre, Sunset Riders and way to many other great games, i have a collection of 200+ games and i never experienced a completely bad game, and all the games are somehow unique with innovative ideas. Overall i prefer Nintendo over all other consoles and even over the pc in therms of fun games to kill time. Playstation and X-Box have single great titles but overall way to much crap games, and with better graphic other things like gameplay, story and fun getting less and less important for them (im not
  25. I can agree to each of your points. Nevertheless, we also need solutions for our high rank players to have their anonymity. The easiest way would be with the option of more Chars per account, where you can just play another char if you want your anonymity or want to play a different deck or play a troll deck. From my point of view it is fine to display only my main Char in the ranking. Sure there will be still some lower players crushed but from my last smurf i know you need only about 20 games to gold rank and about 50-60 games to Hero rank provided you win every game. Another possi
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