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  1. Hello Skylords! I think you did a pretty good job. It looks awesome. Finally there would be a release date. Let's the fun begin. I hope you will be advertising BattleForge Reborn. This will help with community growth. Well done!
  2. Riviel


    Greetings Skylords. Today i wanted to play some ranked pvp. From 0. I have got one question. Why does it start with rating 98k - 100k ? I have 0 points. I am rookie. This should be something like 0-20k. Then lets say 0-40k. etc. I cannot agree on how it works now. It should be improved. Today i met one guy, also without pvp rank. We want to play together at ranked pvp. So we both start searching for opponent. He had the same searching for opponent with elo rating between 98.000 - 100.000. This should in first order assign us or someone else from our elo rating which is 0. Pls look at it.
  3. Nice! I am in:D Btw in the topic should be 23.02.2019 not 15.02.2019. Hope many will join:)
  4. I have created and account, verified it and i cant press Sing Up button because there is no that button. There is only: logs, discussion, ranking and bracket. There is no option to sing up;/
  5. hey, i would like to join tournament but i can't. is registration closed?
  6. hi, today i have experienced the same. when i play in a game after 5-10 minutes i got a disconnect information. this is something new to me. i cant make daily. i have to win 2 games in pve 6 difficulty or more, but always, ALWAYS today i got disconnect info after 5-10 minutes of playing a match. what to do?
  7. He i got today the same buf 2-3 times. Also no matter if solo or in 4 ppl group. I am playing since 3rd feb every day per hours, but this happened to me only today. Maybe in case of one update?
  8. Riviel


    Hi Skylords! Today i got disconnected two times in a rpve. This second time was a few minutes ago. We player in difficult 6. When all four of us (all random players) press rdy game launched. When i loaded i saw that we are in 3. One drop during loading i am sure it is not his intention or not his fault. After 1 minute i figured out second one is afk. He has his orbs and monument but do not buy nothing. When i looked at group he was not there. So we stayed in just 2.... But my partner was 110 deck level and he said we can do it in just two, he may help. Ok, it is only rpve 6 difficult. Tha
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